the curse


The university is a curse, because it brings together the people who say “we can do this/ even though it should not be done: because we CAN lie, and create fantasies to pursue our arrogance”. The end result is: only very rarely does this succeed, as a value to life. The lies then intensify; and the doors are closed to truth: because nobody wants to leave this playground, where even fools are given respect. If the university contributes nothing to society; society stops funding it. So they create stories, and media contributes fear or worship as the case may be.

Reality then states: having lost the investment of society “a thousand times over” without benefiting society significantly. The universities must create their own money/ and to do that, they must take over government. Giving themselves access to the currency; by which counterfeiting with lies then occurs.

They must also take over business and industry: by ransacking the reality of business, “with a degree”. Thereby without a degree, NOBODY enters this social endeavor: and the university controls it all.

They choose to take over medicine and healthcare: by establishing the criminal extortion ring/ that demands not only slavery from doctors. To keep the competition down, and raise prices. But with media and insurance to cover the reality of theft; university builds a clientele by poisoning the earth/ and declaring “what nature gave you isn’t enough”. Fear everything (because the more you need them/ the more they prove they can be your god). And then you must come regularly to your “gods”/ so they may strip you entirely of your wealth. Because they want slaves/ not to worry so long as you bow down and worship whatever they say: ___________. you might get to live.

The curse of a university extends to cult worship through the anarchy of education: MEMORIZE THIS, and believe; or be cast out as worthless. With that religious endeavor, they have chopped off the reality of peace and security from society: by replacing what did work/ with their own brand of manipulation and controls. None are prepared for life outside the universities/ all are subjected to the temptations presented as credit. “its all free/ until the chains grab hold, and make you a slave”.

The more they control, the more society needs: as is proven true by infrastructure demise. The more they change the more humanity loses; as is established with every threat we face .

The foundation of failure is simple: the universities intend to control everything/ because they consider themselves to be “gods”. So damn superior to the rest of us, they don’t need no other cause. Yet they cannot survive a day, without the rest; because they cannot conceive of real work.

Nonetheless, the intent of those who find themselves in a position, provided by the university diploma: to “yes I can”. Always, seek to take everything, and leave nothing behind: as is the constant destruction, of every warlord ravaging this earth, that history ever produced. As is noted in the end of your options to do or buy from anywhere: but a tiny few people in charge of everything. The money, the politics, the news, the business, the jobs, the future, the war, the reality of our lives.

But alas; as with all lies and liars: eventually reality can be hidden no more/ and the truth begins to appear. That truth is we are at the edge of extinction/ and it is because of humanity changing nature and the constant ways of society itself. NEVER improving our reality: because if life was to be improved: it would not be threatened with extinction/ as is true. Change for life to be respected, sacred, and with honesty honored: is improved. None of that happens with a university degree. INSTEAD, change as with genetics: is to mutilate all forms of discipline/ order/ balance/ and sacrifice every possibility of our survival to their gods of arrogance/ fantasy/ whoring/ chaos/ hate/ and destruction; as is the fundamental proof of where we are at today. INSTEAD of accepting reality, and making decisions that are able to sustain life. The universities choose to gamble with even the planet itself; in all possible ways/ throwing everything into the garbage. INSTEAD OF BEING SANE; they choose to ignite atoms on fire; to throw us into HELL on earth.

How is that “intelligent”? How is that not “the dumbest people” who ever lived? And what then does it say about you!

Oh wait, I know: they even convinced you to believe in evolution the devils test bed of whoring and fools.

In America, the university diploma (in charge of everything) has been selling us out for decades. We have literally been betrayed in countless ways; and all because “they know, and have known for decades”/ that the future is completely bleak, and without hope unless there is true and dramatic change. That they DON’T want to make/ so they sold us out; to have more for themselves: depending upon the idea that nobody would survive beyond a moment in time that is now very near. To save themselves, they are attempting to create an energy source that would solve numerous problems if it could be controlled/ BUT IT CANNOT. To play that game, they are willing to gamble all life on earth: because they believe it is lost anyway. Just overpopulation of humanity can achieve that fundamental truth/ as population rise destroys every last possibility we can survive. So they threw away fears, they threw away money, they threw away the future and every child, and they made decisions from which we cannot soon return (not even a little bit); as is genetic mutilation of nature itself, the intent to bring chaos: to destroy the over abundance of people. These are the facts, and they don’t allow for anyone on earth, to survive under many of their threats.

So the question is: are you willing to just surrender life on earth; and choose extinction? OR, are you willing to change dramatically in order to survive? The realities begin with true population control of humanity; NO excuses. Extends to NO air conditioning as that contributes to global warming and much more. NO more excessive driving/ and NO more endless throwing resources away: JUST, TO BEGIN the discussion. Your only other option is to die, because NOTHING can keep this planet alive by the things you do; and damn few don’t know that is a fact.

Just as it was in the late fifties and early sixties: the majority just did not care, and that includes the public same/ same. They all said, “we will wait and see”! Time is up, tragedy that will not end until extinction is completed: is here at the door: the evidence is certain, and you need only complete an honest trial, to sort that out. But as always: IF YOU DON’T CARE/ then you won’t join the effort to at least understand the choice. And as always, the majority yell: “we don’t have to do NOTHING”/ because the universities are our god; media is our savior: and you ain’t nobody. While that is true, and I don’t argue about me: THE REALITY OF EVIDENCE, CLEARLY DEFINED BY THREAT, IS UNMISTAKEABLE! NOTHING SO CLEAR AS: “THOSE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE”; JUST LIKE ON THE SUN. a fire that burns your skin in summer from 91+ million miles away. And you CAN understand what that means, if anything is WRONG!

MAKE YOUR DECISION, because you either have to die with us all/ OR we all have to live in a manner that is consistent with the truth to be defined as critical to our survival by the terms reality does indicate. ALWAYS choosing on the side of life/ and NEVER gambling with life, planet, or nature again! It is a simple choice: PAY THE PRICE TO SURVIVE, and keep a future alive for the children/ OR GO EXTINCT, within the very next few years. Because we are surrounded by the evidence of threat so severe: time has run out. This world has changed: humanity wanted to be god/ and NOW, if you don’t make the hard choices that you don’t want to make, as a world: we all die! Simple and plain. The university elite have all chosen to die; believing they can be gods and save themselves/ they are wrong. The only question left is: DOES HUMANITY ITSELF, wish to throw the future away, and continue to believe the universities are their god? No second guesses, the choice you make/ is the future you chose, as a world.

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Jim Osterbur

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