The pride of power proves now, to have first amendment redress of grievances surrounded on all sides. They are to be congratulated, none before them have made an entire world “loser (at least in this battlefield)”; as is the purpose of pride. The judge protects his rules/ the prosecutor his rulers. The failures of fear as is none came to help, prove your own failure as well. Unfortunately for you, that makes this world dead; a reality not unlike “Noah’s time”; as is “just not worth saving”. So resurrect yourselves or not, the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12; ends the second death on July 9, 2019. A world gone extinct according to that prophecy “666” days later! Ridicule if you wish/ but it is a true interpretation: all mercy ends, then the earth itself.

I give you this: that redress is an equal legal right of the first amendment and fifth state of IL guaranteed right. Redress means: “we want this changed”/ added to grievances mean: to legally identify why the employees chose this to be done, and determine the true consequences;  by allowing their presentation to be made in court. While the people themselves present to their employees in the evidence of trial, why they want it changed. And the democratic authority “to govern ourselves by our vote” determines the outcome.

Where justice exists, truth then decides according to the limitations set by constitutional (our unity defined) decree. What the people can do. To assemble that redress requires that the people be legally informed, and given the critical impetus through a courtroom: TO PROVE WE THE PEOPLE DO, have the legal authority to change the decisions of our employees. To decide for ourselves, what our society and our future will allow, in state or national government called democracy. To peacefully take charge of our democracy as we the people, DOES REQUIRE a courtroom for the law we do enforce, to become as our decision, for our own government. NOT a servant of our employees, or their slave. But owners here! The press is extinct or they would help you understand/ your US supreme court strangled them; by giving ownership of all media, to a very tiny few; who live to entertain the cult of university knows. That is coming for the internet as well.

Fight for yourselves or die/ I surrender you too your chosen fate. You said to me one and all: DON’T TELL ME NOTHING, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING/ SO, it just makes me sad! While the possibility of organizing each other to legally protest and protect our rights and our reality existed as we were;  “I said  OK, and presented the courtroom with this demand: that we the people OWN THE LEGAL RIGHT; to make these decisions for ourselves”. I have proven that is true/ without a courtroom at their disgrace. Therefore your excuses are removed. You chose to help me, “not one penny’s worth”

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Jim Osterbur

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