love, life, death

love, life, death

Love, life, and death;  the critical elements of time and existence.

The relationship we share with existence is, the freedom to understand, we do have the knowledge within us to express and experience the value of what we have been given, as a body of life, in a world of miracles. Hate adds in the vomit of a fool, the deceit and delusions of a liar, the tragedy of arrogance and its pride, the vile nature of revenge as the violence of complete failure. Culminating in death, the summation of what we chose to do and accept as true: becomes our identity.

Therefrom we ask:  WHY, are these choices the reality of our lives? WHY, can there not simply be peace, love, and harmony, without hatred in any of its forms? The answer is, freedom has its cost! More simply, with freedom the value of your own decision transforms the environment of your world, into the truth and consequences that we made for ourselves. Because that, is what the vast majority wanted to do; and they live here too!

We then see in want, the essence of our humanity; derived from the basis of our choice as an identity formed from truth.

The cause of “lies & liars/ failures and fools/ fantasies and delusions/ tragedy and disgrace/ manipulation, temptation, and control/ rape and ravaging the world, and life/ critical stupidity/ and utter disregard for consequences in exchange for want” are all subject to a single decision:  we want what we want, and we don’t want, what we don’t want! And for the vast 99%+ the rest of life and living does not matter much: we want, as humanity on earth. Simple as that. So the real question of human existence is: WHY, do you want?

It is not a complex reality: life teaches us, that there will be death coming/ that time is measured, and existence can be fragile; therefore we want life to be MORE, to be everything it can be/ before life itself is taken away, or the body or mind deteriorate into something far less desirable. Simple as that!

On its “face value”, that seems realistic; and it is! Until, or unless we recognize, that life is more than: simply time, or body and mind. Humanity does define time, as the measure of our existence/ rather than life, because time never stops pushing the reality that death will come. Consequently it is the motivation for movements in one direction or the other. The elemental truth of body is, that it will not only cease to exist/ but become less desirable with age. The critical truth of a mind is, that we can lose control, and become distraught or disentangled with life. As does become “fertile ground” for hate, and its concurrent violence. To want, then becomes the development of control, so that the trophy of living can be achieved within a game that mimics “what we want”; as in “winner”/ or loser/ or revenge (back door winner).

So then the question is:  do the people who want, and make life a game; do better with living than do those who recognize life itself is more than time, body, or mind?

To answer that requires:  a realization of what it means to recognize life as “your own level of value”/ that needs no other function to survive. The question is, WHAT is life?

The answer is:  elementally proven by the miracle of every body of living existence on this balanced, orderly, and disciplined planet of truth! Every miracle of design, that is a living body of life: testifies to the truth, we did not do this for ourselves. Every miracle of design, that is a living body of life:  by our own realities of work and the testament of ourselves within that work/ PROVES nothing about the bodies of life which surround us, is an accident. Technically superior/ architecturally perfect/ fundamentally artistic with freedoms of expression and experience we could never duplicate/ truth and consequences/ and a billion things more; which work together in perfect harmony until men and women fail that nature, world, or life can only be caused by ONE THING.  A reality governed by thought, which then achieves the reality of our existence by participation within that thought through the existence of laws that will provide the elements proving truth controls this universe. Or more distinctly: life begins with a miracle, that literally proves   “  GOD (as we have no better word for life achieved), OUR CREATOR  “  did this.  Nature is literally an immeasurable compilation of order, discipline, balance, truth, harmony, knowledge added in, utilities, resource management, gathering and transportation. MORE SIMPLY all the combinations applied by truth, through law that must occur at the same time in relation to each other; even before life itself can be added in. Not a game/ nor an accident; without the slightest doubt being possible. Only a complete fool, or fundamental failure contests!

That is NOT a religious answer. Rather it is a truth answer, governed by the critical essence of what can and cannot be proven, by the methods that clearly describe and define our interpretation of existence. What is true, is true! Liars need not apply/ they are banned from life. This is a first element, leading to a relationship that can be refined to eliminate want from our lives. Because it teaches LIFE, is so superior to want/ that the two never meet in reality defined by truth.

