Of realities which shape our existence; the one certainty is, ONLY THE LAW, can protect the people. Because the law itself is our army/ our right to demand: no one, is above the law/ all must obey; a valid and constitutionally true, contractual demand that is then made by all the people. For the benefit of all the people. When you fail to remember that/ or allow the dead inside, to “mellow out” the law, with their rules: then they become the army, and law fails to protect/ as it does in this USA today.

The difference between a general and a private in the military is: the general believes he or she is the law/ and they can even kill you if you don’t obey. As is the basis of every attack on society itself. A tiny few decide they are the law/ and they enforce that with obedience to whatever they demand; “such as is done with covid”.

TO REMOVE THAT REALITY: a general, president, university or whatever that tries to take control away from the law; and give it to themselves: CANNOT be stopped. UNLESS YOU DO HAVE A BILL OF RIGHTS/ that fundamentally proves, the “army of law” MUST confront these people and defend the rest. It is the bill of rights that identifies and creates equality between all people/ regardless of rank or position or money. The bill of rights is our united decision as a nation or even state or world: to accept the responsibility to enforce for all, what each accepts is necessary to sustain our freedoms and society or world.

Argument will arise: “the general must have supreme authority, and as such the soldier has none”. But that is not true, the obligation to go to war revolves around being attacked/ and that is up to society, by the laws we create to govern war among ourselves. It is not up to the general or the president to decide: their job is to defend within our borders/ it is not to declare war. We have that right as a nation/ and the world has a legal right to establish a bill of rights by world law; that then governs the leaders of every nation/ and its people as well. Within the guidelines that we the humanity of this earth agree is in everyone’s best long term interest.

Society does not exist without fair play, the essence of justice, governing the realities of human behavior. As we can never fully escape the dribble of sewage that is hate, greed, betrayal, and all the rest of it/ we must have law. To keep the fools, failures, traitors, terrorists, whores, and all the rest of attempting to destroy us/ we must have laws that remove the power, thereby enforcing the law, and NOT rules. Rules are the barrier between anarchy and treason: anarchy means: we refuse the law/ and will take what we want; as is consistent with covid today. Treason is the reality of disguising the truth; of overthrowing this government to replace it with what they want: as is being done today, with covid as their disguise. Betrayal is the reality of removing our securities, the very foundations upon which we do depend for our survival: to create a need, the then rulers must fill/ and the people must submit too; or they will be sacrificed. Because a dictator defines his control over the herd, by implementing: BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ he then reinforces that road with FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR. So that when your own securities are removed, and the realities of hate surround you, as is being done through covid today; your ability to resist, is considered to be a “death wish”. And the push to make them all OBEY; forms the army of fools, that then cult worship what they believe will keep them alive. It never works long/ because people who destroy, cannot then survive long.

The bill of rights: foundation levels of understanding, that produce the knowledge; we are NOT, “just slaves”. We do have rights, each and everyone. In this USA that has been trashed, willingly and without regret: because the people who are doing well enough say: DON’T CHANGE NOTHING/ as they count their counterfeit numbers and claim they are rich; by crucifying the children, and taking their future away. To their shame. The people who are not doing well, as it has always been: search for an army to reshape their world; and create the opportunity TO TAKE WHATEVER THEY WANT. Which of course brings war/ and war devastates the world, Reduces the possibility of life and time on earth; and fails all, Because what you want is now gone. Making these “the skeletons of war”; because your sacrifice ends; by reducing life on earth to nothing is left. 8 billion people changes everything/ and you will not escape any even slightly major war; with a world to live in. kill a billion people: still 7+billion to go/ and that, therefore changes nothing except the fact: you no longer have options. And your leaders WILL use weapons of mass destruction; because killing even a billion people is hard/ they fight back. So the universities have a solution: modified biological warfare, if only they can create a situation where the selected will die/ instead of “their nobility too”. That too is being developed through covid; to your shame, this society cares only for counterfeit numbers, and throws an entire world along with all of nature away: to worship university as god. Making this nation in particular the curse; that is SATAN. Which means: destroyer of a planet and its life.

To your shame; you are fools, and don’t care; discarding a world, for what you know is in fact; “the lies of money/ are more important to you: than the children you chose to assassinate”.

More deliberately, the constitution describes in the preamble, what we the people of this nation, accept as our basis and foundation for uniting as one people. Our assertion THIS: is what our employees, “have sworn to build and uphold for us”. The rest of the constitution are the laws, we set into place: “TO GOVERN our employees, in what they jobs and purposes will be”.

THE BILL OF RIGHTS: describes in detail, the foundations upon which our society will decide justice/ equal treatment by law/ and fundamental fair play. That bill of rights is then the dividing line between “police and citizen”/ government employee and duty/ society as a function of living/ the functional duties required in a courtroom/ the rights and realities of a soldier and its leadership/ fundamental business and industry guidelines/ limits on universities, its cult, and its religion; its destruction, and formation of diseases both physically and mentally/ the message of media: a right given to protect society, NOT lead, manipulate, change, tempt, or in any way alter the direction of life or society by its influence. More distinctly: communicate and inform/ but never lead, or claim expertise: LET ONLY TRUTH DECIDE. The truth is NEVER “university, etcetera”/ it is only by the evidence proven in reality, that we do gather knowledge; and it is only by the removal of all want or expectation, that we do find any form of understanding; and it is only when all imagination, fantasy or delusion has been absolutely BANDED FROM EXISTENCE; that wisdom may surface, and be found.

THE VERY WORST any society can be: is to cult (we cannot question our leaders) worship/ as is consistent with everything this USA has become. A reality which makes it hard to select the worst of the worst/ because there are so many failures, delusions, fantasies, betrayals/ terrorist acts/ criminal intent/ valueless expressions of stupidity and disrespect; you have earned “the head of SATAN”/ the people of the damned.

As is again defined by:

  1. lets ignite atoms on fire, just like the sun. is only the biggest.
  2. Lets mutilate and destroy genetic nature; and claim to be gods.
  3. Lets destroy the planet in countless ways
  4. lets make life extinct, in every way.
  5. Lets remove every chain that leads to survival/ and make the humanity cannibals. Overpopulation fails life, by its death cry.
  6. Lets destroy every protection of life, plants, creatures; by introducing “we are gods now”.
  7. Lets destroy the oceans, and all its life.
  8. Just to name a few; as is going on around this world; everyday. America simply leads, as the “university cult”, which controls it; prepares for extinction. After all, if nothing else works; there is always weapons of mass destruction for a backup plan.

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