The economic truth is: what we value most, becomes our world! What we achieve is discarded, for a new trophy (I want more, LOOK at me)! What we want, translates into the reality of what we are willing to pay/ or who we are willing to enslave! These simple truths construct our human world.

An economy is:  the relationship we share, as our society shaped around the idea, that I can do something for you/ if you do something for me. Fair play decides that should be of equal or similar value, when it is at all possible to do so.  To facilitate an economy, every society attacks or uses the environmental resources of their particular location; and asserts:  this is ours!

A value is: what we or I have determined to improve my life, my hope, or my happiness without a significant cost to me. Justice asserts as an element of society, that when you have achieved this value in your life; my own world shall improve with yours. Value is, at its core principle: “love exists”/ because the only other participants are survival itself, or hate! Health is also a principle of value, but it is generally not a social derived choice. Either you were born healthy, or your decision is to become less healthy; which then leads to less value, because health does translate into value. The consequence of “overeating or undereating” is a socially derived choice; but that reality includes a wide variety of factors that are not simply “self”.

Achievement is, I have found for myself something of value to me, that I do not owe another for. Consequently few achieve anything, but assert lies, because they won’t share the trophy of “people noticed me”. Pride is an enemy; it makes life a game, to measure and declare “winner or loser”. MORE is, a relationship with human focus, that intensifies for some, until they become predators. Predation is about identifying a target, and becoming fixated with that target.

Want is the foundation of every lie, because you won’t lie unless you want something or don’t want something. Which means every want, is a decision to modify your behavior so that someone else will do something other than what they would choose to do for you. That means they pay the price, or find the lie, and refuse. A slave is paid nothing of value, other than life so they can continue to be a slave.

Truth decides the future.

So then we begin with the value of what you want most! The vast majority will confine themselves to wanting MONEY! The trophy to be won: MAKE ME RICH! The method is, whatever works to gain what I want! The assertion of value is:  then I can do anything and have anything and people will respect and want to be ME! I win.

The economy of that purpose is identified as:  “all is fair in love and war”! But that is a lie, which makes the society which allows that statement to exist:  a liar! Nothing is fair in love but truth, life is the essence of love revealed through Creation/ whereas nothing is, nor is it intended to be, fair in war, whatsoever; it is what it is! It is the means to declare “no more law”. Love in contrast is, the desire to conceive of and create “true friends forever”.

We must then ask:  if an economy is about taking all you can get by whatever means you can get by with:  THEN WHY is that so, as it adds nothing to society itself but grief/ strife/ and heartache?

Answer:  when we compete for all we can get/ then nothing matters but me. Which means, “I stand alone” against the hordes who are trying to make me die, by taking everything I need. THIS IS A FIGHT, and I cannot lose, or I, and even family will die. So the primary cause is then competition, and the constant reality is:  this world has limited resources. Which means if you take what I need/ then I die because of your sharing in this environment, has stolen my future. And then it goes on:  YOU deliberately killed my child, by taking away his or her future: JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE.  “I hate that”. It then adds in; if the competition takes mine/ then I must take yours, or I and mine die. Which means when the competition is severe: we have NO friends/ unless we make our own army. To take back what we want for ourselves, “pick a side”, and deal with it! When the functional truth of our situation becomes “we the many” have become poor, and are facing a crisis: there shall be violence/ because government and law failed our need. Violence begins with “creating an enemy we can defeat”/ thereby a way out of this trap, by taking what is theirs, and pretending we have a right! As all thieves do.

Altering that scenario, means at best: we must recognize what is a threat, and how we can best remedy that threat with reality; by pursuing what truth can decide is fair, to us all.

Answer:  the elemental task of human life in society is to do your share of the work, that will then provide not only for what we want, but a future we desire for ourselves, and even our children. So the question divides into four parts:  what is my share of the work/ what can we do for each other to create harmony/ why is peace necessary/ and what will be the profit for me?

Your share of the work is:  whatever brings peace, to life and family as best we can. Your share of the resources is dependent upon whatever resources are available/ that choice is then dependent upon what will or will not conceive of harmony for the whole. The reality being, “without justice through peace and law, there will be: only war”/ because we are simply TOO MANY people now, for any other way. The profit of an individual, is then the happiness we create for each other, as a value that extends to me too! Simple as that.

As to the construction of economic business:  limited capitalism will work the best. That means: by our vote we will decide what is fair for the least paid and greatest payment to an individual in either property ownership or money per year. Thereby leaving the rest for ourselves. To accomplish that we MUST control the currency: which means we must tie the national currency count;  to the current population census. Which means we must tie international trade to a resource currency, or other indisputable relationship with value, as has been gold. Which means the proper trade war when an international dispute arises is:  you MUST provide for this earth and its future, everything that protects and defends nature itself/ as well as, a true living wage that is comparable to our own for your people too. When that is done, business will evaluate its own truth; and take care of its own self, “as best we can”.

The consequence of leadership in business is dependent upon an education. NOT the university knows religion of give us everything we can steal! BUT its alternative which is, teach the children what they need to know to inherit and control this business which we use in our society, as the basis and value for our own future. In other words, BACK to the business itself; teaches those who will work therein/ hiring from within for leadership as it use to be. The size of machines, the type of work they will be allowed to do, the quality of workmanship MUST be increased so that endless resources are no longer needed. The factory will supplement the worker instead of replacing them. Recycling, reuse, insulation, and all the trophies as are consistent with “the university said THIS IS GREAT”/ and led you to disgrace; will be abandoned. You will support independent business: by demanding “one location only”/ no further entanglements, and no destroying someone else by declaring bankruptcy for yourself. THE LIST IS VERY LONG, and it includes rebuilding society for “individual small villages within the city” so that nobody, or very few; needs to have a car.

The future for a child shall rule. The reality of nobody dies or lives a life or “tragedy”; because of the cost for little things. BUT everybody dies when attacked by the bigger things which require a major investment from society. Time to die, is time to die; and that does include old age, when it is the truth!

There is no future without human POPULATION CONTROL! Simple as that. We must in fact reduce the human demand upon this planet, or there is no future at all.

There is no future without protecting the water supply, in every conceivable way.

There is no future without cleaning up the ocean, and doing what needs to be done to give it back to the life within it; and that INCLUDES, you shall use dead human bodies as feed for the ocean life. You shall modify that organic food in whatever ways are necessary to make it useful and safe for marine creatures. Because YOU NEED THE FOOD they will provide back to you. By feeding stations moved into deep oceans, or other suitable environments.

There is no future long term without insulating severely, so that you can be happy and QUIT destroying the environment/ your oxygen supply/ and everything else you do WRONG.

The list is long/ time is short! The reality of failure, is death of our world: because that is the choice your leaders at “university knows” have made.

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