LIFE, rather than humanity which is measured existence; is at its core, the elemental rise of love! Therefore love seeks the question: HOW can we, HOW can I, HOW can they become truly “happy, and alive”?

We must first conceive of “we; I; and they”! That is done by recognizing the value of each. Or more simply, if the world of existence was “just you”/ then YOU, would be completely alone. Which grants the conclusion:  “would this    GOD  of all life,   through thought and its relationship with law” have begun alone? The answer is yes, with little room for doubt. Within your own loneliness, the reality begins, “to RESPECT”.

In the elemental Creation, of what can become true; even prior to what can be constructed as life/ is the assembly of what can be done with self? To remove isolation, is to divide self into “more than one”/ thereby relinquishing some control. That forms the basis of “we”. Or more simply, “more than one”.

Developments that prove the existence of “they”, construct the basic premise: that a world of life, is better than just a place of living for ourselves. The demand is then, that life should become our transition from loneliness into the essence of what happiness can mean, by including all that life itself can be; as is compiled in the words, “I am alive”! Or, the joy of living, rings true!

Within these three simple definitions, the essence of love arrives to understand: the passage between ourselves, elevates our own existence, where-so-ever trust can be formed. Truth and its companion trust; are required, because where want seeps in, lies will arise. Every lie is a deliberate descent from happiness into hell. Thereby peace, requires trust and trust requires truth.

We now begin with the assembly of participants in the creation of what love can do, or be;  as conceived by the decisions we chose, to create our own destiny. Destiny means: the future I designed by my own decision. Fate means: the reality of my decisions, by the consequences of their own inherent truths. Love should never include fate. Even so, humanity lives in the middle of love and hate, and therefrom experiences that reality as their lives on earth. Love and hate are opposites, and NEVER choose to live together. Even so, humanity is what it is; because the majority want both to love and to hate, by their own choices/ as the same realities (my choice) in time. Want again, is the invader: liar involved.

Love, is the only value in our decision that matters within the destiny we choose; everything else is survival. Survival is not the essence of life/ it is the essence of time. Each is different than the other. Because life is not measured by existence. Life is a relationship within destiny itself, as the CREATION of where thought can be?

Thought is NOT the creation of a fantasy or delusion; but rests entirely upon truth by the laws which govern this universe. Not a game, but a spiritual transition between the practice of time, and the realities of energy. Spirit means, a value NOT given to humanity until death divides life from body. Thought constructs an “individual path”, into the spiritual world: where truth alone constructs the reality. Lies abound “between here and there”/ it is nonetheless attainable, if truth, purpose, and desire is pure enough.

The critical definition is, “I accept the price” of this decision, whatsoever it may be; as my own truth shall declare “this is important to me”. Fear is useless, as there is “no changing your mind”/ without mental or physical destruction.

We return to love, the values placed within the human spirit known as heart. The difference is: that with human spirituality, you can change your mind. But if love does that, then the consequence is, “you will break someone else’s relationship with their own spiritual humanity; damaging their heart, or even yours”. That is because trust dies a little or a lot; and that reality shifts the direction of where we are willing to go, and what we are willing to accept, as value to our own lives.

The critical truth of human heart is a relationship we share/ the value of that relationship defines love by creating a need to participate with you. That need constructs a home, wherein I am happiest “here”. Therefrom the beginning of what can or cannot be: starts at the door to this destiny we have shared from the truth of what our hearts can be. On a personal level: that fact of life, has consequences that will not behave as simple love or desire, as is consistent with true, if only beginning friendship. Heart is the seed, of our eternal existence. Want arises, manipulation and control begins, tears flow heavily, and the cost of being “loving” exceeds the reality of what we can and cannot be together. The cost of this work, the reality of this world in true danger of extinction; CANNOT be mediated by choosing for self, instead of life. The reality of others cannot be mitigated by want, just because you want: when a lifetime, and everything that will or will not be, is involved. It is a quandary, because love is a powerful thing. The reality of what we can or cannot choose, based upon what is “the most important” decision of our lives; then becomes more distinct! Even more so, than death; because time does not remove life, it only removes body and mind.

