searching for life


Searching for life!  A reality few succeed well in.

To search for anything, the foundation which begins the effort is:  to identify, and define,  what it is that you seek!


If we examine our reality, the conclusion is:  the value of a lifetime, will be erased; unless it is true, to the essence of life itself! The essence of life is truth, but its relationship with eternity is love; because nothing less than love is able to survive the conceptual definitions of what it means to be alone. Loneliness is then the single biggest motivator, of a life. Which brings us back to love, and the eternity of a choice that is life or death for us all. Without love we die from loneliness/ but without trust, we lose our way, and find no happiness inside. Therefore It is critical, that those who become “family; we are in this together”; must also be trustworthy with the values of what we care about, and therefrom share. Thought gives us a destiny within which life becomes alive in the passions of what we can or cannot become. Thought lifts the heart, and creates its rhythm; because thought reveals the participant just as much as time reveals an action or reaction from its source.  Value is what we ascend too, as is the construction of a home that is derived from our own essence, as we conceive it to be. Love is a source of energy, the critical miracle that assigns to those alive, the power to rise above ourselves. Death conceals the moment of our separation from time; the passage beyond existence, where love for those who accepted it, as the essence of their own soul; becomes eternal.    GOD   is proven by the miracles of evidence which surround us all/ there is no accident, when reality clearly states: that cannot be true.    GOD   elevates thought into CREATION, and it is our beginning.   GOD   is, a purity beyond comprehension; which does mean, only a tiny few shall ever know what that reality of LIVING TRUTH surely defines. The question of every life is:  will you love truth, and find its passion as life?  The answer: is yours alone. No religion will save you/ no sacrifice/ no element of love or living:  only   GOD  can present mercy! Without mercy, every single one is lost:  because in death, “we literally lose our home”/ and must search for another. What binds thought to life is love, through trust. What binds us to   GOD  is acceptance, through respect:  the value we bring with us, as our own gift in return for this blessing called time.

It is want that tears you apart, or pride. Learn to live without them, and the world is a different place.  So then let us define:

  1. Liar is; I want what I want, and I am the only one important here.
  2. Thief is; I want what you have, because I am better than you; I deserve it more.
  3. Traitor is; I don’t want you, therefore a trap exists.
  4. Cheater is: nothing matters but me.
  5. Terrorist is: “I am your god”/ you must believe this lie is true.
  6. Failure is: my fantasies took over my life.
  7. Fool is: I knew better/ but did it anyway.
  8. Fraud is: hate knows I can
  9. Hate is: you took what I wanted
  10. Love is: the greatest blessing a life can know
  11. Lover is: the essence of my heart, belongs to you and to GOD
  12. Loneliness is: I found my soul leaving, I lost my trust and my heart is now bleeding truth.
  13. Soul is: “I am ALIVE”.
  14. Trust is: I have accepted my truth, and yours.
  15. Heart is: where the rhythm of my soul, finds yours.
  16. Truth is: the essence of life itself, the foundation of every law that presents peace.
  17. Peace is: the value of a life worth living.
  18. Life is: the destiny, purpose, and desire we cherish
  19. Destiny is: everything passion can be.
  20. Journey is: the discipline of an ordered life.
  21. Balance is: the creation of possibilities that exist in truth.
  22. Order is: the ascension of thought into reality.
  23. Thought is: a desire that lives in eternity.
  24. Desire is: purity without a price.
  25. Eternity is: where love meets truth.
  26. Purity is: the passage beyond ourselves.
  27. Price is: reality comes knocking at your door.
  28. Reality is: truth by its consequences.
  29. Spirit is: the elemental heartbeat.
  30. Heaven is: shared passions through honest and true love.

Therefore the question becomes:  WHAT is life to you?  The proper answer is:  everything life can be. While the vast majority have a list “one hundred miles long, of what they want”; and must be rich to attain. The reality of truth, as it coincides with life by value, and the treasury called love:  is a living, that leaves open the door, into your heart. Therefore our definition must then be:  the heart is, our quest, to become the definitions of what we do intend to be! It is not less than that, nor is it more than that.

