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The spiritual question: IS this, a message from GOD about the ending of our world/ unless you change what you are doing? The answer is: if all the evidence of your reality proves that time on earth is coming to an end/ then how could it not be so? Nothing is so obvious, as those who gamble with our entire planet, by trying to ignite sun fire on earth. Little is more horrendous, than those who are deliberately mutilating nature through DNA (you cannot stop what they are destroying); as is a direct result established by their religion called evolution. YOU, THE HUMANITY OF THIS EARTH, have made the decision to destroy it, by worshiping the universities as god. YOU are threatening your own extinction: as is proven true, by the evidence you refuse to investigate. Therefore a final warning is given: change or you will go extinct. If you can’t believe that/ then simply prove the evidence is wrong! With an entire earth at risk of horrendous terrors: IT IS YOUR DUTY.

Since our world is lost, it is only necessary to finish, by talking to the last tiny few who can survive into eternity. You are not “the children of GOD”/ you are the survivors, only because like me, you chose to be an individual life; rather than a participant in the herds. The difference is, that you can be identified, and established by thought, through your own truth. The herds cannot, they live by want, they fight for pride, they surrender themselves to be “not alone”.

Which brings us to the elemental reality of space itself, as the fundamental truth: if separation into an individual identity is desirable/ then why, am I alone? The answer is  complex: to attain the energy that is necessary to avoid the complications of time, requires individual environments; so that if one dies/ it does not involve the rest. To avoid the loneliness of “an empty house”/ lost in space, so to speak. The reality is, LOVE can bind us together/ but only trust through respect, will keep us alive. Love removes the space, trust removes the loneliness, respect identifies truth; and thereby keeps the law that is necessary to survive. These things are a simple framework, but an environmental discipline that must be balanced with order so that peace and harmony will exist.

Life is not about eternity or time/ life is about life. The discipline of that is also complex: nothing is more elemental, than the search for thought. When we exist, it is because we have attained the knowledge of existence. When we live, it is because we understand, there is a freedom to life itself. Therefrom what is wise discovers the value of living/ but what is hate, discovers the power of death. The difference between the two, identifies the truth that forms either one. Life, then becomes a choice! That choice becomes an individual decision, that is your environment. One, does not live with the other; as they are opposites/ even though hate cannot live without the love it destroys. Love cannot live, without the love it values. So the question of all eternity is: where can love be found?

Elemental to existence is energy, without it, there is no life. So the consequence of that forms the basis of both time and eternity. Time consumes energy, which brings disorder and elemental chaos to the source of that energy,  and thereby, old age. Eternity lives at the source of all energy, and establishes itself through the beginning of time, reformed from time to time. When we join eternity itself, we have entered into the realm identified by thought, as the ascension through dignity, into a purity of self that cannot be described. That requires an individuality that will not be denied, by its own truth. Love then forms around the individual, and life cherishes its destiny.

The path to purity, “is a spiritual thing”. The value of purity, although it can never be reached in this world of time; is at its core, a value that can only be achieved by love. Love joins us to the ascension from self, into “GOD’S WHOLE CREATION”. Not just the evidence of time.

Humanity wants as a herd, everything it wants without respecting the consequence nor realities of its own truth. Such as “I want to be rich/ fundamentally just means, I want other people to be my slave”; that is not friendly, and love dies. But humanity will not surrender its want; as is proven through this work: NOT EVEN to save their own world of time or human life or a future for their own child. Instead they choose religion: shouting, I BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSITY GODS (today’s version of the same)/ they are our savior. But alas, they are your destroyers, more than friend.

Even so, the question of every human heart is, as it has always been: PROVE AN ETERNITY WILL EXIST! Demanding, a level of evidence so extreme, nothing could possibly be left to doubt! Yet as we are today: even with a level of evidence that clearly proves our world will go extinct/ the earth will ignite into sun fire/ humanity will overpopulate the planet into starvation, cannibalism, and extinction. That can be proven without doubt! All of the human herd shouts: THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT/ therefore I will only believe, what I want to believe! Be damned to anyone who tells me different; as is the consistent refrain of more traditional religion.

