Power is, the critical control over what can or cannot undermine the essence of a life in peace. Thereby harmony is dependent upon our acceptance, of the need to control power itself. Leadership wants power, as do:  greed, jealousy, fear, hatred, failure, tyranny, traitors, and terrorists. With power, a leader as well as any other; can hide their failures and other crimes simply by proving they can make you cry.

As with all gangs, the purpose of an army is to control the public with fear/ thereby demanding, “I AM” the only important thing in your life; because I can make you cry, or kill you if I choose. In that simple conception:  “the gang is somebody/ the individual is an army, to be reckoned with”. All leadership is at its core, the essence of a gang:  DON’T play with us, because we are an army!  Simple and plain. An army is feared, because it takes whatever it wants; without regard for laws. Impervious to complaint, because it is the law.

Therefrom, the critical control over power by the people:  is to remove the army which protects an individual from the law/ and place that individual under the law, so as to prove we are “a society, of individuals, which can defeat even the worst of gangs”. The question is how/ because a gang uses hate to enforce fear us by violence!

We must identify peace, to begin this journey/ as it is not simple, nor is it plain.  Peace is the essence of a desire that is built upon a respect for life and planet. Therefrom peace is inherently a protector of the same:  because without life or planet, there is no substance in living.  “you become a ghost” so to speak.

The question is:  HOW do we protect our reality, from the enemies of hate, pride, power, and the cancer of arrogance/  by respecting, the values which are not violent?

The answer is: love, even though the haters will laugh and jeer/ because they believe you must then “love them”, while they hate you. It is a fool’s game/ DON’T play.

Peace exists because of discipline. Harmony extends throughout society because of order that defines and creates justice through truth. Balance describes the value of our humanity, through the existence of gender, and the quest to be freed in love. Each of these is a passionate embrace created by the possibilities called respect! Each is a value called “non-violent”.  Hate knows none of it;  IF someone identified as hate still owns a “little”/ it simply means “not dead yet”.  Don’t save them/ you can’t;  JESUS already did, if you accept Christianity. “it’s not your job”.

In the battleground that is the human journey through love and hate, the essence of our quest is to learn:  NO ONE gets to sustain both!  You will choose, for an eternity that follows.  Hate will always contend:  “death is death, eternity does not exist”.  While love will always contend:  we were born, and exist with everything our lives as human could want;  except for love. Which we must earn on our own. OUR CREATOR, has not abandoned us/ therefore we live, even if we die as a body. Those in the middle, simply want to believe “I have both”/ they have nothing, because only truth will survive.

We then know:  that haters cannot turn back from violence, fear is their only substance in life.

We then know:  that love cannot turn back from respect, without beginning to drown. Therefore the choice is permanent, and cannot be revoked. We must be, what we must be, in order to respect the life we are given.

The middle ground, which is the vast majority:  know want/ and they know what they don’t want/ and they want everything they can get, as quickly as possible;  because old age and death is coming. So the excuses are many, and the deceit is constant:  even to yourself.

These facts of life are evidence of our future: love lives for respect/ hate destroys, to create fears/ and people believe whatever they want to be true, regardless of reality. But in terms of public justice (I have rights), and a democratic society (which means, free to be yourself):  they all want the same thing, for themselves!  Which is DON’T use power against me, the individual!

Therefore the critical cause:  between sustaining the status quo/ and changing the values of society into what will create peace, through harmony.   Is exhibited by the foundations of love/ which arises strictly through respect. The validity of respect however depends entirely upon what is, or is not true of any particular situation, and reality of leadership or human truth.

RESPECT, is not a game! Respect requires the reality of legal rights, that are the property of the people themselves. These are necessary for the illumination of freedoms, to begin.

So when moving to adjust the very nature of society; as in the reality of N. Korea for instance. The very first foundation required of an outside influence is:  the demonstration of RESPECT. As in we, the people of S. Korea have rights, that will be enforced without violence, or threat.  Because the law is our friend. Not true for N. Korea.  Respect has little value to society/ UNLESS IT PROVES, I have freedoms to be whomever I please; as best I can.  WHEN you prove these two very deliberate things;  the value of change in society, becomes a seed that will grow, of its own accord.  IF THIS IS TRUE for S. Korea; and even America:  then you can plant the seed. There will be haters, who want war regardless; as there have always been.

By removing pride, and conforming to the values of both time and peace; as are associated with changing from the inside.  THE ONLY PLACE, were true change exists.  Reality will prove quickly, given the opportunity for better:  N. Korea will change itself.


So then what to do with the gang of leaders in N. Korea?  The answer is very simple:  REMOVE THE THREAT, that is the US presence in S. Korea.  IF, THE N. KOREAN military will remove its weapons/ same for the south, (to an agreed upon limit, for both):  no more threat/ let the world enforce it!  THEN let the border be opened, and reality prove who has the better way.

The gang of leaders will say:  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Because this is their power, and their authority to control.  BUT IF YOU CONVINCE THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, THAT THIS IS TRUE/ AND THEIR CHOICE IS FREEDOM, or SLAVERY and death.  They will take care of their leaders, and find their heart to build a new world in their own nation or as a part of Korea united.  Simple as that.  Convince them, change can be true! An invasion of words, and communications that are honest, rather than making promises you can’t keep. Is enough!


In terms of when and how, with regard to N. Korea. The most suitable time for change is:  during the propaganda military marches before your slave owners/ in parade before “government”.  You have everything you need, as well as access.  That too is a decision. Let the world declare:   WE WILL help you with your change/ by opening the door, with hope. The successful method, begins with food to insure their first year has a true opportunity;  NOT starvation. Then grow community life, with appropriate small business they will own. NOT AN INVASION, of more people who want to make them a different form of slaves:  by making them dependent on global factories. They deserve freedoms, make it so.


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