Happiness measures us, by our desire; without desire we soon decide life has no meaning: of the many consequences that will exhibit, just one of them is “I will make life into a game/ thereby playing, instead of living” which has become hard.

Pride is the result, forming the battleground that is “winner or loser”. The search is then for contentment; I won enough/ superiority, “they are nothing as compared to me”/ I can get whatever I want with whoring after money/ and if I am more, then can I not be as a god? The alternate position which is loser: forms the background for hate, and all those who participate with hate as is jealousy, ridicule, abuse, violence, suicide, addiction, betrayal, theft, cheating, prostitution, and most criminal elements & more.

So the failure of happiness is a very big deal/ as is the lack of a desire which forms the foundation for all happiness. Therefore to construct a better life: it is absolutely essential to find desire. NOT want, as is the basis for pride and power/ but desire, the elemental start, which becomes the ascent into love.

The journey into desire, is a personal destiny; which means no one, can do it for you/ this is your decision alone. That fact isolates and removes the herd from your life; and places you at the beginning of what will become your own journey into life. We must therefore prepare the decision, by fundamentally exercising our right; to conceive of what life can truly become. In that ascension, there are three paths to take: I can become all things unto myself/ which ends in extreme loneliness and rejection. I can participate by creating a “family of friends”: thereby refusing loneliness, with their company/ which ends with I have done all things to make myself happy, except preparing for eternity. Or, I can abandon both self and time, to accelerate my participation in eternity, by following the path into a spiritual world, beyond my grasp in time.

Each has its own “layer of value”: to value yourself is not wrong, but to make yourself into “all things”, is wrong. Would you choose to spend eternity fully and completely and forever alone? The answer is no, or you are foolish and blind. Judgment comes

To value friends and family above all other things, is to assume love is enough; and it is not. Because the living requires more, and only truth, respect, reality, and values ascend into eternity. While the greatest treasure of this universe is love/ to sustain self, you must form into “the purity, at some level, of truth”. Mercy exists.

To discard this world, and enter into the spiritual realm means: you will be required to remove every lie/ and that means, you must exist in truth to survive. Even so, without the purity of knowledge that comes with truth; specifically about yourself/ you will fail, and can be lost to eternity; as is the result of dissipate and vanished. It is no game; the consequences are real, and “largely permanent.” even so: this is the path, toward an invitation that allows you to become “a child of GOD”. It can be considered; that GOD dealt with loneliness and much more, in the beginning/ therefore “so shall you”; to survive, you must endure/ and you MUST, retain your love, truth, and respect. IT IS, the price of your decision.

We then enter desire, as the habitat which gives us life. We recognize love, is the critical ascent from time into creation of life beyond self. We do understand: respect, is an environment that allows for participation in the real world existence of what truth can do by the laws which it creates. And understand that desire is built upon each of these three; as is the understanding called home.

Home means: the environment which shapes us, as a living creation of life, by the values which share and care, that we are alive. In this creation of time; the measurements of home, revolve primarily around family; even if they treat you poorly. The cause is; “here we begin”/ and that does mean something.

Beyond the boundaries of time, where the spiritual world is met: the question of home is truth, and the values you have accepted as your destiny, within the decisions and consequences of what they mean to life itself. Where love enters in, we achieve a purpose. Where respect is identified within our truth; we find an energy, to begin. In these three: truth, the values of love, and the realities of respect; home exists, by the journey granted for you to accept.

The disciplines of this world, are not consistent with the consequences of the next. Truth alone decides, and it will kill you; if you are found unworthy to be here/ or turn to the realities of hate, by the decisions you have made. Discipline requires that you order your life beyond time; WITH BALANCE, so that you can survive, and remain free. Unfortunately for me; finding my life returned to time/ I had to search for an answer: which would keep this world alive. After a ten year search “in all things male”. I turned to female: simply to ask the question, “what would or could you do”? But opening the door, to any spiritual truth; requires, if you enter/ you shall not come out; until you learn what that truth is. THAT proved to be far harder, than it appears: as female, truly is “a very different world/ opposite of male”. And I have failed to understand it. An unbalanced reality, that defies order; to construct, even though we need each other in this effort to keep this living world of time ALIVE. Reality proves female truth has been contaminated: and that has consequences. “its complicated; but basically, I am caged”. NO, it is not desirable or fun. Nonetheless, she knows she needs me for women/ and I know, I need her for this earth to have any hope at all.

