The critical issue is: that law, nor rights, nor being justified, nor even the cost of being wrong/ can sustain life or nation; unless those deliberate decisions are enforced by the vast majority. In this America: the vast majority all say: “DON’T DO NOTHING, because I am making money/ and I DON’T want to pay, NOTHING”. NOT for life, or planet, or a future, nor anything of reality; because a bribe is better than work. And the bribes; as are given by inflation, keep coming to avoid the truth; we are in jeopardy of not only losing our nation/ but our very world. So your complaint, that nothing is wrong/ and we DON’T have to care; is as always, “the herd, without a brain”! Because the herd does not need a brain; they merely follow, and as long as the living is good, the leaders will be left alone. Even though, as in this case: your herd has been led into a box canyon/ and the cost will be, now great. Numbers are not wealth/ resources are: as your garbage mountains prove; but alas there is an end to resources/ and a multiplying of humanity BEYOND your ability to comprehend. So extinction is certain/ the universities are terrorist organizations, with criminal intent/ governments have been assigned to the scrap heap; as worthless to our needs/ media is proven to be the enemy at large, with weapons of mass destruction, as they propagate lies, corruption, and catastrophe. Schooling fails life and planet and child and nation; because it is a religious (believe just believe) cult (NEVER question your leaders, they are god). So we are left with reality; and that reality is; your enemies (the universities)_ have been destroying you. Taking away every job/ discarding an entire world/ poisoning the water supplies/ and doing absolutely everything they can to insure: soon, you will be extinct. Even to the extent of trying to ignite nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire; just like the sun / lets prove evolution: by destroying genetic nature, and invading every form of life; removing every resource/ consuming every chain of life/ or simply destroying the very fabric that holds this world together; as you worship them, as your gods. To your eternal shame; you have failed, life and world/ and every child/ every living thing on earth. Because you want, “the universities to be your god”/ and they cannot; as is, “they are, simply your former classmates, and nothing more”.


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Jim Osterbur

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