Depression is:

No, I can’t have everything I want, which is trying to drive me insane. Depression is: NO, I don’t want what I have, at least not all of it; because I WANT MORE/ I want it all, everything valuable to me; that life and pride could be. Depression is: NO, I won’t attain everything I wanted, or even smaller important things to me; because I have spent my life doing, what I have been doing/ time and body, is running out. Depression is: I am surrounded by loneliness, no one cares enough, to make my life happy. Depression is: my world is falling apart, and there is nothing I can do about it. Depression is: life is not enough, I am unhappy or disgraced. Depression is: death stares at me, and it won’t go away. Depression is: I cannot undo, what I have done.

Within all these things and more, the reality of being human resides as the quest to find a home that makes me happy. A true home is, “where your soul survives”. That is neither small, nor physical: because the soul only truly survives as spirit.

So the question is: WHAT is spirit, and how does this reality of life itself, participate to make me happy?

Spirit is: the environmental translation of truth itself. What is fundamentally pure as a true existence of law or life, becomes spiritual by participating within the identity which arises as thought. Thought does not exist without an identity onto which a true can be defined. Every truth is an identity of something which can then be defined as knowledge, through an understanding which translates itself by thought. Or more distinctly: knowledge exists within whatever defines it/ understanding arises as the steps achieved in identity/ and wisdom translates the choice called life. Spirit requires all five elements to construct an environment within which, the essence of you (as an identity established by truth) can participate. The five are: truth (sufficient to be defined as true to you), knowledge (defined by reality), understanding (an essence of discipline, order, and balance), wisdom (descriptions that attain identity itself), and translation as assigned by purity (the decisions, that directs your path).

Happiness is the critical link between what cannot be measured, without life in charge of your existence. Life is the essence and reality of soul itself: the very foundation of a choice, which gives us freedom to be “me, or you”. Therefrom happiness is directly correlated with freedom. But soul is distinctly formed, into more than an identity called truth: by love. When the two (life and love) translate themselves with purity of purpose that is “to be honestly thrilled with life”/ they do understand joy. The spirit of your own truth must be formed into an identity, that can be defined with purity of purpose. The soul then participates with love to create “the essence of value”: which is, you need never feel alone again. Both life and love live together as two united, through living as love. The value of that is not physical, but spiritual; an eternal home, because it is not dependent upon a body. Spiritual at its core is life through thought, within the environment of energy itself. Which means to live or to die, by the truth which inhabits your existence. You, are the keeper of the door into your own existence. Therefore the choice of living, revolves around what you desire your life to be: when the lies established by want; are removed. Want is a horrible thing; it refuses reality to demand, “I can”/ even when reality says no.

The human constant is:  just like evolution was, “I want whatever I want/ and don’t want to be told anything I don’t want to hear”. Tell me lies! Because, I want freedom, without a price.  I want to do anything I desire, without paying the price called consequences. I want to be left alone, because I want EVERYTHING; without restraint or being told, there will be a price to be paid for this. or more distinctly: it is humanity demanding to be “god”. Which it cannot do! As reality is just about to prove; with extinction of all life, from this planet.

So we stand on the edge of true depressions, across all of humanity: because the reality of your choices have been catastrophic to our continued existence as life on earth. That fact will soon be unavoidable; because death surrounds us all with terrors to be unleashed soon.

We do have one last chance to let truth decide our purpose and values. We do have one last chance, to not only choose but fight for life and planet, here on earth that is suffering from your freedoms to do anything you wanted. But we do not have any further second chances, beyond this one last decision: LIFE, OR death for a planet. That is a message derived from the reality of our threats. All but one, entirely human caused. All but one a direct participation of “university knows, religion”.

The price of life with love is purity of purpose, the value aided and abetted by your own decisions to be a participant in building our home. Which includes this entire planet and all its living existence. Not simply your wants.  But our living, as a direct result of our truth through the understanding of values, that knowledge does present. NOT the curse of university, but the essence of truth with a purpose called: ALL LIFE, AND PLANET CALLED THIS EARTH MUST BE RESPECTED.  Not a game anymore; which means the value of all universities must diminish until we find its honorable truth/ and then limit their freedoms to ONLY what we allow, by our direct authority called we the people. No more cursing and crucifying the world!

As to personal depressions themselves: the very first decision that you must make is NOT TO FOCUS ON YOUR EXISTENCE. Measuring anything, is to remove its intrinsic value as an existing truth, and assign judgment. YOU are not to be measured/ and neither is any other living creation on earth. YOU are not judge of life (not even your own)/ you can only be submissive to the law, and let law decide; because it is one of the inherent (you must pay this) realities of truth.

Removing judgment releases the measurements that make you unhappy. But it does not solve the problem of feeling loneliness. To accept the duty of your identity as an existence: you must search for value. This removes “its all, or only about me”; to become a journey into life itself. That journey does not begin or end at your body or this existence. Rather life itself identifies creation as the cradle of the decisions which are true.

Elementally rising above the descriptions of want, releases truth to identify what is spiritually accurate in the definitions of creation. That begins with the environmental relationships, that are determined by thought.

We then begin in the essence of boundaries; as are consistent with determining the disciplines of what can or cannot be called pure “enough”. The structural integrity of your thought, relies upon how you order these disciplines to construct the values that must be balanced in order to achieve the ascension that is necessary to begin this journey alone.

When we are alone (just me, and the life inside of me): the realities of dependency arise. As are, “I am distinct” from the life which gives me freedoms to choose/ therefore we are (I am) two, not simply one. Within that environment, the question arises: “who are you, and who am I”? The answers are simple in conception. I am what is true about me, which is determined by what I value and therefrom desire enough, to be my purpose for living. While life itself returns with, all CREATION begins here. The destiny of that reality: “lifts and separates”, whosoever will accept the work of finding “with all your heart”; what can or cannot be “eternal”!

Destiny begins inside of you, where love determines what is value! The desire for love through the living that is elementally defined by truth; results from the purity of your purpose.

The question of   “GOD” ;  cannot be resolved by humanity. We are not capable of being pure enough, to accomplish that task. We can however seek the destiny we choose, and find within that journey: life joined with me.

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Jim Osterbur

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