Elevating life! The critical and distinct lessons, of a value unhindered by want, power, or pride!

The elements are simple:  don’t want what you cannot have/ do accept the work (the price) required to gain what you can have as your own. The difference is, TRUTH AND RESPECT for the reality of what that means by the evidence. Surrender what you must, in order to survive as best you can. BUT clearly understand, where the value of living/ must defend against the reality of dying; which includes the loss of love, the dignity of freedom, the disciplines of FAIR PLAY AND JUSTICE, the quality of order; and the boundaries or limits wherein you have set a reality of personal decision;  that will not be passed. These things elevate life by refusing to participate in “the death” of a desire that builds into love.

Power seeks control, and demands that only I, have a right to make this decision/ or refuse; even though it affects you or others significantly, or even more. Power manipulates reality, because it wants to prove:  “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say, as I pretend to be god”. The value of power is minimal, and when surrendered to the law that is fair and justified; reality will be at peace. The cost of power is massive; as a tiny few pretend they are gods, and guide the world, nation, or family into chaos: as it has in this day. Thereby the choice is: to surrender power to law/ or fail. We the people surrender power to law, by choosing constitutional democracy to declare what our true purposes here are. Thereby defining the law, that others will enforce on us. To fully integrate justice into our lives, we are required to make those laws which we must accept: for ourselves. NOT voting for someone to vote for me/ but voting on the law itself. By carefully watching over the courtroom, and removing any lawyer, any judge, any police officer, or other that is not consistently doing what they must swear they will. Which is to obey constitutional desire and intent for our nation, state, or world. These aspects of living, elevate society so that we grow in harmony with each other; and participate in freedom as best we all can.

Pride is the demand, that life itself should be a game played to determine “winner or loser”. That in effect separates and divides life, corrupts its purpose, and defies the desire for peace. Because in separation, we are not equals, as life by the essence of a miracle. Pride commands, that lies should rule; because “we can play god for ourselves”. The purpose being, if I measure and judge you; as is the reality of the game called pride/ then I want to make you suffer, because that is as close to playing god as men and women can get. YOU can’t “build a life”/ but YOU can destroy a life, thereby proving you can take it away, or anything else you call yours. As is the constant of war, throughout all of time. Pride conspires to remove equality and justice, because that is not a game. The game is: I can make you do, what you would not otherwise do/ or keep you from doing what you would do. The removal of freedom is then a consequent reality of the game; as both pride and power want slaves. The collusion between pride and power set up, the reality of injustice, and its purpose which is to create chaos; thereby proving “you need us” to make you obey. To remove pride is to elevate life, and give its purpose back to living in the disciplines of freedom, by the order achieved in justice. Accepting equality as the price of a nation or world that is fair.

Freedom is not free; as the military saying goes. To a degree that is real, because there are always men and women who fail themselves and their environment or world or life surrounding them; which brings the fear of extinction. Which demands:  “life or death, is going to happen, to EITHER ME, or YOU”.  Therefore the elevation of life, is to establish what can be the most gentle and seriously concerned response to “OUR WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE”. To respect the reality of nature, and keep it alive as best we can; insures our own survival; and keeps all nations at peace (if military power is minimal). The military like all other forms of human endeavor; does not advance itself with “MORE for me”/ unless it is actively doing something. Just like the universities eventually must actually contribute something to living; or they fade from view. Consequently, those who want more, deliberately try to take more than “the world itself” can provide/ “finding a penny for themselves, by destroying our future as a world”. We then come to learn: that freedom comes with duty. To elevate life, duty comes with a respect that will not be discarded, by demanding LIFE AND WORLD, come first/ BEFORE you or me.

To respect life, is to elevate life past the moments when you are forced to concede that “you ain’t god/ not superior either”. That is true, no matter what for us all. Those who doubt it, are sewage unleashed; and must be guided into a separate environment where only they, and their hate exist. Hate is a descent into self, that focuses entirely upon what they wanted and failed to get or achieve/ the game they didn’t win/ or getting more “for me” didn’t happen. So they blame all the rest, including  GOD,  life, you, and world. To rise above hate, is to elevate respect for what you did receive; whether that is little or much. The reality of our existence as life on this world commands that much respect; even if you believe it’s not fair to me, or them. YOU are not GOD. The consequence of people playing god, is the price of why life is not significantly more fair. Even so, the basics of nature provide; some will get more/ some will be born in a “better place”/ some will live and some will die, because the end result of it is simply this:  in order to be free, we must be allowed to make choices for ourselves. Those choices have consequences, to your children as well.

