A final piece of advice. The heart lives through its desire, desire builds passion, and chooses destiny as the purpose of your life. What the heart shelters from the world, becomes your sanctuary: the place where what is precious survives in you. The heart is an environment you create with your choices. Therefore what exists, is what you chose to build from the values that give you soul. Soul is the essence of your own relationship with creation itself/ thereby the CREATOR as well, of this world, and you.

Never surrender to want, it is a liar. Never surrender to pride, it is a thief. Never surrender to power, it will bring you hate. Choose instead truth, and it will keep you alive inside, through the essence called law. Never believe: it is simply the disguise of want, hiding inside a liar. Choose instead to accept the realities of evidence that can be proven true, and let truth be your guide forever: such as the miracles of life which surround us all, proving with absolute certainty we were created/ not anything less.

The critical failure of humanity is selfishness. Identified by the singular expression of “I want (it goes on forever; I, I, I, I, I, until you sink into the abyss of a reality you chose; that now threatens every part of life; including your own)”. The foundation of influence by selfishness, is vast. The cost of selfishness in all ways is immense; as is the constant proven by my own fighting for this world over four decades. Your answer is always, “NOT ONE damn penny will you give/ NOT ONE damn thing will you do, not even for what is plainly; life or death, for our world”. YOU are too important, “to serve a planet/ or respect your own gift of life through time”. With very few exceptions. The expression “I DON’T want” is the evidence of beginning insanity, and the cost that will bring; is high as well. The reality of pride, is a selfishness expressed and experienced as: the only thing important here is ME. While power is used simply to prove “I am so DAMN important”/ I can play god with your life. The cost, an endless parade of people wanting to prove how important they are/ or how unimportant (less) you are:  by cursing all the rest with what they do.

To end selfishness: Choose love, it is the foundation of our survival, even more so than truth; because without love, the desire for life itself will die. Choose to help rather than hinder the others, because they are equal to you “no matter what”/ unless hate has already destroyed them. Anger (a right to be mad) is not hate, but it is on the path. Choose to protect this world, it matters to us all; every single one.

Remember to be free, not bound by the abyss called want; it will swallow you with debts and costs you did not consider. Want never ends, until you make it stop; and that requires an end to the reality: “I want people to respect, accept, and admire me”. Want is a game, whose purpose is to prove I am more important, or just as important as you. If you surrender want/ you must surrender that game; so you can simply be alive in the truth of our existence. As miracles on earth, each one equal/ even if the body, or your place in life, is not. Remember to be true to yourself, not so proud you cannot stand alone. Remember to be wise, it means: “you let truth decide the direction and the path”.

Remember OUR CREATOR is everything; and nothing less. RESPECT THAT.

Remember life has a price, “stay within the boundaries of truth and value, that protect you, and grant you love; even if it is just a little”/ not the herd. They live for want. JESUS is intended to be “our guarantor”; that we were not simply created/ and then abandoned. I do, accept that as true.

As to all other things; the drama of tears, are used more frequently for manipulation than for their true purpose to reveal “I am sad”. It does take time to understand the difference; “with the really good actors”. Do not discount tears, something “important to me” is going on/ but do not be manipulated, that merely intends to make you their slave.

The absolute curse of a “university intellectual is”: they intend to take you apart one piece at a time. By pretending to care, or pretending they have a right, or even believing whatever they want or are told to believe “like all religious people do”: they assume righteousness (I own this right). They do not/ its just power being displayed, as I want to own you (slave, damn you/ DO WHAT I SAY_)! Like the people from Urbana IL who invaded property with the words “it’s a life safety issue”; so they could take control. When in fact, it absolutely was not. Alas people who believe in every rules; just bend over to get fucked (you have no value/ I just want what I want_). Or as is the constant of children playing games: those who believe they are the leaders here, are constantly changing the rules or the words, or the clothes, or whatever it is; just so they can pretend they are more important than you. Or change the focus from something they did/ to something you did or did not do. And the followers, simply follow; because they have no mind of their own: that too is called pride. I am part of this group, I cannot be alone or shoved out, and I won’t share or care/ so, there ain’t room for both of us. It’s called selfishness! Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

The curse of the righteous is constant. None are more righteous, than the religious cult of “university knows everything”. Their intent to control the whole world, and every living thing in it: is death to all/ which does make them Satan, and fools. They attack, “by touching you” to see where and when you will react, fight, or withdraw (by inches_). When they have found your weak spot, they then create a law; so they can use a prison, and corrupt a judge. When they cannot do that, they keep bringing back a reality they do intend to control: until they wear you down, and then in an instant take control over your lives; making you slaves. Their subsequent religion, or primary influence was evolution and fear:  evolution is merely “an asshole spewing sewage”/ while fear is the essence established by predators. Or more simply “these aren’t friends”! The proof of that is in the evidence of what they did do. The threats which surround us all; an absolute failure to life, and all living existence.

To evict them: you must stop believing, and let truth itself decide; by the evidence which can be proven in the realities that are important to LIFE ITSELF. Simple as that.

The reality of being human, instead of animal disguised as human; is to accept the many imperfections of us all, make us unique. The easy way, is to be separate and discard our humanity: today, it’s for a video screen. “Not perfect/ I throw you away”. But that is the essence of loneliness: no one is good enough. That is the reality of judgment, no one cares enough to even give me an honest chance to be a friend! To your shame.  When your phone, computer, or whatever;  is no longer an escape from the others, or your loneliness, or your fears; it then becomes a prison. With invisible bars to prove: the future I see, is not enough to make me happy. Demanding from you, “this is all that is left”/ toys, rather than “the real thing”. Choose life, discard the game! Take limited risks, where reality says, “I will be ok, regardless how this turns out”. The herd just cares about “my property/ not yours”; or I am leader (the important one), not you. A human being is designed to care about: every miracle of life on earth. That does include “everyone, but hate; is equal to me”:  Do you see the difference? Love does not let the lonely die;  find a little time if you can. take an honest look at your reality and ways, if you cannot!

I have said what I came to say: change or die/ learn or accept your fate. Which is extinction.

May you find GOD, instead.  as an individual, if not a world.

Our CREATOR!   IS, The foundation of miracles.        That knowledge won’t occur in a university (they think they are god__), but it will occur in your soul. If you find it!

A final note: both male and female are like the two sides of the same coin/ they will never see the world from the same perspective, because they cannot. Not even if you spin them on a vertical access (like a coin); even though their value is equal, the framework of each picture that as intended, is different. Holds a clear structural independent design/ thereby an independent action or reaction to the same. Be thankful for that! It makes life more interesting.

The odd thing about that is, “I seem to be caught in the middle”. its a spiritual thing.


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