We then enter within the discussion: where do the fundamentals of our own decision reside? The critical question is: WHAT, do you trust? There are four levels of trust.

  • The elemental value of truth, as reality, through the existence of thought, can distinguish by the evidence.
  1. The critical assembly of need, as procured by the realities of survival, and its associated requirements. More simply, my body proves this.
  2. The developmental acquisition of heart, and its requirement for elevating love.
  3. The assertion of hate, and the descent into all things associated with that truth


Each of these four levels, has a requirement before entering into that “conceptual door”. You must understand the cost of being wrong. Or more simply, if you do not make the decision to enter inside one or more of these/ you will not be able to make a decision at all. Functionally that means; to become dysfunctional, or panicked, depressed, suicidal, uneducated, and so on. The list is long.

Therefrom the decision of what fundamentally decides what is most important to you, is conceived from these four directions. We then begin with the associations required, for or from making the decision “of your life”.

Levels one and three elevate life to beyond self. Level two is an animal instinct that leaves life defined by time. Level four, descends into the chaos of want, and the destructions of pride; as the games you will then play.

  • Before you trust truth, you must attain at least the minimum levels of thought. Before you can attain the minimum level of thought, “you must trust truth”. This is in contrast to the development of focus, as is consistent with the defined expectation of intellect (I can make or find a trap). Focus elevates a single detail, into one composite for the whole/ which then by definition, removes the reality of the whole in exchange for that one little detail; causing you to lose sight of reality in all but one tiny thing. NOT functional for thought.
    1. Thought requires, that you assist the elevation of life, and the evidence proven by that truth; through the search for a path forward that leaves the evidence of time behind; so as to follow where truth itself shall lead. Therefore truth commands, the direction; but life demands the desire.
    2. Desire forms from elevating life, beyond the construction of time: so as to understand the basic development of what knowledge by the assembly of truth can bring. Desire then exists as, a critical respect for the value of what that life by its own truth shall represent. Sexual realities combined with love, arise here.
    3. The assembly of trust exists, only when the values of truth have attained the nature of a law. It is that law, which then exists as the basis of fundamentals that make a decision to define what is “the most important truth of my own life”/ and its then corresponding decision.
  1. The reality of our survival is paramount to the existence of our time. Therefore the more you cherish that time on earth, the greater your desire to remain as time becomes. Survival is based upon: the values, I have inherited or attained, and granted to be a distinct part of my life. The critical question of: is this to be the most valued reality of my time on earth; “lives or dies” based upon the question presented by a herd. IS, everything you want or need defined by the existence of the others, and what they represent to you, what they give or demand from you/ or not? Here, trust in the herd (we are in this together, and nothing matters but us; NOT them), decides. If that is enough, “you stay animal”. If it is not enough, the search which is a journey beyond self and the existence of time as an animal (time is our only existence) begins.
  2. The critical desire for love is the elevation of living, for a spiritual heart. Therefore those who desire love attain the spiritual heart of a human being, when they seek truth over want. Someone who has risen beyond the barrier of time itself, has elevated life itself (not body and mind, but identity as desire and the decisions it will make within you), to achieve the quest for destiny. Destiny asks: why will you desire love/ and what price shall you pay; because it is not “for free”? The critical answer is: love honors the truth, and defines the trust that I will need, to escape the limits of what time alone can become. Therefore I give, what I am; to let love and truth shape me. In the destiny MY CREATOR shall define.
  3. The consequence of truth, that is not what you desire it to be is: that if you will not accept instruction, and live according to the limits and boundaries of what love can be. Then you must move outside the barriers that let love inside, and become what you have chosen instead. As life descends accordingly from a blessing (I am happy) into a curse (I am not happy): the realities of that descent become undeniable, and the path beyond self will end. When imprisoned into “SELF”/ you are alone. When the door is locked from the inside, you have refused to accept: GOD loves or loved you. That is your choice, to abandon all but time.


