The people at who are trying to ignite “sun fire” on earth.


Their energy source shall release 4 million times more energy than any energy source here on earth in use/ 4 times more than fission of atoms.

         The tokomak at ITER is built to provide 50 MW(million watts) of electrical energy input, to achieve plasma: which they intend to burn to release their expected energy source, which they use to call fusion. EXPECTING according to their claims 500 MW to be generated for 400 seconds of time: when it is suppose to extinguish itself.


50 million watts of input energy, times their previously claimed 4,000,000 times more energy release:  IS NOT 500 megawatt/ but totals by math:  200quadrillion watts of energy released into their tokomak. Which is “Instant melting” of the device; and critical plasma release in a volume which becomes self sustaining. As is: just like the sun, here on earth. It cannot be controlled. And then there is the radiation release; in a suburb of France.


How is this not the end of earth? By fire/ ejection of our atmosphere/ and flames expected to reach one million miles long!

More disciplined

Is the reality, that 50 million times 4 million is 200 trillion watts/ but that does not add in the instantaneous melting of the containment vessel as is the result of releasing 10 million degrees of heat in a small area. Like a candle, the flame on top sucks up the fuel beneath it. The consequence of 200 quadrillion watts of energy release is: the energy of thermal dynamics WILL suck up the fuel source from beneath it/ as soon as what surrounds it is used up. A vacuum so intense, that it will literally tear rocks apart. Which means it is the fire itself that creates solar gravity/ not a fantasy element in the core of the sun that does not exist.

More orderly

Is the understanding created by their own words at they intend to release an energy source that is four million times more “watts per cubic meter” than fossil fuels. More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high. 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high.

Their assertion that a 50 million watt transition from chemical energy processes;  to a nuclear fire will only release ten times more in the tokomak is not only entirely false/ and absolutely out of line with their other statements or the reality of sun fire. That it functionally can be identified as an intentional lie, or a failure so extreme their own fantasies have taken control. More simply, it is an arrogance “I, or we are so damn smart, we can’t be wrong”. Even though they are. Even though every theory used to spend “trillions of dollars to do this”; was pure fantasy, and had no basis in real facts .

EITHER WAY, UPON IGNITION WE DIE AS A WORLD. Because there are NO SECOND CHANCES! We cannot extinguish a nuclear fire/ therefore we cannot go back. Ignition means: the same realities as are on the sun, now govern this earth. The earth WILL become another sun.

                                            FOR BALANCE

Our existence as a democracy means, that we have the authority to determine for ourselves if “the laws our employees did create are justified”/ if the future we see for ourselves is fair and just to all/ if the decisions made by our employees are within constitutional intent: and so on.  Redress of grievances is the legal means to intervene in our government, by accepting the responsibility of our own decisions. We are not slaves and servants of our employees. But we cannot simply take control of our government without the law. That law is: to LEGALLY  assemble WE THE PEOPLE, to petition for knowledge, so that understanding is “as best we can”/ and then vote as a society upon what can or cannot be changed to establish the constitutional contract, by its own descriptions; that is our true government. Therein by the authority of our own democracy, we share the power of our own society, we describe the future we will build as one people.

In summary

The reality of our time is extensive threats surround us all, as a world. If you fail to understand there is no place to hide or run away from the truth of those threats/ then we cannot survive as a world, and will die.

EVEN THE SIMPLE THINGS have been discarded. Such as is, this example.

A few years back an ethanol plant was going to be built near my home. The community expected “the water will never run out”. Advertisements were placed so the surrounding community which included champaign/urbana IL; were notified. So I went to the water survey people for the state of IL and asked: WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the water supply in the aquifer, under my area? They said: all the water will be dried up and gone in 3-5 years; an area of over fifty square miles, with hundreds of thousands of people dependent on that water. So I asked them: WHY ARE YOU NOT forewarning all the people so this would not happen. They said to me: they are required by their superiors NOT TO INTERVENE with any information for any cause. They can only relay their information if a specific question is asked of them or they lose their job.

In furtherance of that fact, is the reality of: according to the state of IL water survey only one inch of rainfall enters the aquifer per fifty inches of rain. What we take out matters.

In furtherance of that fact: the Ogahalla aquifer across several states is going dry. It stopped the dust bowl/ and when it is dry the dust bowl not only returns; but every life dependent upon that aquifer can no longer live in the area above it; which is a massive reality of people who must then move, and demand space, water, and the rest:  from you!

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, in this world, and at this time: CAN KILL YOU.

The purpose of this trial is to demand an investigation of our realities, that highlight the truth about what it means to BE WRONG, and thereby gives us a chance to intervene and describe a future that we CAN survive. Because we cannot survive what is here and now. Simple and plain: make a decision to be wise/ not trapped by theories, fantasies, or plain “didn’t care enough” to find out what the consequences were.

A candle produces about 80 watts of energy.

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