Nonetheless, this is about hope and happiness, within the confines of a desire that serves both self and life. Therefore we return to the elements of life and self; as reality divides both; from time into eternity. We have hope in time, when we know and accept that happiness can come again, if it is not here now. Therefore happiness decides hope, and without hope life will fail. To achieve happiness, we must desire the freedoms of love which make it true/ and of value to each one. The heart (our passion to belong) enters here, remembering that as we participate in living; love will only grow, if we both share and care for another life; and in particular another human life of the opposite sex, as we become adults. Because whether you like it or not: the values of balance are important/ and cannot be attained; unless these two, become as one. Even if you share the same space/ the same home: that will not happen, unless there is truth in the freedoms of love. Do not confuse the passion to belong to love, as if we each belong “to self”/ IS NOT the same as wanting to participate in the herd of human animals. They are vastly different/ and bear no real resemblence to each other. The herd lives in time/ the heart lives in spirit as an independent truth shaping your passage into soul.

Love shapes freedom, and freedom shapes the dimensions within which we live with each other as “our home”. Without true freedom, born in love: soul will fail in you. But even so: as with me, if none are willing to share your life: TURN TO GOD , but understand, these things are not the same.

Relationships with our Creator are NOT, as if we spend time with another human in time; how could you NOT understand that/ and yet many don’t because they want “a relationship that is/ WITH benefits”. So they create their own; as a lie built from want/ as a pride demanding to win/ as a power, that grants your right to play god with others: NONE of which are true.

Instead, life grants through the acceptance of truth; that we will begin our journey into Creation itself; whereby the values of life find us through our desire. Desire then comes to mean: I have done the best I can: to discover soul. The place inside your heart, where it is possible to meet “our Creator”. NOT as “your buddy”/ but in the presence of miracles, and the gift of life; as is accepted from the evidence we do cherish by truth. Truth is our presence with “GOD”/ therefore truth, is the acceptance of a desire that will survive.

What then is truth? The foundation: being, alive with energy. Or more distinctly, recognizing that energy transforms all things that will be altered or desired, by the presence of change. When that change is controlled by truth; it is called a law. When the consequences of a law, result in life: the values which exhibit that life are called desire. The realities of time add mass; to the existence of life/ but mass is only mass; and life is an energy conceived of as controlled. Yet we are limited in our control over the energy that presents us with freedoms to choose. Desire selects/ time interprets/ life aligns with the consequences you chose/ and the function of existence becomes: reality will divide and separate those who can survive/ from those who cannot or will not, by their own decisions.

Time confronts us with two dimensions: male and female. These are elements which shape our lives, by establishing different barriers, boundaries, limits, and actions. Each of which contribute to the potential that is change; particularly when interactions occur between the sexes/ and distinctly when confronted by sex. Happiness does not occur, unless both elements of existence are persuaded to participate as equals/ thereby each contributing according to their kind. The balance being: we make our lives better, by being accepted into the other’s world. Lies disturb that/ violence hates that; and seeks destruction of human, being alive; to establish animal instead.

Those who believe sex is an answer to their needs; is an animal/ because it is not. Chemicals are only chemicals, and they cannot make you happy in any form. Happiness graduates from being balanced, into the creation of desire that proves what caring and sharing can do for a life. That leads to love, and love leads to happiness; because it reminds us each one, that I/we, are not alone. Loneliness exhibits the tragedy of life, where sharing or caring does not exist. The common human animal decision to avoid that is to hate (you are the enemy of me)/ to commit to anger (this is all your fault)/ or to construct the mob, “we, are mad at you/ and it does not matter why”. Because removing you from our lives, is what this herd now chooses to do. The purpose being: if I am angry, to whatever extreme I desire/ then I am not lonely, because you, are always with me, dividing the cost of living, into the desire for revenge/ the purpose of plotting and planning, which escapes isolation; by using or abusing you. That then turns into rape/ murder/ violence/ criminal/ and many more. At its lesser extents; it destroys family, friend, and other elements of a peaceful and orderly life.

