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Happiness is: the elemental acceptance of life itself, as the blessing of an existence which allows you, to be you.    HAPPINESS is directly tied to hope, without hope there is no happiness. Without a destiny, or at least a journey, formed from desire, there is no hope. Therefore we search for the elemental trust and truth about what will make us happy/ thereby giving direction to desire, and its purpose as is to become happy. We begin with the essence of trust, which is to assert and accept: there is truth, within which I can cherish the value called life.  “I/ we, then assert”, my truth at its core is the value given to my heart, the essence provided by my soul: to understand the miracle of living is beyond self! There is only loneliness in self, therefrom my purpose and its desire becomes the knowledge sought in life! The critical participation is then a desire to share and care about life as the meaning given to my existence. In this hope, the shared expression and experience of living with life beyond self, the value of a desire is: to become the miracle itself, as is a living creation bound by thought, into a world of my own distinction. The individual description that presents hope, as my own gift to  GOD  our CREATOR. Destiny then becomes a home with GOD. While the acceptance of happiness itself, identifies the creation in me, of a journey into eternity shared; because as family “we cared”.  As   GOD  living within us, we shared!

Happiness is: the critical truth, we are all equals, regardless of talent or possession/ because nothing is more individually valuable than the recognition of life, the integrity of body and mind, the dignity of “my own chance” to make decisions that are valuable to me, and the intensity of whatever I decide “death will become”. Because within those realities of my, and our existence, is the truth LIFE is a gift, and body is a miracle! The mind measures for us, because we need that to survive time. That is not thought, but a relationship with body, therefrom time. Thought constructs a relationship with life itself, the very essence of what gives each one freedoms to choose. Within that construction are the keys to happiness itself.

The key to happiness is: VALUE ACCEPTED.  Because when we know just how much we do have/ when we appreciate just how much we were individually given, so that we could participate as life. Then we can accept the value of that gift, as more than we could ever have created for ourselves. Within that understanding is a choice: to conceive of love, as a respect for all that was given to you for free. OR, to hate, because of all that you now want, that was not given to you; and the decision “not fair to me/ I should have had more”! value constructs love/ hate demolishes respect, to prove violence.

Happiness means:  I will choose to look only inside, so that I measure, and therefrom judge no one else. Because when “I, am I”, the value of my life rises accordingly; as proof, I am alive! To be alive means, the very essence of my being is risen from the graveyard of time; to become the expression heart, and the experience called soul. These give to life a purity which then elevates the definitions of every life into a destiny of choice. It is those choices that determine what our future, as well as our time shall become, when love is chosen. Hate has no happiness, therefore it chooses power, ridicule, and the rest of what causes your own descent to occur.

Happiness is the removal of want, because want is always pushing to obtain what you do not have/ therefore you cannot be happy with what you do have. To want is to pursue an unending abyss; because there is always something more to want. Even when people achieve their want, they immediately pursue the next trophy, no matter what they have obtained, or will surrender to get that next trophy. It is a life, measured by constant judgment of yourself; and everyone else. It is a lifetime, of failing to construct the foundations which build a future. Possessions & trophies are not a future resource.  A future resource is, the distinctions which become both heart and soul; achieved through respect. Truth survives not only your time, but the essence of what can become an eternity. Therefore truth is at its core, a foundation of truth for life itself.

Happiness is the elevation of truth, to participate not only as your life, but your choice for a future to be lived with life. While this may sound strange, it is not. truth builds life, time, everything through thought; as truth is identified by the laws which it creates. Those laws which are irrefutable definitions of conception, control the universe, and cannot be refused. Therefore if you accept the law of life, then you participate as an individual capable of eternity. If you refuse that law, then you choose hate; because hate is the key to what brings death.

We participate with life, as the creation of an individual choice, granted the freedom to experience time. To create an identity we must individually search for truth, and accept the boundaries and limits that discipline, order, and balance will provide through respect for consequences, called failure. That ultimately means: we are fundamentally;  three individual parts living with the body called life.  Life itself is an energy that can be individualized, and thereby controlled with time. To be individualized, thought must enter in as our own participation with freedom. That freedom is realized and recognized by what we instruct our bodies to do in our time on earth. Thereby we directly participate and chose: either the destiny love within us would create/ or the fate that surrendering time to hate will destroy. Death takes away the body, regardless of what your religion promises; it will be destroyed/ because it cannot be eternal. LIFE itself belongs to GOD who gave that gift to you, for your experience and choices to be built in time with your own freedom. The evidence of whether you belong to eternity or not. While the freedom to experience and express life on your own terms in this chaotic relationship with human existence, is the essence of your own individuality. The choices you did make.  Some argue “even if there is a judgment day/ GOD cannot know what I have hidden! Alas, whether GOD does or does not know/ YOU DO; therefore every explanation and event is certain

