searching for peace


IT IS, elementally necessary: to understand how change of a society or world can and will affect your own life/ and your own future/ and your own child! While in contrast to that is, the clear and certain knowledge as is proven by the evidence of threat that there literally is no future for any life without change! The  choice for life is change/ the reality of a choice that does not include serious change is extinction. Whether you believe that or not; truth will prove it is your reality/ and when you know by the evidence without thought involved; it will be too late for life on earth. So you must think for yourselves, and let the evidence of what it means to be WRONG; actually will cost.

Nonetheless, we will search just a bit for what change in the relationships of how we do survive will mean!


  1. World law will mean the end of countless military jobs; because that reality is no longer useful. “kill a billion people”/and there are still 7 billion more; plus the fact is that billion killed will still reappear again within ten years. So the constant answer of men throughout all of history which is war;  is useless/ because it WILL be a war of weapons of mass destruction; and our planet will become extinct of all life. The day comes quickly now, because the crush of humanity will soon be too much to bear.  As in “there ain’t enough food or water for both of us/ SO SOMEBODY has to die or move”/ AND there isn’t any place left to move, as a real choice.
  2. World economic relief from the numbers that are counterfeit: means a complete collapse in the economic realities of this world/ because the numbers are all based in lies, theft, cheating, and betrayal. The common reality of exchanging that for truth is: bankruptcy, and a complete restructuring of society. Unless that bankruptcy is controlled by redress of grievances as is first amendment law: civil war will erupt, and catastrophe will follow; “you stole my money/ you stole my life work: I AM ANGRY”. A reality that will not die easily.
  3. Agriculture and all forms of food production for humanity is at the crossroads of HELL. Without true change, it will literally collapse at our feet; as lost forever. Such is the cost of polluting & destroying the waters/ depending upon antibiotics/ evaporating fertilizers/ causing extinction in pollinators/ overfishing/ and a WIDE VARIETY of other costs associated with doing what is being done. Change means, those who control will lose their power/ and those who believe their easy life is the only possible method, will lose, and define themselves as ready for war.
  4. Industry exists to gather resources that feed the factories so they churn out endless garbage and feed the work force by eliminating the future. All of that must be redefined to keep the future itself alive. None of that will be taken kindly; as the invasion of one reality meets the consequences of the other reality. It will not be polite or friendly; because the reality of changing the workforce to accept “NO YOU CAN’T” in a wide variety of ways/ makes people mad.
  5. Timber must be excused for the next thirty plus years; or our atmosphere becomes detached from the planet/ and it will then become inhabitable. The extinction rates MUST be reduced, which means leave these last habitats alone. Is a call for war in all forms of human demand for lumber and more. It won’t be easy, and it does need very careful descriptions of what truly is necessary/ or lost.
  6. Healthcare is a criminal organization which must be disbanded, and the monopoly either incarcerated or destroyed by the clear and certain demands. We have chosen to make all healthcare a public utility governed under that framework to eliminate the tragic reality of what this industry did choose to do. No more private enterprise; but with deliberate work incentives as is appropriate and fair. WE DECIDE the pay scale/ we choose it all. Those in control will surrender or find themselves in prison for longer than they can imagine; as is consistent with organized crime.
  7. The education industry is a tragic reminder of what happens when fools are in charge, and it will be completely revitalized from the ground up; so to speak.
  8. The banking industry is a garbage dump. Bankruptcy as a nation destroys the current reality, and a new method will rise. The stock market and all things associated as such which includes the gambling industry will be constitutional law: become extinct.
  9. Welfare is over; the right to a job with realistic expectations as is consistent with limited capitalism takes control.
  10. The chemical industry will be limited to what is absolutely necessary/ and anything dangerous will be restricted to “out in the middle of nowhere”; with trains to ferry workers.
  11. The energy industry will discard ethanol. Will change in its every consideration as the need for controlling global warming, and other environmental concerns; removes their right.
  12. Or more distinctly, instead of “university knows” this is the easy way! Reality must decide what is literal and necessary respect for our environment, our lives, our children, and our world. So that life may survive: EVERYTHING MUST SUBMIT, to what is fair and legitimate for LIFE ON THIS EARTH comes first DECIDES! And that does NOT mean an individual life takes precedence over the risk or reality of the majority.



  1. THAT AN ENDLESS amount of work is required to rebuild what has been torn down; such as forests, oceans, rivers, etcetera.
  2. AN ENDLESS amount of work must be done to resurrect and build the new methods of recycling/ reusing/ rebuilding/ and more.
  3. An endless amount of work must exist to insulate and conserve resources and energy so as to protect life on earth.
  4. An endless amount of work must exist to redesign agriculture and the rural communities so that we can have sustainable agriculture in all its facets, and protect all life as best we can.
  5. An ENDLESS amount of work must be done to clean the oceans, rivers, and the rest.
  6. A vast amount of work must be done to remove the catastrophe and repair the damage done by the “fishing industry as chosen”. Respect these living creatures, and protect their world.
  7. AN ENDLESS amount of work is required to rebuild, remodel, resize, and constitutionally establish a NEW DEMOCRACY that is built on the ideals of what did cause this America to be a union for hope.
  8. ETCETERA/ ETCETERA/ ETCETERA…..If you have what you need “for a living” with realistic happiness/ then you have no cause for complaint. THAT is  accomplished through the basic truths called family, to rebuild what family does mean:  requires your lifetime.