So we begin by determining what it is, that allows you to accept:  LIFE IS a blessing/ even if, humanity or reality demand a price from you to survive.

Life is a blessing;  because it is your opportunity to experience life, as opposed to “nothing/ like a rock”. We are more than we could ever hope to create for ourselves; and that fact, presents us all with options to decide for ourselves:  what the future for I, should be. This is a statement providing freedom; and freedom is the distance we will travel, before encountering why this should not be so! We then turn to love, as our final “tiny beginning” of what life is “more than you could ever make it be”!

To enter within love, three distinct variables must take place:  it takes another life/ without true  respect for each other, there is no relationship/ the value of our existence shall be shared, because we chose to care.  Within these three things, there is a treasury earned, as the value of my existence.

Therefrom we learn:  that to experience and express a life worth living, we must earn the right/ by providing something of ourselves, which then makes life better for our world, and our own individual future.

We begin with friendship (someone who shares our time, and does not judge us)/ it is the acceptance of value, in a life before us/ or as we are.  Because we so choose, to make that value, come true. Or more simply:  EVERY life has value (other than true hate)/ and with that value, we should cherish our time together “as friends”. Until proven otherwise.

So the question is:  WHY  ARE people NOT valued as friends? Instead of life, why are more considered as enemies, or worthless to me? The answer is:  they did not & they do not “RESPECT ME”! Or, those whose company I keep, did not find them compatible; and I have no strength to be without them:  so I do the same.

That brings us to the gang or clique:  “we are, someone to be taken seriously together”.  Humanity forms endless small, or large groups of people. Just like herds do/ and for the very same reasons:  we believe there is strength and protection in numbers! Until we are so many, that we threaten ourselves. Nonetheless, the purpose of a group (we try to like each other) or a gang (we agree to dislike all of you);  is to remove the other people from our time, and keep them out/ unless they agree with the leaders. Religion pops up here, as groups which use discipline to separate the herd; balance to determine if you can be one of us; and order to define the rules “according to us”. Or more simply:  friendship under the conditions of any group, are determined by the price you are willing to pay.

In contrast to that, are the elements of freedom. True friendship is built upon freedom/ all the rest will fail when put to the test. So why can we not all be free, and friendly? The answer is:  when we make mistakes, that cost us more than we desire to pay/ the result is, people want to find an easy answer, so that reality cannot attack them again. Instead of learning more discipline, accepting the limits and boundaries of true order, or defining what can or cannot be accepted as the basis or foundation of my own personal life. People choose to “take a vote” and let the majority decide what these things should be. That presents the group with a leader, and those who are willing pay the price to belong.

So the essence of time, “to define and decide what your own identity will be” is cast adrift/ for the easy road called “they did this too; can’t blame me”.  All who follow, choose the same fate. All who believe, demand:  it is better than what I could do alone.

Here the advance of loneliness becomes a relationship with the group:  if I have not these/ then am I not completely alone? Which then becomes:  loneliness is very hard to bear; so I will do whatever I can, even if it makes other people LONELY/ just to stay in this group.

We ask:  WHY is loneliness so hard? The answer is:  time has no friend/ it is simply the awareness, that I exist. Existence has no friend/ it is simply the evidence, that I must provide for myself. So the question appears:  IF there is nothing “but me” in a life/ AM I HAPPY?  The answer is no! / Because life, even with freedoms to choose; has an unbearable reality in need of value. That reality is “without someone to share or care, even the living which is grand” cannot for many, if not all; sustain my desire for existence! Simple as that.

Those who do not find friendship, often choose hate; defining their lives by revenge “YOU didn’t choose me”/ even if I chose you!  That can grow into true hate, which leaves all possibility of love behind. Or it can stop, regain strength through someone who did care, or did share; and begin again, to cultivate happiness.  These are elements of existence, by the choices and influences our choices do make.