Happiness is, the individual acceptance of mercy will decide my destiny/ because I cannot be perfect. Nor can anyone else; therefore same! We are not allowed to judge, and even if we were; what is judged good or bad for someone else, has no bearing at all on me or you. If you judge anyway: then understand clearly and with certainty, what you have done is curse yourself first/ and then prepared to curse someone else: by declaring they are less, which functionally gives you the right to pretend you are god! A tragedy or failure coming.  We are individually chosen or rejected based upon our own decisions/ repentance/ respect/ and realities of love. Simple as that. So define yourself/ choose to be friends with yourself/ accept the truth when it is proven to you that change is needed/ understand the blessing of life is a choice; but so is its curse (because you chose)/ realize, each day we participate in love or hate because of the people who surround us. Survival is survival for time, nothing more or less; be patient and kind, life can be hard.

Happiness is,  the distinction “I will not want/ rather I will let truth decide, what is in the best interest of life for us all, including me”. Given that foundation, the boundary is “whatever I can do to help achieve justice and hope”. The limits are, “whatever I can do to teach friendship, love, respect, discipline, order, happiness, balance, courage, participation with honor, honesty within each one, responsibility to love, and the dignity to share and care about life, the living, the environment, the future, and each other as one life given to GOD. In both thanks and worship of the gift granted as my own existence/ the individual freedom to be “me, just like;  you choose your identity, as well”.

Happiness creates a home through love, by the essence of heart shared in terms of a caring responsibility to each other. Happiness does not judge “the modeling clay of time; as is body”/ but the heart shared, as a decision in discipline to be what GOD would have us to be. No greater example of what that truth is:  than JESUS as written of in the bible. His life was given to love, respect, teaching, honor, helping, courage, discipline, understanding, balance, order, and all things with VALUE to life. HIS SACRIFICE at being killed was to teach, even at the cost of life itself; there are better things awaiting than to accept hate. Hate has no value; and that changed this world over time very significantly. The curse of this world is, that hate will remain; until death takes it away. NOT because it is GOD’S  choice for us/ but because it is your own choice as humanity on earth, by the freedom you were given to choose for yourselves.

Happiness lives through soul, into the eternity of spirit; a reality governed simply by truth! Within that truth are the variables and definitions of destiny, that will become our eternal home. Soul is our relationship with GOD our CREATOR.  It is not more or less/ therefore if you have not; you are not, unless you stole, or destroyed a life that belonged to GOD!  Spirit is “life within the laws which govern this specific discipline in order”. It is not governed by balance/ but by truth. To “live balanced”, requires that you achieve the understanding and acceptance of law and its limits; to participate outside the dimension that is your boundary. This is a development which first begins by your own choice in “doors”. What you desire most, becomes the value you search for; even if it is not what your own life would desire for eternity. What you desire most first, will determine the path you take/ therefore the door that you will encounter. An example is me:  I desired a chance for humanity to survive this time on earth; a reality of threat made by “university knows, and its cult followers”. Finding no possibility for survival of this earth or its life in men; I chose to search for the spiritual essence of women, “just to ask a question, WHAT would you do”? Understanding women, has become a journey all on its own; that I had not anticipated; its complicated. So beware, and try not to be desperate. Some are certain to say:  GOD will or would take care of all life on earth and NEVER let anything bad happen! But that is not so, as history proves time and again. Our freedom was a demand, and we must live within the choices we do make. EVERY THREAT, but one, is entirely man-made. Which means we have an inherited responsibility to FIX AND CHANGE OURSELVES/ because we the people are the problem. That fact means:  we are responsible for changing what or who we are/ into the realities that can survive. We are the destroyers of this earth. Which means we must stop or we cause our death as a world, and take the future with us; simple as that. Every true threat proves this is so.

And all the people say:  WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and we know we DON’T WANT nothing, but what we WANT. Alas, reality doesn’t care what you want:  reality exists or dies because of what is true. Every want, is the foundation of a lie. Because if you don’t want something/ or you do want something: only then will you lie, even to yourself! That makes want, “the liar” inside; and it will circle through your brain (coming back again and again in different ways) until you stop wanting, or not wanting whatever it is that makes you conceive of hate.

Searching for happiness;  a reality that does not come with sex, trophies, winner, marriage, religion, or any other consequence of life/ that is not functionally related to your own individual freedom. While each of the categories above does represent a freedom to express or experience life as you desire it to be. The reality of happiness must be defined as:  I know, “inside where no other is allowed to go”/ that I am alive, in the grace and truth, that is a true miracle;  in a world of creation without the slightest doubt, that this is so. Given that truth, there is an appreciation for my life that is honest. There is an acceptance of my world as provided by “our CREATOR”. And there is a spiritual revelation, that with mercy I can in fact expand beyond the limits where time will end, to become eternal. Therefore death is only a partitioning of the body, and I will remain:  surrounded by peace.