To respect yourself, is an absolute necessity; thereby forgive yourself, when that is possible. Repair what you have broken for others, if you can. Describe the future from a different viewpoint, if you are willing to accept the rule of truth decides. Discipline yourself if you are lost, by finding a religion that affects you. NOT, “as your god”/ but as the existence of what time has revealed about living within your means, with a different purpose for time. Understand the consequences of being wrong, BEFORE you commit your future, or any other. Balance the need with reality, and understand the difference between work, and falling into the abyss of slavery (because you wanted what you could not realistically attain). In other words don’t let temptation, gluttony, laziness, or ignorance lead you. To elevate your own life, there MUST be order so as to recognize the path ahead cannot simply be “whatever you want or believe”. Rather life needs order, and that requires discipline, duty, balance, courage, love, respect, and even the blessing of moments when we know, “I am alive”. Being a living miracle of existence, grants the possibilities of what we can do. Being a living reality of freedom, that decides for ourselves; makes those possibilities a consequence of what we did choose. There is no escape from time, other than death. Consequently look forward, not behind you. In the essence of death, reality proves the body and mind will be lost: therefore they are unessential, to the possibilities of what could exist as life itself identified, before being released.

To elevate the value of a life, it must be identified as love. Simple as that! To construct your identity as love, the reality of your existence must prove what is true, was your choice. Because truth and love, “walk hand in hand”. If your existence is about lies, which includes want; because want is the foundation of all lies/ you will not be chosen. If however your truth is a desire for love, even if it was withheld from you in this time; you will not be forgotten. Love is the decision, to be courageous enough, to accept the risk of sharing your life (even your body), with someone who cares! Therefore to care is the invitation/ to accept sharing as the journey we begin/ to understand respect each other is a balance, that functionally will bring courage. Liars exist, do not forget. Let truth, NOT want, decide.

To view death is to be reminded that this world, and your existence as life here in time, WILL end! Simple as that. As the grave does prove, YOUR body isn’t going anywhere; rather it will disappear. But thought, the creator and existence of life itself, is not functionally tied to a body or mind (which is used to measure this experience, or express your own choices made by thought). So the critical conception is:  can thought, as a life;  exist without a body? To elevate that; you must understand the difference between thought as life/ and thought used to control the existence of body. It is:  “a separation of energy”. More distinctly, what gives us motion/ what makes us able to think and identify ourselves; is energy and not mass! Without energy, mass will not move or accumulate unto itself. Therefore energy is the key. Energy as is consistent with your own physical law: transforms itself, when confronted with that need. So the question then becomes: can the existence of energy, as life;  be confined by limits and boundaries that are not conceived of as physical?  The answer to that aids and abets the reality of TOO MUCH understanding in this world, and will not be given. Suffice it to say:  that you are a miracle/ as is all of life on this earth; and that miracle includes this earth. ALL OF WHICH you do not understand; to any degree of true reality. Consequently it is fair to say:  “what you believe or are told”/ has absolutely no bearing on what is or is not true; beyond time. The spiritual world, elevates self as an identity controlled by purity. Thereby your clue is: what becomes of life beyond time is determined by truth. Truth built this universe, as a tool of    GOD  !  believe it or not.

Beware, the spiritual world accept no lie/ no pride/ no power/ NO DISRESPECT; and can easily eject you into chaos. Discarding your life or sending it back into time, “rearranged”. Or, if you enter “the wrong door”; even your eternity will be changed forever. Understand and keep the purity of your desire clean!

 The simple truth of it is: whatever you desire most, will direct your path: until you have found that purpose. Which means: BEWARE of what you desire/ BEWARE of what you need. Beware of what you are willing to believe; as in for example, “this is female, how dangerous could it be”. Answer, more than you can imagine, but in a very different way.

