protected or cult worship


Changed means: that all the tragedies lined up and waiting to be released against life itself, must end. One of the most blatant realities of “Satanism”; is the biological weapon. When released, Armageddon (the body horrified) becomes real. With extreme arrogance, pride, and the desire to play games, fueling leadership around the world: as is consistent with many who graduate from a university (or we would not be so threatened)/ the only question left is when! Contrary to American propaganda, it doesn’t take a missile to launch world catastrophe. It just takes a university degree, to make it worse. World law, going after leaders to obey our laws as we the people of this planet/ instead of nations: is our only choice for life. Once that opportunity has past, our world is dead. The possibility of: the worst diseases humanity has ever known, multiplied in intensity, not killing you; are very small. The possibilities of others releasing their diseases, both government and university; which will kill you, if another does not is extremely large. But hey, after a few thousand nuclear bombs explode (oh yes they can), and release industrial chemical concentrations throughout cities, as an added effect; invading the entire atmosphere of this planet with radiation, poison, disease; while moving these things into the very most remote areas of earth:  aw shucks, “who’s going to know”?  “all hail SATAN (destroyer of a world), as is university knows”/ as media run and government propaganda teaches you to say “our savior”; now ain’t that so/ got to have them; law is for fools? Why searching for peace, fighting for life; as is the work chosen by me, so I am constantly reminded, “is just for fools”. Alas we can’t all be wrong, so say the majority/  so you are right, kill the entire world; now can’t we: for spite! How is that not fair, to every child? Surely eternity can’t be true/ besides religion has an insurance policy, “you gave a dime or two, claimed I don’t have to do nothing; its free/ and some even stick their ass in the air as a tribute”. HOW could that not be enough; for destroying an entire world, by human decision/ university arrogance! Did you not follow, even worshiping these are savior too? Yes you did & you are right same result as weapons of mass destruction as proven by all our threats against survival of anything; congratulations they are your god.  Well, who cares; after all biblical prophecy clearly states “hell begins July 9, 2019”. The great abomination is “trying to bring the same nuclear fire here” as is on the sun: “the starting date, Daniel 12”.

Life is NOT a game; it is our relationship in time, before death changes that reality.

When life is not a game, there are no winners or losers/ only those who inhabit the experience and express the values that human experience of choice creates for them within their own environment of time.

In contrast to that, is the endless human delusion: that life is a game/ and there are winners/ and there are losers: and I want to be a winner, and I want to have more, and I don’t want to deal with anything I don’t want to deal with. Since I am going to die, I have the right to discard or destroy anything I don’t want/ because death is the end of my choice, my freedoms, and my existence.

So, who then is correct?

Let’s review:  we live within a body called time, because we were born into that body, regardless of its human claimed worth; it is a gift, NO human being created. That is absolutely certain. It is equally certain NO accident created a human body or any other form of life:  because the critical realities of existence as any body of life, greatly exceed even our most diligent intent to understand.  GOD CREATED LIFE, and that is an absolute certainty, without room for any other conception:  they are all lies. YOU can’t make a life/ and you know it; which obviously includes “sperm and egg”/ or the means to join them. NOT YOU, just an human action and a reaction in human terms. NOT YOU.

Because of that reality, born in absolute truth without the slightest cause to be wrong:  GOD CREATED LIFE. Our existence here is not a game, but a relationship with life itself, because the body by design is not functionally stable enough to survive without time. Time is the definition of movement, which then causes an action or reaction. once our ability to exert an action or reaction stops, because we cannot move anymore: the body is dead. Which explains in no uncertain terms:  that the body is merely the evidence of motion under control. So the question of importance is:  WHAT controls our body experience or expression?

The experience of time is body, simple and plain. The expression of life is choice, and the freedoms to make that choice and control a body, illuminate a distinction. That our experiences are derived from our choices; these impact our body and environment. That the freedom to express ourselves in uniquely individual ways, is our life. Because the freedom to be whatever time will let us be, or even fantasize what life cannot be; is elemental to the progress of thought within us. Thought is a freedom, and it is within that freedom that we become individualized to experience and express ourselves independently of the others. So, the question is what is thought, and how does it arrive in ways that can be definitively ours?

Thought constructs the spiritual essence of truth, and within that truth the environmental awareness of a value to life begins. Therefrom life is never a game, but a relationship with the experience of what can or cannot be shared/ because we choose to care, about “the living”.