The tragedy of every fool, who descends into hate; becomes “I want to take you with me”. Because if I can’t be happy/ THEN YOU can’t be happy either.  It then goes to: I WANT WHAT I WANT (this proves I am right)/ THIS AIN’T FAIR, when I don’t get what I want! So the lies, manipulation, control, abuse, fear, rape, theft, violence, and all other forms of chaos in the reality of human time erupt.

With intellectuals, the reality is more subtle:  they attack by creating a disturbance, which then forms into a war, which drags the others inside “their own little hell”. To command of them:  CHANGE, to violence, as have I. They also attack at every level of peaceful society by demanding: “only we know the truth”. Producing lie, after lie/ creating fantasies and delusion/ stories based upon anything media can propagate to take over the ability of people to decide or understand for themselves. Many methods are used, including the fabrication of “foreign languages (math is one)”/ endless words, so that you cannot join in/ demands for theory to be given a value unearned/ causes that do more harm than good/ religious innuendo to defy common belief; and whatever else they can use to be:  the leaders to HELL. Because a liar always wants to prove, “you can’t stop me”.

Of the many forms used by “university cult religion”; the most obvious is, “sure we can ignite the same fire here on earth as is on the sun”/ don’t worry, nothing can go wrong! Evolution as in sure we can mutilate nature itself/ don’t worry, evolution will fix anything we break, “and make it better, in a billion years or so”.

Attacks on the basic religious beliefs also include;  HOW, was the world was finished in 6 days. The answer of course is: the realities to be employed by DESIGN WORK, was to be considered over in six days as the bible relays. It also states the reality of work beyond that was significant.

Another favorite is:  HOW did Noah’s flood cover the entire earth. The answer to that is less obvious, but the facts of a worldwide flood, are very strong. The most obvious of all, is the existence of fossil fuels. A reality of life being clumped together, and then buried together all at the same time (common in floods, but NO WHERE else). Being buried in places thousands of feet deep/ buried out in the oceans/ etc. LIFE did not begin in these places/ it was buried here in one dramatic event.

The attack on miracles of body and life is beyond stupidity: as clearly NOTHING living exists/ UNLESS IT HAS all the parts and pieces required for survival, at the moment life begins.  WORKING HARMONIOUSLY together as one. Another:  the human body has 206 bones, all of which are individually created, placed, grown, separated, joined with bearing surfaces, the ability to create blood, and a whole lot more, in perfect harmony with its environment. ALL OF WHICH PROVE BEYOND A DOUBT, this was engineered, architecturally defined, THOUGHT DERIVED, and clearly NOT within the capacities of men or women. But it is absolutely certain:  TRUTH DEMANDS, it ain’t no accident. Go ahead YOU take some rocks and water, and build a life to prove me wrong/ or accept REALITY IS REALITY. And stop being insane.

  Just for substance, I remind you each that the foundation of all or most human desire is:  “look at me/ listen to me/ play with me/ be my friend”; are each discounted or denied by the existence of an “electronic device” to replace each of those desires. More simply, instead of look at me, now its look at my phone/ instead of listen to me, now its don’t bother me, I am playing with my electronics/ instead of playing with me, now its “I can win”; as in just another game but with only one actual player/ instead of be my friend, now its look at my stuff, or help me get more stuff, or help me win more stuff. And so on. Making life a depository for when the distractions & delusions, of a fantasy world, just aren’t enough. Why? “its fun”/ until you realize there are no true friends here; which begins the journey into sex. Because sex is a powerful tool, to gain someone else’s attention; for a very short time. They are nonetheless paying attention to your body; if only to use and abuse. Too bad if not most, soon it will be: that sexual disease is rampant, in a world where antibiotics no longer work!

