There is one element of our reality that has not been significantly discussed. The consequence of your universities “fucking you, shitting on you, and then making you their slaves” is:  that they created a situation, which refuses to die/ UNLESS, you accept their price. Which is: the world dies with them.

In contrast to that is the truth: that only the money has to die, in order to correct that portion of what is wrong. And every elderly person, and nearly all the rest; as did occur in 2008 SHOUTS:   LIE. Don’t make us pay. Those are the provable facts. Instead of continuing on however, the crisis of our reality is:  UNLESS WE STOP THE INSANITY, “our entire world will die. In which case the money has no value at all/ not even if you have lots.

Nothing is more clearly demonstrating of that fact than those who are trying to ignite atoms on fire:  once ignition occurs, if they are wrong (which they clearly are)/ our world becomes another sun. Nonetheless reality states, IF YOU WON’T STOP BEING INSANE (nothing matters but what I want/ or I don’t want)/ then perhaps that is as good an ending for life on earth as any other. Because they are all HORRIFIC, and predictable!

The young will determine life or death for our world/ because the old WILL SCREAM:  “you can’t have my money; let me die first”. Not even if it means all life is lost; because that is exactly what the vast majority chose. As is proven by the facts of this day.

I NEVER ASKED YOU TO BELIEVE ANYTHING:  I ASK YOU TO INVESTIGATE THE FACTS, AND DETERMINE THE TRUTH AND ITS CONSEQUENCES either way; before making any decision. IF, you are willing to gamble the point of no return won’t pass before you get there. A moratorium will help, but it is no guarantee.

So, since money is the great crutch of humanity; the place where the “devil inside” keeps you chained. The real question is: what does it take, to remove this chain and save our planet along with its life?

The answer is:  as reality proves, the money is irrelevant/ other than, to entice people to do, or even not to do, their work. Nothing more or less, it is a crutch between humans: so they don’t have to fully trust each other. Which is certainly true, because the majority cannot be trusted to be fair.

Even so, the answer is then obvious:  people need to do their work, which is what is required for survival of us all, including you. In a war, people do it; because they are given no choice other than death or fear. That means we can be secured in society, if we desire it: but the decision must be peace by acceptance through friendship and grace.

The real question is: WHY are people not fair? The real answer is: through the interactions of children, nearly every single one finds that the other children cannot be trusted. That failure goes from tiny mistrust, to a violence unleashed. The constant: One mistreats me, so I am entitled to treat ten more “even worse”. As a thief will say, “they owe me, so I won’t care”, simple as that. The underlying cause on     most crime.

Why does trust (different than life) fail? The answer is, that love between male and female is corrupted with the words “all is fair in love and war”. Nothing is of course less true. those who employ it; are largely men looking for sex “hey, I just want your body” give it to me for free/ and women looking to chain man to them, for a lifetime. “hey, I just want the ring” pay me: slave for a lifetime.

The fundamental here is: that money does not make society work. Resources allow society to work, and without them we cannot: so primary control over those resources must belong to us all. Second, the discipline required to maintain a happy society is: we all have to do our share, making life the best we can for us all. Third, the orderly society is: given every opportunity to learn, this is important to you too. The reality of those who will not accept honest and real participation is your duty. Shall be removed “to another part of the globe”. You lost your right to live here; so say the majority in trial against you!

Money will be involved, but no more counterfeiting/ no more excess or power allowed to the few. LIMITED CAPITALISM; WE VOTE on the maximum yearly income to be allowed to anyone. Because WE THE PEOPLE have rights and needs of our own. We control the currency by tying it to the population count. We discard the political opportunities to spend or create debts: choosing among ourselves, to do the jobs that are needed as we the people see fit. One such change would be the abandonment of the IRS; setting up instead accounting firms (by bid) as needed for a city or county, with oversight.

The reason you have done no better is money: those who achieve power because of it want control, regardless of a right or responsibility to be fair.

All you have to do, with regard to the treason that is American GREED.  Is to investigate and prove what is true. then make the changes that become our new world, based in reality. Bankruptcy is the only way. Which means even if you are a billionaire;  counterfeit money has no value. Once you are even, all the same. You begin again with “so much per person (money dead in two weeks)” simply distributed by government. Until you have chosen your way; by vote. No new debts/ no old debts/ no anything financial until the vote has been decided. Everyone simply continues as they are, until that day arrives. Death by necessity, “feeds the fish”/ because we must, or the ocean itself will die.


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