These are the developments of a life that is true to the existence of miracles. With absolute certainty, nothing less than a   CREATOR  with endless abilities presented by thought (as we know it)  could have provided this world, or its life.  Love is evident:  with caring for our “everything” and sharing of life itself, we exist.  These facts prove we, through our own respect for these truths: or just plain I, when you will not;  am loved.  JESUS of the bible is evidence of that love, and the ultimate purpose of life throughout humanity; given to be “love established for you”/  as well.

Therefrom true happiness revolves around the fact, that we are born as miracles, in a world of miracles, and owe our future to respect through love.

The unfortunate reality of a university education is:  their declared intent has proven to be to remove all respect for life, destroy the future with their games, mutilate life, burn the planet itself,  insert a traitors game; called evolution/ and more. Just to build the threats which will make us all extinct, as they clearly have already done. In other words:  the actions of your gods in university knows;  have been the cradle of your unhappiness/ the tragedy growing in your souls. Because they can, when you listen, refuse to question,  and fundamentally worship them.

So the true question of happiness is:  will you continue to degrade yourselves with “university knows everything”; and die as a world.

OR, will humanity itself go back to truth, trust in GOD, respect for life, discipline for the environment, love for each other, acceptance of order, balance as time allows, and all that matters to make our existence here happiness for all. This requires a decision because you have already fell into the abyss of a university playing god.

The evidence is simple:  we have endless threats, which are all entirely capable of making our world extinct of life, or even the planet itself. presents many. But not nearly all.  Which means without definite and distinct change among all of humanity:  none will survive, not even our world.  Your leaders “want what they want/ and they don’t want what they don’t want:  as does nearly all of humanity. But every piece of evidence by its own truth subjects you and this world to extermination without change.  So lies exist to kill you/ and the only way out is by accepting and proving what is true:  and what are the consequences for being wrong.  This is the beginning step:  to a new world.

Happiness will continue to fade; as humanity itself begins to accept:  WE ARE TRAPPED, and cannot return to where we were as life on earth/ THEY WILL ALL GO INSANE. As some already are! Because you cannot continue to live a lie/ reality will not allow it:  all lies come to an ending.


Even so:  let us return to happiness as if it could survive, and return to your lives as truth.  Here in this situation, as described above:  RESPECTING   GOD   / trusting in truth through love, developing friendships that do not abuse  or use, honesty through disciplines, values through order, caring through sharing, and balancing what we can do, with the truth of what we cannot do:  because that is just how it is.

If we return to those things with life appreciated:  because it is more than a wonderful gift/  it is an eternal gift, if you accept the terms required of you. To be true, to be alive, to be respectful, to be loving because you do care and the life inside searches to share, to be kind to life/ forgiving, of those who repent/ and merciful when truth allows it.  Presents our existence with justice, harmony, peace, and the elegant essence of love found, inside the soul.

Of the categories above, when you find inside yourself, truth and the values of heart:  there is happiness of another sort.  Sex becomes a shared experience of soul, which can go inside each other to find and trust what is true for you and me as one. The trophy that matters is then:  someone true and trusted by you/ as is the same for me. To win honestly means:  “I am ALIVE”, and I know that is true, without any exception. It is the grace of a life proven true;  beyond the richest simple experience of man or woman, in time. They know not what that means.  Marriage offers the disciplines of a relationship that can be trusted when its real:  never again is it necessary to be alone/ until death.

Religion is a separated issue:  a reality of discipline, that presents us with order, and a form of balance. These allow for individual freedoms to be recognized, in a way that will not take you into places you should not go:  NOT everything you can do/ will make you happy.  Knowing the difference is a valuable resource. But alas religion is also a platform for those who become righteous:  as in now I know everything I need to know/ AND I CANNOT BE WRONG.  Because my interpretation of religion, is what I BELIEVE.  Which makes religion a want, rather than a truth.  Every want is the foundation of every lie;  the righteous are first to lead. Truth rarely knows them.

Accept the evidence of your world, your body, and every life around you:  as MORE than just an accident as the dead and damned insist.  No evidence exists at all of their claims;  but you accept the disease anyway, just because you want to believe, and they do provide a few trinkets and toys to play with. Endless propaganda of media to soothe your fears away.  But reality proves:  it is a death grip/  by those, deliberately trying to destroy life on this planet.  So says the evidence; prove it is not so! Truth knows, reality provides the evidence: it is true.

Happiness is formed by what you bring inside of you, to share your life, and the existence of your purpose, by the consequences of your desire.  If you find lies/ you lose your connection to life, and swallow anything, on you’re way to death. Freedom on the other hand, can be a brutal guide; to the realities disrespect/ disorder/ imbalance/ and failed lives can produce.  Or, it can lead you beyond the realm of all things time, where existence is an entirely different, yet similar experience.

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