    If the price is too high/ then just go ahead and die:  it won’t be long!  Mutilating nature/ destroying the water supplies/ igniting a nuclear fire (atoms burning as fuel), and so on.  Biblical prophecy gives you until July 9, 2019 before hell begins. But then why believe in the bible, right?  The countdown of days is in Daniel 12. The great abomination which begins that journey is:  men creating machines for the deliberate purpose of “bringing the same fire here” as is on the sun!  if you still don’t think that is a threat; go back outside, and feel the heat from 91+ MILLION MILES AWAY.  Stop being a cult, and ask the question: WHAT if they are WRONG!

Peace is the relationship we grow, with the three fundamentals of society:  environmental stability, justice through equity and equality shared, freedoms disciplined by truth through law.

Peace is the relationship we build, with the three functional elements of life:  the right to be happy/ the critical truth which keeps all life, alive/ the essence of hope, which is a participation provided by respect for what has value to the living.

Peace is, the elemental rise of discipline, as the order given to life, balances our purpose and desire to create our own version of home.

In these three examples of expression and experience, the values that create a foundation upon which society can serve itself, become evident as truth.

  1. Nothing is for free, to achieve a life worth living you must choose properly, and therefrom become whatever truth will allow for you.
  2. Without the realities of nature and planet as they “have always been”/ which means: NO INTERFERENCE BY MEN. Or more specifically the university curse, and death march; must be removed.
  3. Justice is a description earned by society in their courts, and through their laws. Which does mean: society itself must “judge the judge, and the courtroom” for equity and equal treatment under the laws “we the people” create for ourselves. No more hiring politicians to do that for us. WE MUST make the laws, not more than one hundred; so we can all learn them, and therefrom protect ourselves from corruption.
  4. The freedom to choose is elemental to the existence of an individual life, without it, we are proportionally “dead”. Therefore the protection of freedoms, is absolutely necessary. We will decide “the bill or rights for a citizen enforced”/ the bill of rights for policing/ the bill of rights for military; and all that is necessary to assure and sustain, our own individual freedoms (so long as the threat is small to the rest), shall in fact survive and prosper.
  5. Happiness forms the foundation of every society. Which means EVERYTHING that aids and abets the composition of happiness in people of every age and kind, SHALL be granted what they need. That search for the essence of harmony, begins and ends with the educational realities of what we can and cannot do. It has nothing to do with “university knows”/ and EVERYTHING to do with, this does create a value for us all, both individually and as a world. Even if it builds for the future, instead of ourselves.
  6. Without truth there is nothing for life to survive, and the living fails! That means: the curse of fantasy and delusion as is so rampant within the “university knows religion (we believe everything)” shall be dissolved and destroyed from every form of government or choice. They will be controlled fully and without question or choice: we the people shall decide the future from this moment on/ we shall decide and prove what the universities shall NOT do. The punishment for failure to accept our rule; begins with torture.
  7. Respect is elemental to everything and everyone living; except hate. Hate is a destroyer without mercy for the rest. It is to be separated out from the rest, and abandoned to its own version of living; where they shall not come back to the rest. To be removed, is forever: so be wise enough, to know what you choose, or face their truth as well.
  8. The rise of discipline observes reality as our choice revealed: one specific aspect of that choice, as is true of this day becomes: WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL, there is no future for any life on earth. That enlarges to, WITHOUT WORLD LAW, to remove all weapons of mass destruction, and control all militaries; there is no future for any life on earth. That conceives of: we share this distinct world of miracles only by truth, and the substance of a shared earth because we cared enough, NOT TO DESTROY IT. A reality under university leadership of government and courts,  that does not exist today. The corruption/ insurgency against life and nation and world, that isn’t a “university war machine”: must end.  Simple as that, we throw them completely out; and return to what has value instead of delusions in arrogance, and failure in fantasy as is “the university elite”.
  9. To serve ourselves with a life that has value, demands that only truth itself can decide what our reality will forever be from this moment forward. Not the university claimed truth of whatever theory serves themselves best. But the reality of life as depicted by nature knows best, as experience and expression serves us all with happiness, by the elemental grace of peace.

Searching for peace;  what is the essence, “of a human being without, judging by sight or sound”?Consistent with truth is:  that as we stand together without the knowledge of race, voice, intellect, or even gender/ the only understanding is:  we are each one, alive.  Within that life are its individual choices: there are only three, “love/ hate/ or simply survival”. But these three are “flavored with”; the essence of fear, the reality of lies, the consequences of love or hate, and the deliberate decisions called want.

