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Although trial initiates on a tiny tax matter/ the reality of trial 2018 TR  5950; set for September 11, 9:00 courtroom L is: that twelve jurors from Champaign county ILLINOIS, are going to decide if WE THE PEOPLE, want to govern ourselves over specific directions/ decisions/ threats/ and other employee chosen realities we deem to be unacceptable to our state or nation or world. True democracy is found under the law called “first amendment US constitutional law”; as is redress of grievances. Which grants us individually, the right to call society together through the courtroom: to legally investigate the decisions and the consequences of those who do the business of governing for us. As owners of this state and this nation! A legal right, not a political one. The difference is: that by determining if the law is in our own best interest through our vote. We will then decide if that law remains/ will be changed by ourselves/ or will be thrown out and replaced as we desire it to be!

Those twelve jurors, shall choose:  if they will call this people to a vote/ in order to investigate the specific threats, identify the critical consequences of being wrong:  that have been filed as the distinct “democratic authority, under law” purpose of this case.

If they say no, your option to rule yourselves by law, and make this government your own: evaporates.  If they say yes, according to whether the vote is unanimous or not: the public shall in fact determine by their own vote. If they will accept the responsibility to judge and decide what should or should not be allowed by those who do the business of governing for us. They will decide as a state or nation:  if our employees, have kept their sworn oath to put the purposes of our constitutional democracy as intended/ OR NOT.

BY TAKING CONTROL OVER THE LAW, “which rules over EVERYONE”;  we rule ourselves, by the liberty to determine through a vote under constitutional restraints. What we will or will not allow for our state or nation/ our world or human threats:  to become! As best we can. Because the law itself, does govern the state or nation, and does by our own enforcement of democratic authority through law; decide what our future shall be. As is the purpose of constitutional redress:  to establish the future, as we the people who will now oversee our government. What we choose: will then become, what we will endure, die from, or be grateful for. As is our duty and responsibility to ourselves, your children, and our nation or state or world of life.

To help insure that their response is consistent with your desire as a people. It would be wise of you to communicate “to whoever” becomes this juror; or whoever it will be of the public that carries a decision to investigate as a true democracy.  What it is, that seems “a legally responsible, decision” to you. Be fair! Your turn will come, if the twelve jurors allow that to be so. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote, each citizen: on the law, that will then govern our lives! Turning back threats, making decisions for our future, or whatever it is that true democracy aligns with law. for more.

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Jim Osterbur

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