In contrast to that is the human environment, which is a mental measurement of who has more than me. Which leads to the games humanity will play, because the value of life is measured by what you can accumulate for yourself (better than you). The reality of body used or abused for the purposes of a trophy (I am like a god, compared to you). The sex which is an alternate game, for the prize of chemicals (nothing matters but moments). And who has power to control the others, thereby proving I am to be feared (I can kill or enslave, you)!

We return again to choice: as is YOU are capable of entering within either scenario, to experience and express its relationship with your time. The essence of life which is truth creates our ability to love. OR, the judgment of life as a measured relationship with others for the purpose of competing to see who can gain the most trophies; thereby pitting each other against all the rest. As does become hate, throughout its various levels of grief.

The question is WHY, do the vast majority of people want:  nothing more than lies, to govern their life? Answer: the demand for more trophies, before someone else gets them/ is a race. And people don’t have time to consider life itself as a value:  because they are very busy claiming every trophy they can find. Got a wife or husband: now need a child, or big house, or fancy car or whatever it is/ no damn time to appreciate life or relationships, because there are trophies to collect. And in doing that, the competition for those trophies becomes intense; which claims all your time, for anything else. Life is a discard; unless you become sick, injured, or lose the game. Then the only thing that matters, is you!

The critical question for those who try to live within the middle of truth and lies, joining themselves to both; in an effort to “have it all”.  Is, WHY do you want it all:  where there is love, no use for hate exists/ where there is hate, no value for love is allowed? They are opposites, yet the vast majority want both!  As in I want love in my life/ yet I want to hate those, and anything else that does not obey what I want! Which makes want, the primary controller in every human life:   not given to the realities of truth alone shall decide.

We ask of truth:  WHY should you decide, that expression designates a reality of relationship that does exist when constructing the basis for a lifetime of influence. The answer is: because truth is always concerned with both the realities of need in this day, and its future conceptions of what our choice in this day will bring to us as our destiny to come. Therefore truth builds, and the reality of influence that becomes our life with truth, shall be determined for the purposes of love; an acceptance of life without games, translating expression into an experience we value beyond ourselves.

We ask of want, the very same thing. Want replies:  WHATEVER I WANT, is what I deserve/ which makes all of life and living a war zone, with people competing for trophies. Because it ain’t a trophy, if everybody can have one! So the less we can all have for ourselves; makes life a battleground for the trophies only a few shall attain, to call themselves “winner”. Winner means literally:  you made the others a loser/ that is the price! So they become less, in your mind and their own: failed/ depression/ fool/ & so forth. A human price for a human prize; which infiltrates and controls the existence of society. Want is the basis of every lie, because when you can’t win by “fair and deliberate means”/ then people choose deceit, fraud, temptations, thievery, betrayal, hate, violence, and all the things which make life less than valuable. But the middle people modify this with religion, so they can say:  “I will win when I die”/ or I have more religion than you, so I win. Hate competes by claiming the prize:  I can be more violent than you/ therefore FEAR ME.

The critical question is:  WHY, ARE YOU NOT fair to yourself? Why lie to yourself? Why become a cult worshiper to anyone who claims they will make your life a little better/ giving up your freedom to participate in thought; because truth is not allowed in a cult. And the world says, “I ain’t no damn cult worshiper/ that is for fools”! Yet reality proves “the ninety nine percent” are.  The essence of a herd demands it/ no you may not think for yourself, you must do, as all the rest do! And the vast majority say: THAT IS because this works for us, and you have no right to infuse a degrading remark; such as this is a herd! But let’s review:  if there is no freedom to think for yourself/ everyone must be in compliance; therefore endless rules are set into place!  What exactly is that, if not a herd? Answer: for those who are not part of the herd; it is a cult. Which means: you are not free to question the leaders, because you fear reprisal/ or you just can’t defeat them, even if they are wrong; so you surrender to their power! Power means:  failure to comply will result in “things YOU don’t like”. So now we have an excuse:  it’s not really a herd or a cult/ it is cowardice.  The choice:  I must not participate as I would otherwise do, because the cost will be higher than I can or am willing to pay; I want my life, and body:  more.