Just for value, the religious commonly describe themselves as “children of  GOD”  ; because you just have to pay the religious dues, to gain the religious right. REAL WORLD realities are not so generous, nor flagrantly disrespectful.   GOD  by all conceptions possible within a human element, began with absolute loneliness/ as the only one, in an empty dark universe. To be children of  GOD,  it is the necessary for you to participate in loneliness, and accept it as the potential it is; to build more. To be children of  GOD  ; it is necessary for you to encounter truth and define the laws which make life possible, through the elemental path that is thought beyond the existence, of what we must endure. This is the foundation of how life within the essence of time began. To be children of  GOD  ; it is necessary for you to search and create the possibilities of love, separating out what is hate, removing what is simply “not worthy”; and cultivating those who can “reach beyond the abyss of want”.  Just to name a few concepts, of what it does in fact mean: to claim “I have a right to believe, same”.

In that regard, within that conceptual creation of possibilities; there are certain to be those who require, “prove  GOD  “ could in fact Create HIMSELF! To that end, I offer this one tidbit of reality:  just as it is with you, the formation of knowledge, leads to understanding. That understanding leads to wisdom. Within that wisdom, opportunities “in the real world of physical interactions” begins by the design of what thought, the essence of life itself has accomplished. Where there is no thought to advance reality or its truth/ there is no substance to participate in. Or more distinctly, in the human world, those who are considered stupid (intellectually superior or not)/ accomplish nothing of noteworthiness; by your own definitions. In contrast, those who seek and find knowledge, gain at least minimal understanding, and even a tiny bit of wisdom;  are called “great”/ because their ability to think, has changed this human world. Even if it becomes;  for horror. In summation: you then KNOW, that it is in fact the ability of thought to create itself from knowledge, that lifts and defines our existence, as time itself. The developmental expression of knowledge, and the experience of understanding; are methods of discipline that will NOT help you in life. As the human world, wants only to play god.

As for me, after 40+ years of fighting with you, basically as a reincarnation of “don Quixote”:  the reality is, I won’t do it anymore. If you had a brain, we could have done well together/ both of us. You chose want, you chose bribes, you chose to hide and run away from extinction; which means you chose to have this world exterminated, a reality I CANNOT support in any conceivable way. Therefore you have been given your chance to understand the need for change. You have been given valuable information about how to do that, and survive. You have been given knowledge and understanding so as to reassess your decisions. And you have been given a biblical time line, and the reality of evidence which cannot be denied. Nothing less than, an entire world igniting into flames, “just like the sun”/ to alter the solar system, and destroy our earth:  yet not one true soldier for life, stands up to help me. NO second chances/ NO, “let’s put that out and try again”. Because a nuclear fire burns the bond in atoms/ everything is fuel. That is the reality of being wrong, by even just a little bit! And YOU can do no better than “cement yourselves to a toy”. Consequently you are entitled to the decisions you did make. Truth has no second chances:  it is, or it is not. I have said goodbye in the past, but the day that has become true, is very close; as you do nothing/ and I can neither save you or this world. That is a decision humanity must make for itself! 

Unfortunately for me, it is the spiritual woman inside of me; a spiritual truth you will likely never understand; that makes the decision for when I can stop. As I have already stopped, and been returned to the work, because that is her demand. She insists, and I cannot refuse: “it is a role reversal thing”/ guaranteed to instruct me on what women have endured because of men. Not fair, is the correct reality, and that does need to be changed too! Between all men and women.. The work is mine, but the direction is ours, the decision as to what happens now, “is hers”. As is consistent with this update: she insists upon being known as a direct participant through me! Believe it or not; it is true. Believe it or not, this is predicted in Revelation 12 of the Bible.

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