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The law is:  that every life shall die/ there are no exceptions. Eternity then comes, to be whatever it shall be. So the question is:  what is life/ what is death/ and what can that eternity be?

While you may fear death, and try to hide from it: every single one, will enter into that experience. So the essence of fear, need not be true. Because the reality of choice does not exist. Therefrom without fear:  we may enter into the expressions, that are “distance from this time as humanity”;  to consider the depth of what is, or is not true.

Into the great “essence of darkness”, that is the ending of life as human time:  the critical question is this.  Where does death end? We know the body ends. We know that thought is the existence of life itself:  so the question is, WHAT is the essence of thought itself, and from where or what does this thought as the evidence of life come from?

We  then begin the quest for knowledge, with the evidence of body:  IF thought can be disassociated from a body/ then does it not follow, that life becomes disengaged from being male or female; as its participation in that environment ends? Destiny asks:  what have you chosen for yourself/ while fate defends the constant, whatever is true, shall always be true. Therefrom the distinction of gender constructs the first question:  is the same potential for an eternity, divided by the essence of gender/ or is it the same for both?

We return to the distinction that is:  can thought be alive, without a body to inhabit? We then get: can thought be an identity, of its own existence, built upon the energy which sustains it as thought? So the real question is:  does thought exist as a chemical creation of body/ or is thought a much more complex association with the development of ascending control in energy itself? While chemistry builds a body/ the instructional realities that allow that body to be built “out of only the available materials at hand”. Clearly demonstrate that more than chemistry achieves this goal; of creating a human being. Consequently it is completely within the reliance of evidence, that truth allows and even insists:  thought not only comes first in a life, but it conceives the relationships which become a body of life. Every living thing, has a relationship with thought. It is our essence as a human existence, that we are allowed to conceive within ourselves “our own relationship with thought”; and change our existence to meet our purposes and true desires, as best we can.

It is then the elemental truth, that life revolves around thought; and thought is more than, the complex chemistry of a human brain. The brain attaches life to a body. The body does not attach itself to life/ because it has no means of doing so! Therefore they are distinctly separate. But we must still ask:  what is a brain that it forms the mediation between life and death? The critical question must be:  what does this mediation prove, in terms of does it mean, to be human/ rather than creature or plant?  The functional reality is:  to be truly human, we must create our own eternal identity. That ultimately means:  to achieve a destiny as truth, by constructing the disciplines, order, balance, respect, truth, trust, love, and courage required to sustain yourself.  Courage is an acceptance of death. Therefore death refines existence:  to conceive of all things not within the realm of time.

We begin with gender, the parallel relationship that presents each side with an opposing, but true view of existence. Gender is:  the value of living as found in the expression and experiences which have a distinct fate. Gender separates that fate, and presents the values “of a three-dimensional life”. Conformed by life/ male/ female;  the development of a destiny by choice, becomes a much more layered event. Layering is the distance between what I desire, and the purposes hidden beneath my heart. Desire finds in destiny the treasury of all things valued by me.  Whereas purpose identifies the distance I accept, will be traveled to attain that desire by its truth. The heart knows my soul, therefore it is “my own ultimate truth”. To hide that truth, until soul reveals it;  applies trust.

In this relationship between heart and soul, death ends at the critical juncture, of ultimate darkness for life;   where nothing exists except for the question:   DO YOU ACCEPT  GOD  !

Before this question is answered, we must rely upon the ultimate human question:  DO YOU CHOOSE LOVE,   or hate?  Only what is true, can descend into the final relationship that will determine your soul. Hate is destruction, and those who choose it will enter that destruction of themselves. Those who have found no truth within themselves worth identifying with;  are given to mercy or judgment/ as the individual case may be. It is tied to no religion:  you are, who you are. Even so, the definitions of our choice MUST be confined. An anchor must be achieved/ or the choice you have made will die, when faced with the final end of all things human. That anchor for me,    is   JESUS;  who is, the most eloquent reality of love, this world has witnessed.  So love governs truth, and truth governs eternity;  not by little things/ but by everything.

While death takes away our humanity, the question is:  WHAT can sustain life, without that environmental consequence of living?  We begin by asking:  where does the spiritual world participate in this? To ascend within spirituality means:  to identify sufficient individual purity in truth, that you may arrive beyond time;  to ask the questions of your heart!  The first question is:  what constitutes value?  Answer:  value identifies the seven pillars of destiny. They are:  trust in GOD, because you cannot survive the transition beyond time without it; to become “HIS child”.  Truth, because you cannot survive at all unless you are willing to obey those laws. Love, because life is not sufficient on its own; without the honesty of another life to share existence with, or care about what can or cannot be. Discipline, because peace demands it. Order, because nothing is born outside of reality comes first. Balance, because harmony lives within justice, through equality. And RESPECT, because you are not  “GOD”  , and never will be!

These structural definitions of an environment sustained by your own identity, are elemental to an eternal existence.  Once attained, the question:  do you ACCEPT   GOD   ?   Becomes clearly I do, because everything life is or can be;  Identifies HIS WORK HERE.  That elevates trust, to participation in soul. Soul elevates life, into the creation of self that is necessary to attain an eternal life beyond time. The darkness holds no threat, so long as    GOD   is revealed on “the other side”.

The dimensions of a life beyond time, are as wide and as varied as truth itself. LOVE IS, “the greatest treasure in this universe”, and beyond. The realities of mercy, are not without limits. Mercy means:  with love, you can exist beyond time “this far, and in this way”/ IF you are willing to accept that dimension; as is suited to your own truths and trust. If RESPECT does not exist: then reality will abandon you to extinction. As to hate, destruction is destruction UNLESS you have succeeded in stealing a life that would have belonged to  GOD  !  The price for that is eternal terrors; because you stole and destroyed, an eternal life.  Horrifying is too small a word, for you. For the “little haters”, the reality is less;  “simply like, a parasite” every life that cries out against you, will be there threatening to consume you entirely;  until extinction is allowed.

Doubters will always say, “none of that will exist”.  Yet reality proves, “thought can take you nearly ANYWHERE, it is allowed to go”. The destruction of hate, “is a place”.  The reality of mercy, “is a place”. The creation of thought is life  arising;  the destiny of it, cannot be truly conceived, or explained, in terms called time!

As you consider your fate, I remind you very distinctly and with truth:   IF YOU REFUSE TO ALLOW EACH INDIVIDUAL, their own choices. By manipulating truth or hiding reality from their choices:  THEN YOUR OWN FATE AND PUNISHMENT, will equal, their loss.  You stole their life, and destroyed their potential; even if never realized/ even if they become like you:  you WILL, still be found guilty!  YOU, have been told.

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