We then ask:  what is courage, and where does this exist? Answer, simply put:  you must be willing to pay the price for your own choices. Simple as that, even if it is life itself! Those who refuse cannot be courageous/ those who can, accept bravery for what it is: a reality of choice that enables freedom to be realized in me or you. Reality will prove this is not a game. Which is in part why people play games; to avoid cowardice, they divide life into bits and pieces; so they can play “like courage” exists. Even if it does not, in terms of true life.

True life is then what? Answer, with elemental resolve to search for what is true; the courage required does not allow for even the slightest cause for fear. You must trust your CREATOR. You must trust your conception of truth, which is for me;  a relationship governed by the life of JESUS as written of in the bible. His life suggests and elevates the possibility of an eternity; by pointing to GOD , and stating without exception, that  GOD IS STILL HERE. We are not abandoned, and there is an opportunity beyond this time to experience and express a life that is more than simply human. That fundamental anchor, allows for a journey into time and beyond.

Continuing: at a more simple concept

Reality states, instead of university worship, as is the constant in America/ the delusion, that we are being protected, because the university knows everything. This story gives a different view.

In the IL town of Royal; the local elevator chose to build an ethanol plant/ all was good, NO comment other than good was heard from “government”.  I went to the state water survey asking:  how long would the water be sustained in the aquifer they intended to draw from? They answered:  in 3-4 years that aquifer would be dry. The area affected would be roughly 50 square miles. When asked WHY WERE THEY NOT defending the lives that would be affected? Their answer was:  “we are not allowed to do that/ we are only allowed to tell someone if they come and ask:  or our jobs are at stake”.

As is true throughout this earth:  once the water resource is gone/ all life depending upon that resource MUST MOVE; making the area basically a desert. When asked the rate of recharge, the state of IL scientists replied:  here, that rate is fifty inches of rain/ equals one inch of aquifer recharge.

So I ask the question:  are you protected?

Once again the question is:  the current demand is, “to slather your body with sunscreen, every two hours, and do it every day”. That allows for transdermal ingestion/ it presents a toxic cloud to breathe/ if you go in the pool, it presents a toxic soup which gets in your mouth:  and it presents toxic materials to nature all around.

Can’t bother you, “it don’t matter”?  Well, I recently had a gall bladder taken out; “at forty five thousand dollars”. Went from feeling perfect, to knowing I was sick in one day; from using a new gluing product that did in fact get on my hands and stay there for the day. That chemical attacked, and was found affecting the pancreaous and the gall bladder.  “just one day, just one time”. Yes in very fine, basically hidden print the caulking style tube said “wear gloves” and I did not; but I am careful, and usually get little on me. Does not the medicine patch you believe gives you medicine through your skin; not tell you chemicals transfer through the skin? Reality does not always give second chances;  simple as that.

So given the truth that our bodies are complex living chemical structures; that literally build itself, and define every action and reaction by using highly sensitive,  “billion to one” chemical signals.  Do you suppose the media propaganda could be wrong? Are they protecting you from one tragic reality of human consequences; just to give you trouble, from  something else? Do you suppose like so many of the chemicals that cause cancers/ medicines that are great, only to turn out bad later:  and more violations of nature, which then grow into:  this too, might just be a bad idea?  Too late for you, “ah well”/ nobody cares, unless its me.  Don’t worry the cult worshipers are not allowed to question their religion:  “university knows everything”! It’s against the rules.


The media could not tell the public enough:  every male should have a vasectomy some time back. Many did, particularly whites:  it ended many of their marriages/ their happiness.  Because a vasectomy meant:  no more chemicals in sex. Which takes the joy out, and makes it work. Another part:  those who did continued to claim “no problem”/ because they simply did not wish to admit their tragedy. So others did too, and faced the same trauma in their relationships.

The zeal to tell “the university knows” this will be great:  can only be attributed to a cult.

Then we have the Reagan years:  where all the gold in fort Knox was sold:  and not a single report from media about the consequences of that, or  reports that this reality even existed.

Or the reality of so-called fusion:  which means they are trying to ignite a nuclear fire, “to burn atoms, as fuel for their fire” on earth.  Media says, “its all great/ the university is god”.  Not a single word about:  how will you extinguish it?  Answer, “not enough gravity here; so it will just extinguish itself”.  WRONG IS:  OUR EARTH BURNS LIKE THE SUN.

Not a word by media anywhere:  because like a cult everywhere; you cannot question the leaders.



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