       It is of some interest to a few: that you CANNOT switch sexes in eternity, an identity is created by truth, not lies. In contrast to that is, “being spiritually captured” by the opposite sex; a possibility ONLY if they need you too. Survival of a world, decides. An EXTREMELY rare event! It really is, “an opposite kind of world, that belongs only to them”. ITS COMPLICATED;  Be happy with what you have been given, even if you want your life to be different: this is not how. Spirit means: by the command of truth, a boundary has been set/ by liberty within that truth, limits will be kept. A law has been formed, that dare not be broken. For example, I live in a female spiritual world (not intended): I needed an answer for keeping this world alive, male simply did not have; I searched a decade. I detoured to search. The result is this work, a reality of both male and female thought, working together for life. A balance, not a “mixing”. A reality, not a game.

       Understand, the spiritual world is where we will all enter; and it is “an amazing place”, but only if you accept the limits and boundaries of truth through love. What can or cannot be for you, is determined by mercy! The reality of being accepted as soul (in partnership with GOD); is dependent upon your own identity. If you did not build one/ if you did not war with GOD, costing a child of GOD to be lost/ then you will simply dissipate into “nothing”; as that is freedom of choice rewarded by truth.  JESUS is the guarantor that we were not simply created, and then abandoned. Simple as that. find truth, build love, respect life: find eternity. 


       Since there seems to be, a population determined to be, “the opposite of who they are” as in desiring to be “the opposite sex”. This is formulated for you; as I am in a very unfortunate position, to address this subject. I suggest to you, that it is not the opposite sex you wish to be: but respected, and accepted, for the person you are, right now. Trying to be what you are not; cannot resolve that issue. Doing the best you can in the life and body you are given, is an answer; when you stop wanting the others to be different than they are. Your life, is not a game; and all attempts to claim what is not possible is a game. While it is true, some will be born with more influential markers of a sex they are not, than others. It is equally true, that you cannot be what you are not. Which does make life harder, if it complicates every relationship. Merely wanting, is not enough to change anything; it is however by wanting enough:  you can destroy many things; as lies are leading life. The critical cost of understanding “our lives and our very world is threatened with extermination”; IS a desire to change whatever it is that could be changed honestly, for better than this! To conceive of that as changing to become the opposite sex, does absolutely nothing to resolve the issues of extermination. We must all work within the realities of our lives, within the law that is justice for society and world, within respect;  or we die as a world.

       Whether that influences you, to address your own reality and adjust accordingly; is whatever you will choose. As for me, never in my existence did I ever for a second desire to be the opposite sex; that would be a disgrace, and a rejection, of the gifts given to me as life on earth. It would be a disrespect for the value in and of the opposite sex, in my own life as male. The unfortunate part being: with a world facing extermination, what is personally desirable has no value. What the world itself needs to survive, does. Without an answer, it seemed necessary to consider asking “female” what would you do. As no woman would listen to that, the spiritual world of female truth and boundaries was asked: because there are NO second chances, life or death; nothing more or less. THAT did NOT turn out as expected (I thought, I could just ask a question); and the realities of enduring a bond that resulted, are beyond what could have been expected. Life has changed; and the reality of it is:  that if given the simple choice of learning what had to be learned, “without threats involved”. I literally would not accept a billion dollars to go through this again; or live it as I now do. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, it just means change is very hard; it goes against everything I have ever been. ITS COMPLICATED! That is the truth, and you should take notice of it: because male and female are “opposite worlds”, and you literally have no idea what you are asking for.

       Even so, I have finished the thing I desired most from my life do to this very change: this addition now trying to take over my life. You as a world have the opportunities to change this future, which by the evidence of truth, demands you will become extinct. That is worth a life, that is worth the cost of changing, for the sake of balance; or even more. And I don’t regret the choice, for that cause. Even if you have lost your brain, I did do, what I could or would have done. That, was my duty! Because our entire world of life is at risk. HUMANITY IS THE THREAT, which means it is your duty to help save this planet. Every single human, can do something; that is your job, to understand what. Remember this simply:  too little or too late, and our world is dead.  There are MANY severe and extreme threats!  Elevate your own life, don’t try to be “someone else”; refine and define your own existence within the boundaries and limits life gives to you.

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