We begin with:  “nothing on planet earth is more destructive, than a human being”/ particularly male! They see life mostly as a goal, a trophy to be won; or, a fight to survive. The consequence of that is: a competition to gain the most first, thereby win/ and make the others fight instead of you. That throughout history, has included slavery; rape; ravaging others; extreme environmental destruction; critical military disgrace; criminal content; hate, violence, revenge, jealousy, abuse, use, arrogance, betrayal, terrorism, and all the rest. Because male needs to survive, and a family needs to be fed, and a reality of freedom will be taken away “unless you win”. Which means the game they play is no game; because the consequence DOES have tragedies included. The question of why is simple: men play “king of the hill/ as in I am the superior one, I make the decisions”. Which gives us leader and followers/ or king and army. Leader means, I am superior; follower means, I want what you have promised/ king means: I can make you die; whereas army means, when we march together, I can be safe “on the inside”. All of which forms the basis of society that we have inherited in this day.

So the question is: MUST THIS REMAIN AS IT IS?  The answer is obviously NO! We then examine the reality of “a goal/ a trophy/ and a fight due to the competition”. Asking what of these can be changed? Answer: every single one.

A goal is:  the decision, that life itself, as I live it; is not enough for me/ therefore I will search for what is MORE, and strive to attain that which I WANT.

A trophy is:  the elemental purpose of pride, to make yourself more visible by attaching the claim, I win/ which does mean the rest did lose! Life requires a game to accomplish that, which means something less than life or death, resolves who gets to claim “winner”/ or must submit to “loser”. It’s called “I WANT” this, to be true; as all contenders agree too for themselves, or they would not play/ or they would not need a trophy.

A fight with the competition to survive means: that there is not enough for everyone to survive, so only the strong, or the fighting wise, will decide who lives. That is because the end result of men competing is: some will demand, “I own it all”/ and you must slave for me, or I give you nothing. Hiring an army to enforce that demand. Becoming an army when they are abandoned to die, or have failed themselves and are forced to live by murder.

We then have in these three things, the reality of society that men did build.

There is one other ingredient in the societies men have built; as is consistent with the reality of variation throughout all of humanity:  we add in the religions that men did choose for themselves, and the base levels of cult worship these did enact.

Religion means two distinct and different things:  1. That there should be a search for what we do not understand about life and living, for the benefit of all.  2. That within this reality of people gathered, a mob can easily be formed: therefrom controlling the rest, by elevating a book to your own interpretation and their own purposes. As is “I shall be leader/ you must follow, because I am superior”. Or more simply “kings and leaders” arise here. When hate rules, destruction ends itself; as is no more life to control, nothing left to ravage, rape, use, or abuse!

The question is:  HOW, and WHY, does anyone assert and demand that “I am better than you”? Even a game is insufficient to determine that, as the game will continue throughout time:  “we will, I will, get you next time”. So the answer is not that, but rather a leader must control the rest by saying of something else:  that I know what this means, and you must or should agree. If enough agree with this interpretation of something better/ then a follower is born.  A believer stands ready to defend whatever it is the group wants; and that want drives them together, in a herd following that leader. A cult worshiper adds in:  “I have made mistakes I DON’T want to repeat”/ therefore I will let “you” do all the thinking; wherein the herd agrees to our purpose. As a result, I am NOT guilty of anything, “we WIN”; and I still have my pride, because we are “a team, army, or other”.


To redesign human society in a better way: requires all to think for themselves. NOT to believe/ NOT to understand, this is how we always did things/ NOT to compete, but participate in building the whole for a future that includes us all equally. As best we can!

The construction of that is:  by removing the chains, of “I know everything I need or want to know”; don’t tell me nothing, except make me rich.  The reality of that is: to stop believing you understand, EVEN THOUGH you don’t know the basic facts that have not even been delivered to you as of yet. The foundation of that is:  that we ARE, in fact;  all in this together, and cannot survive unless we treat each other with justice and fair play. None of this, is actually hard for you to do/ instead it simply requires of you:  RESPECT EACH OTHER AND ALL LIFE, PLANET, AND CHILD as if they were “life or death for yourself”. Because in fact as of today, they literally are! The critical cost of a new society is:  STOP wanting to be rich! Because being rich means, “you have many slaves or servants”/ and that requires society (all the people) NOT to be equal with you, or justified by their portion of the reward compared with you.

The question of life or death for this world is then:  CAN YOU LIVE WITHIN THE LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES of this above paragraph/ or not?  The decision is entirely yours, as the majority will determine the outcome. It is not for free, endless threats do not allow for years or decades to decide.


In practice, LIFE IS ENOUGH, if you are happy within the reality of what and who you are. MOST ANGER can be abated by the simple words HONESTLY LISTEN to me; and prove my error or change! When people are unhappy with life, It is because of the others;  with only rare exception. Because of the consequences that are driven by, or establish the lack of human participation in their lives. Both of these are easily defined and predictable; because of what humanity does to each other from “two years old, and up”.  In other words, stop being the way you are, which includes children; and start being the way you should be in order to build a peaceful and harmonious world. CHOOSE RESPECT in yourselves, and demand respect from all children, particularly among each other. If you do that living will grant a value called love, and the result will be justice and fair play. Hate will be separated out forever, to remove its influence.

In practice, people play games to demand:  LOOK AT ME, I am important too. A reality that is not commonly given, unless it is to ridicule and disrespect; because these are the easiest forms of conversation/ and its purpose is to remove some of the competition. So that these others LOOK AT ME. Games are played, trophies are demanded as proof:  people looked at me. So the value of a living, is found in friendship; and friendship cannot be found unless someone desirable to me, is spending their time focused by understanding; on our time together, as is upon me/ and I you. Most dating realities are formed here; until the competition becomes so severe: women descend into sex.

The reality of competition, and what it does to the living in any environment is simple and obvious:  the more people there are wanting the same things/ the less I will have for myself. Unless you gain the trophy of wealth or power as is fear. Other methods are deceit, fraud, betrayal, manipulation, temptation, control, abuse, and SO ON! Business seeks to participate with something that I can and am willing to do. Competition seeks to remove that business so as to control who gets the money, and thereby power to enslave and control. The constant that is now immigration (too many people here)/ is now becoming too many people everywhere. A reality that can only be resolved by “birth controls”; or war with weapons of mass destruction, as cannibalism, thirsting to death, and horrors beyond your imagination will demand. It is a choice, but NOT for much longer; because the extreme destruction of this planet and all its life is occurring/ and cannot be rebuilt, beyond the point of no return. Which essentially could easily be “tomorrow”. The functional demand of a society that does not turn to war, does not instantly dissolve into “terrors”; WILL BE, a reality of shared existence/ by the literal decision we will care for life, planet, and each other; as best we can. It is that simple. You can find your own way:  IF “your heart is in it”; as a majority.

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