And people constantly say: We can’t all be wrong/ & not in my lifetime”. Because if you cannot find love, and you try to avoid hate: then you form with the others into a herd; by taking the easy road; which is animal (nothing matters but me)/ not human: as is, all life matters, and this planet is a gift we must cherish as a miracle. The sewer of university shits on that/ declaring themselves gods; therefore above the consequences of what they do. But it is not so; and as all lies do: the end of delusions and all fantasies is near. Proving without doubt: that you are “all wrong” most of the time; because you listen and worship the university as a cult. You are wrong most of the time: because avoiding the cost of living, by sacrificing “child, life, and planet”; will not end with death. This becomes “YOUR truth”. And truth survives, whether hate or love.

It is my life: to fight with all of that throughout the decades/ in a struggle to make you understand: LIFE AND PLANET ARE MIRACLES/ Not, the toys of university! To which I have been confronted with an endless array of fools, who believe life is a game, and universities are a god. To your shame; as nothing is less fundamentally true. The end result being: male would have abandoned you for a lost cause. But the spiritual world “sent me into the female dimension”/ whereby, no matter what I might choose as male; I cannot escape the truth, only love and reality by the evidence of truth can save this living world. And I have no right to abandon an entire world of life; so says female, as she enforces that on me. Even so, it is not life that I abandoned; it is male, because you would not care; regardless of the truth of cost of consequences/ and women preferred to believe “he is not to be trusted/ different cannot be predicted”. So, here we are, at the end of all your lies; facing what even now you refuse to confess. That our world is threatened with extinction; because this is what humanity has chose. Simple as that.

Throughout the decades; the rise in wealth declared by America; was simply lies/ as is now true in most nations; who followed the same level of delusion that the curse of university provided. “Just make more numbers/ debts don’t matter; because we are the government”. The NYSE producing hiding the lie, of hundreds of trillions/ other stock exchanges hiding quadrillions; BUT ALL OF IT, the theft of a future from every child. Because the numbers conceive of wealth; by declaring: my child will pay for me/ and then my grandchild shall pay for me/ and then my great, great, great grandchild; who never got to live; because all their resources were throw away in “our trash”. 247 P. 2d. 665, 670. Required that they die. Making every claim of money, not earned; or paid for by the fraud of inflation/ and the disguises used by media to cover that inflation up: larceny, and the invasion of organized crime. So much so: that this theft event is indeed, the largest ever conceived throughout history. Until we get to covid: which is the largest and most lucrative corpus delicti (body of crime); ever conceived.323P. 2D 117, 123. the body of victims, by all forms of consequence; associated with this intentional preconceived crime; is without doubt.

And the people say: “we have a right, to take whatever we can”/ let the children fend for themselves! But you are not taking whatever you can: YOU ARE STEALING FROM YOUR OWN CHILD, and more. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, because what you take as your toy, trinket, or trophy: is then thrown away/ to deliberately make your children and all life DIE. That does make you their assassin; because the consequence of your action: will be their future. As you each know: WITHOUT A RESOURCE, to work with/ there is no work, and there is nothing you can do; but die. Consequently, your garbage mountains convict you: of designing, and proving: extinction. And your children of age, are convicted of allowing this to happen: “because they want, the very same things as do you”. A world “without a price for life or want or pride or power: to them”. BUT, that does not exist; as every truth (yes, you did do that)/ has its consequence, that will not be denied.

The reality of lies is constant in this USA, and world:  what 4 billion people could do, because the earth would largely overcome it/ cannot be done anymore, because 8 billion people do, what the earth cannot overcome anymore. The claim of fools is that our population increase as a world is 1.5 percent: but that means for every 200 people randomly selected, there will be an increase of 3 more mouths to feed than the year before. Take a look around you, and you know that is not true: even they claim 3 billion to 8 billion in the last 60 years. Question them: and they use numbers to lie: such as taking the population increase for the last one hundred years, and then dividing that into “equal parts” for each year. But that is not true, because the population rise is not steady throughout each year/ even if the math can seem to be correct: the lie is hidden in the detail. As always media mice, cannot conceive of anything other than believing whatever “your former classmates” who now call themselves the university:  say. Gee, I wonder if any of these people, who grew up just like you: “lie/ steal/ cheat/ betray/ or more”?   WHY?     Because they don’t want you to know, the reality of their  university leadership is extinction.  THEY WANT, to continue leading, lying, stealing, cheating, and playing god.

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