Regardless, to the few:  live your life with as much happiness as you can find/ leaving eternity to where it belongs; as a mercy that only    GOD OUR CREATOR, can provide. You cannot earn it, you can only inherit it; because you chose love more than want.

There is no point in fearing death; you cannot stop the inevitable. Do what you can, be what you can that is within the law of life (not so much the law of people). Identify the value of love is with you, and pray for the courage that it may always be so.

The herd is not heard, so there is no “amen”. Your individual value is found by love, so make it as pure as you can realistically be. Remembering in this world of liars, thieves, and fools:  put GOD  before all the rest. Which more simply means: do not let your want decide/ accept truth by the evidence, even if it is not what you want that reality to be. Truth is always truth, and if you want (like me choosing to have a gall bladder out; for the opportunity to demand an audience [fight for life], by challenging medical billing; as unfair). I have to do something to “save this world”/time is running out! Like me; You will be sorry: want never leads to life. Just repent of it, and begin again. Just live your own life, as it was meant to be. Let GOD decide, as we have no other true choice. Care for people, care for life, be realistic; but at this point whether it is wise to tell anyone else that our world is ending/ is your own decision. If you prove it, they run away and hide. Or they may become so afraid, they are unable to move; fear is a terrible thing. Or they may become a mob, charging in any potential direction; and they will always blame you. If you don’t prove it entirely, because a believer (I want what I want) cannot accept any evidence of truth or reality; so they just hate, ridicule, or disrespect you. They are what they are, and they are entitled to be, what they want to be: its called freedom. Your right too!

To be a zealot means: “I have found an enemy to destroy”! Simple as that. The universities are not that enemy! Instead, it is the arrogance, pride, and power they represent over life, planet, and society that is your shame, as well as theirs. War solves little, and the destruction of resources by war means: we have nothing left, with which to survive.

This is not the time for surrender, but it is the time reality must decide for itself. The opportunity for change exists, only humanity itself can make that change over an entire world. The odds are extremely small, but in terms of odds: life on earth is infinitely less likely from starting with a barren planet. How is that not true?


I suppose, that I should address the personal questions; just a bit. If I don’t, you get to fantasize and make up whatever fairy tale you desire.

I am just a man, simple as that; one in 8 billion people, just like “you”. The only difference I can see is: I have been determined enough to remain fighting for the same thing for over forty years/ regardless of your input, or lack thereof. Few would do that.

My education remains as it has always been: to learn the reality, you have to live the reality; coming up to the door of what can be learned without entering into the final “can’t be changed” realities of that fact. Many times, it was a bit like being “thrown into the fire” so to speak. Not to die/ just to remove the trash.

As to the spiritual woman inside: the reality is, I had given up on men/ this world cannot be saved through them. so instead of war, I chose to “open the door” to woman; as a last resort. Being forced to learn was a complete surprise, I did not expect/ but, like being thrown into the fire of so many thing, I should have expected it.

As to learning, “women really are quite different in so many ways; both life and body” it doesn’t seem possible. but it is. One of the things I don’t like is:  first time in my life, I seem to be {feeling; which is derived from the things you know you cannot control} a bit anxious; because I have no real defenses left from whatever she chooses to do to me. Making life a reality that is decided by what she desires/ rather than what I would choose. Much like the reality of many women, in their world with men. “its complicated; and yet its not”. Even so, the possibility of hate is gone; even if the world is to die. That is a blessing. Believe whatever you wish, I truly don’t care.

As to female and male gender relationships. I as strictly male believed we are very similar, and as such walk a familiar path; so what I need to know, is at least basically what women need to know as well. Same world/ same time/ same purpose to survive. That turns out not to be true. the female perspective is of a very different world than what men believe it is. The time we spend together has a very different value list than what men have. The purpose of our heart is similar, but not the same. Men desire the passions of freedom and courage with love. While women desire the passions of love through the decisions that present them with a home. The difference is far greater than you think.

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