So what is the truth of man (no other description)?  Answer:  “no one helps me, or respects me, (most would just let me die) so I won’t help, or share, or care, or respect them”. The consequence of that grows, to include:  I can steal/ I can kill/ I can rape/ and I can manipulate. Therefore the quest to get all I can/ to become more than the rest:  can be as easy as “taking whatever I want”.  By the use of force, I am what I am! By domination I create peace, by destroying their lives.

We then ask, what is the truth of women (without other descriptions)?  While this is less distinct for me; the reality nonetheless exists as:  I want what I want, and don’t abuse, use, or make me fear, because that is not what I want. I WANT, everything I can get; as soon as possible. And I want men to get it for me, by their force of nature. While that remains true:  the constant, which is by the law I can be forceful, remains the value of woman in society. I can find peace, in the law that works for me.

When we add in “the colors” of an entire human existence, with all definitions added; instead of broad examples of reality/ we get individual contributions. Both in male and female to dissolve what is constant, by demanding what is truthful to life, rather than self.

We examine the current Malay (what does race have to do with this) in America; which is just an extension of history, by the leadership of men. To remind the foolish:  while slavery was very bad in and of itself. It does not compare to the genocide of all INDIAN NATIONS, as were here before:  “proving immigration does matter”. Only the dead brain of a university diploma, would not know that.

Nonetheless, as to race;  “its just a color/ until you add in hate”. So why hate? The answer as is constant to race is  “that by intermixing with our individual characteristics, in sex:  you change us”. Or more distinctly we are not “as we are” anymore.  Consequently this is considered a threat, to all who find themselves with a life they cherish. The reality faces both sides, and it is not black or white:  it is species distinction. Or more simply “you recognize differences in animals, plants, etc:  so why do you not recognize and admire differences in people; which illuminate specific characteristics, as slightly different than these others? Just like all other creatures bearing similar trademarks.  Racism is then a fear of change, that is consistent with “herd instinct”. Herd instinct is:  IF WE ARE NOT all the same/ THEN when we get into trouble with predators, many of us will die, because we are not unified in our response, “and trip over each other”. Racism is:  changing our identity in ways we can never truly erase/ which for some will always be considered a treason: until they see a benefit. Etcetera!

Prejudice is:  the constant, “I am the same as you are/ therefore you must choose me first”. Prejudice arises when:  how dare, you choose these others before me/ when I am like you, and they are not.  RESPECT your herd. But if the herd is not fighting for you/ then individuals unable to confront their own identity:  choose to hate those who can be identified as different. Without an enemy you can defeat in some sense/ you CAN’T do anything. So creating an enemy is fundamental, to acting out aggression/ or taking revenge.

Bigotry is:  the fundamental purpose of taking advantage of a specific trait so as to identify some minor group/ to keep them from sharing more than you want them to share. It is entirely money, pride, and power driven. It is a deliberate intent to get more for me/ by reducing others to a level by whatever means necessary:  so they cannot compete with me. Because I WANT MORE!

As to confederate symbols/ are they not essentially the same as Holocaust symbols:  some want to forget/ while others say, “if we forget, will not this same thing come back to haunt us once again?” The reality however is different: because symbols mean nothing to the reality of want in men and women. It is the want which drives forward whatever hate can do.  Because what you want, determines every decision you will make:  until you remove that want from your individual life, and accept only truth can bring you peace, happiness, harmony, and a future that is valuable to all.

You won’t find peace in politics. Those are the games people play called “a silent war”/ where the words are the weapons, and each group still tries to take whatever they want from the other side. Only the law brings peace:  when we the people agree to unite in a true effort to be as free, as we can possibly be.  No one gets to be free, until you remove want/ because want never ends, and it will make you a slave.  Want is a liar, and lies always become an enemy. Thereby humanity fails to escape itself, over and over and over again; throughout all of history. Every lie becomes a battleground.  Every truth leads to a better life.

We live the life our elders created for us, until about 30 years old. We must find a way to survive “this”. After that we are creating the future for ourselves, and your children;  by every decision that we make. Which means simply:  we are the architects of the society we build. Without justice there will be anarchy and corruption. Without fair play, there will be riots and realities of threat.

Choosing to share what has value. Choosing to respect each other. Choosing to care about life and society:  are all forms of building peace.

What is constant in most media:  which is “the gun is the answer/ disrespect is fun/ plotting, planning, and deceit are for “winners”/ sex is a tool to be used or abused/ the university is god/ mutilate anything you life/ gamble with the entire planet, because it don’t matter/ judge them all, doesn’t matter why (they don’t know the dictionary):  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. Is merely a tool for destruction of life and planet.  Yet is that not America today? The destruction is constant, and the reality is severe;  yet the bribes from counterfeiting money keep you tied to your corpse. Until the maggots come.

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