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Searching for YOU:  the foundation of humanity, within us all/ unless hate owns your soul.


After a forty plus years of working to establish a reality with life/ rather than the fantasies of a “university knows everything cult”. The following is true:  you hide from the truth, when it is not what you want to hear. You run away from change, because it requires more than just a voice chanting “we are great”. You believe what you are told, because that allows you to accept being in a herd; where you feel more safe. You want more for yourself, regardless of the consequences to other life/ and that fact, causes those who do better than just want to fail with you; as they are being cast adrift. When confronted with reality, and there is no way to hide or run away from it:  you find an enemy you can defeat/ even though that has nothing to do with the true cause of why you are threatened. When change is demanded, as in we cannot let those be wrong:  men war or fail.  Women draw back and complain:  “It’s a man’s world/ LET THEM FIX IT”!  Even though they cannot, because war is not enough:  this requires LAW to take control, by justified truth. People want more/ so they discard truth; “it gets in the way of lies”. Liars succeed by presenting bribes. Thieves succeed by demanding:  “they owe us”. Traitors succeed, by corrupting the process; and thereby I hold “threats against you too”. Terrorists succeed by demanding a religious zeal.  The American terrorist believes in the religion called university:  and is the greatest threat of all.

So, given that reality of destitution as developed through university leadership across this nation. That reality of nobility (we the universities are superior) that swept the nation into its current sewer of catastrophe coming.  “think not? ask yourself WHY are they all worth:  a million dollars more”/ just for a degree! It’s called nobility, as in we own everything/ you are our slave.

Nonetheless, the critical truth is:  we are literally surrounded by threats so massive and so destructive:  IF our world survives/ IF our nature survives/ IF human life on earth can be sustained. Then it will most likely be because of our   CREATOR.   Not a religious statement:  A REALITY OF CATASTROPHE that our world now faces.  It’s called the price of “university plays god”!

Whether we find that mercy or not; depends upon you’re changing.  Because nearly every threat we face is entirely MAN MADE;  as in we are the problem that threatens ourselves, and our world. It’s called freedom, and the fundamental most involved is:  our leaders have been like children, or more specifically teenagers.  Who found freedom, and a desire to use their bodies anyway they want:  HAS A PRICE, greater than what they expected.

We are at a crossroads for life on this planet:  IF YOU continue to fail life on earth. IF YOU continue to discard the planet, its resources, and its future. IF YOU continue assassinating your children with the catastrophes you are creating/ by your own decisions.  THEN NOTHING CAN OR WILL stop our descent into HELL on earth.  Hell literally means:  you will get what you chose, as the consequences of it that you do deserve.  Among those costs are:  igniting the planet itself on fire/ because you wouldn’t even  question your gods at the university. Nature itself descending into absolute chaos as disciplines, balance, and order have been defeated ( so you get an arm growing out of your ass, fifteen feet long, perhaps a snake growing out of your ear, and so on) because that is what the universities chose to do. You starve, because that is what was planned for. The water is  poisoned, and the air is filled with tears that never dry up.  Just to name a few of the tragedies playing with life (letting the university demand it can be god) can and will do.

We can change our world:  but not without thinking!  In other words, you must find inside yourself:  the desire to understand TRUTH AND RESPECT FOR LIFE, ALL LIFE;  COMES FIRST ON THIS PLANET.  THOUGHT recognizes this is more than a game; it is literally our truth as of this day. This is, our new reality; and there is no place for human want or lies, etc;  anymore.  Because whether you like it or not:  our planet is inundated with humanity, as is 8 billion people, and growing by more than a billion more mouths to feed,  per decade. None can doubt that is not starvation ahead, thought will understand the rest.

By law, we the people rule nations and our world, and our future.  Therefore the making of laws is our answer:  to accepting the price we must pay to save this world is, REALITY BY ITS TRUTH OF THE EVIDENCE, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG, shall decide. What we can or cannot continue to do! Not a game, we are too many people for any other way. Which means we are also too many people to let every nation simply do whatever they want to do.  That requires world law to be implemented; so that we can survive as a planet.

The first law is:  NO EXPERIMENTATION that puts either the life, world, or future of this planet at risk.  WRONG IS NOT AN OPTION anymore.

The second law is:  NO MORE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION/ let the law that governs leaders keep world peace. NOT the military.

The third law is: WANT shall NOT decide the future.  Reality by the evidence of what is or is not true, determines the choices we may make.

The fourth law is:  RESPECT THIS WORLD, ITS LIFE, AND ITS CREATOR.  That is not a religious statement/ it is a statement of fact.  Our ENTIRE world is threatened, BECAUSE the university leadership led you into the abyss, where fantasies and failure rule.

The fifth law is:  FREEDOM is a need, because without it there can be no happiness. Which then becomes no peace. The reality of liberty, to establish limits and boundaries:  as is necessary for society to survive; is up to each nation by vote.

The sixth law is:  without JUSTICE, no foundation for the future can survive. We must have FAIR PLAY, and that means access to the courts without cost:  for all realities that fight for a better world, defending life, and removing the maximum amount of power from leaders. So as to give us all that freedom to move and choose within ourselves:  as RESPECT allows.

The seventh law is:  UNLESS there is love between male and female/ there will be wars. The educational reality of producing a foundation of trust in life and in relationships is of primary importance to our survival as a world. As is population control! Reality proves WE CANNOT continue anything like the resource consumption of “the university way”.  Which means:  you can’t even consider trying to buy your happiness anymore/ because we are JUST TOO MANY PEOPLE.  Which leaves honesty, truth, trust, respect, kindness, friendship, disciplines, order, balance, fair play, justice, and all the things which makes life HAPPY.  Instead of the competition called GREED.

THESE ARE CHOICES, ONLY THOUGHT CAN MAKE FOR YOU.  Find your soul/ or lose your world.

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Jim Osterbur

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