We then turn to respect, a value created in the heart, which lives or dies dependent upon our acceptance of truth.  Where fantasy rules/ truth dies, because reality makes no difference. A lie that cannot survive long, but people choose it anyway; and follow the leader into “Hell”.  Only truth can survive life, eternity, or its existence; everything else will fail. Consequently reality must serve as our guide:  because without significant knowledge, it is impossible to understand what is true! Respect is true, when you understand the values that you have been given as a life. So the question to you is:  WHAT DO YOU accept as your own truth. Which means:  these are the anchors upon which I will build the future of my soul.

Love, heart, and soul intertwine here, so this is the third development in,  a search for life.

  1. Love lifts you outside yourself, so that the life inside may then become free: “to be everything you believe, with this person; that you can be”. The limits and boundaries of a life, are then greatly expanded;  because of you.
  2. Love demonstrates respect, as a value earned by accepting the truth: I am vulnerable, in your hands.  Just as you are in mine. Therefrom a discipline has been earned.
  3. Love expands existence beyond self, to remove all loneliness/ and discard its fear. Thereby love lives in the balance of what we have shared, because we do care.
  4. Love lives through the existence of heart, the passage between our souls. Order realized, does this.
  5. Love earns the right, to belong where home means; everything I am, lives within your heart. This is the examination of truth. If you fail, so does the other.
  6. Love is the experience expressed “I AM ALIVE”.
  7. HEART is the expression of living, that says, “I am willing to pay the price, for love”.
  8. Soul reaches into the creation of heart through love, to become your journey; searching for its destiny.
  9. Destiny lives or dies dependent upon its truth.
  10. Truth states: without respect, all fail the journey of life into eternity.
  11. Value states: nothing in time, can equal the existence of love. Therefore love, is the certain and sure treasury of our lives. So the quest for life itself:  must find love.
  12. GOD CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE, including you/ as is identified by the reality of our composition and freedoms of life.  IS ALIVE, where-so-ever the human heart lives with respect, for HIS CREATION.  My own life is dedicated to learning/ throughout that time, a degree of loneliness has been apparent and true.  Because the lessons are serious. Because the reality of our time threatens with extinction for all.  Even so, I tell you true:   GOD  exists, and will become “your friend”; even if there are no others.  RESPECT comes first/ truth identifies your purpose/ desire defines your heart, and creates a path.


The search for a life worth living, is a search for truth; because only truth can define or identify a love worth having.

People love, whomever or whatever they choose to “love”: this is the lessened sense of commitment. Or more simply in this reference;  love is given to be “whatever I desire at the moment”. Truth is not like that/ it is, exactly what it is always. Life is not like that/ it is whatever reality accepts as a possibility I am willing to pay for. Which makes both life and living, a choice that we must make for ourselves.

People love, but cannot stay as you wish them to stay. People love, but cannot stand the responsibility so they leave. People love, but must leave because reality proves it must be so. People live in the moment:  but it will NOT create a future. People search within each other, demanding:  make my decisions happy.  That is not freedom, and without freedom there is no grace. People live with each other, because this is convenient, and I am ok with the price. And so on.

People choose sex as a purpose to life/ but they cannot sustain it;  a life of chemicals is not happy. It’s just chemicals!  People choose a vasectomy, but that ends the chemicals; and they will be SORRY for that decision. People make each other a trophy, and get married as a prize:  it is a game/ but life is not a game.  The search for a living, is dependent upon the value you search for. Anything less than love, will not gain you trust. Trust is the most valuable asset of love; without it, your relationship dies. Without respect for your existence/ your life dies.

There is nothing to gain in drugs. Suicide is a failure to do your best. Hate is “an addicts revenge”/ as the addiction is:  to believe “it’s all YOUR fault”.  Not true, you made these decisions.

Politics are, “every little hate group gets a voice/ but only the big groups get a say”. The consequence of that is:  we the outcast, want revenge over someone.

Or more simply:  the distance between your heart and your life, is as far as you are willing to let that be. Those who are true to life, will keep their heart “very close”; so as not to lose their own truths.

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