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Something to remember me by:

Time, is an environment, that gives the body its movement. Life is a reality of existence, that allows experience to be achieved, and expressions to be warranted. Combined they represent the value of what freedom can be. Separated they are the essence of energy (the potential/without mass), that has discarded motion. So the question is: does mass establish life/ or does mass strictly establish time? The correct answer is; mass only establishes the measurement of motion. What causes motion to exist, establishes energy! The ability to choose if that motion will exist, establishes life. The question is: does life exist without mass/ thereby without time? The answer is: without energy, mass exists only as the tiniest detail allowed to explain this universe that is possible. To organize mass into a disciplined rock, requires thought. To discipline energy, and establish boundaries, requires balance. To attain the experience of    life:  is to ascend from an action or reaction, into the possibilities of whatever energy can create. Thought is then the substance of a value, that is beyond the possibilities of time. Law governs thought/ thought governs truth/ truth governs life. Love makes it worth the price.

The spiritual world is an energy within thought; that flows as a motion called truth, within the laws that are environment. Spirit refers too; the ability to join within the journey of that energy flow, by thinking, as an independent human being. The herd cannot join/ only an individual truth.

The question begins:  what separates thought into different environmental energies? The critical answer is a decision/ or more specifically, the freedom to direct the energy of life into the distinct values of your own desire.

The critical question: WHY, does desire exist? The answer: we form the structure of our lives, around the decisions we desire most.  The second question: WHY, are there different desires within a reality governed by environmental law? The answer: we build that structure of our desire, by assembling our own individual decision/ freedom does the rest.

The third critical question: WHY, are the elements that present us with values, different for each one? The answer: a value either forms along with love, according to your true desires/ or lives in the decisions that destroy with hate.

The fourth critical question: WHAT, is thought? The answer, the discovery of a flow that is governed only by the decision to allow what is true to decide both the destiny, and the way. Flow is then the precipitant, of an energy in motion. It gathers in the textural definitions in human beings “called a heart”.

The fifth critical question: WHAT are textural definitions, and HOW do they arise? The answer: the lifts and separations/ patterns and purposes/ love and forgiveness/ duty and respect/ courage and passion; sexual decisions and the design called living as best we can! Each of these constructions are the result of not only freedom, but the realities designed into an environment where more freedom than just self, causes the dimensional ability to conceive of more, and beyond self; are required.

The sixth critical question: WHAT IS HEART? The answer requires:  the disciplines of a rhythm that will assemble into the order that becomes the balance point of your world. From that construction arises: the length and breathe of how far your soul will reach into our universe. That distance equals your ability to seek GOD.

The seventh critical question is:  WHAT is soul? And WHO is  GOD?  The answer simply: soul is our relationship with creation itself. While   GOD  IS OUR CREATOR, and cannot be less. Not even if you lie. 

The individual life, is a relationship between the patterns that you choose, and the presence that you inhabit. The critical difference is: every pattern is the result of an independent direction. While the existence of a presence, is your decision to participate within the ability you achieve.

Life is NOT an existence/ body is. Life is an interpretation of energy, the existence of a developmental attrition between what has potential, and what is an active expression, which then experiences freedom. More simply using something with value, to build something with more value. That fundamental discovery assembles a valid hypothesis: the lives of some, will enhance others. That is not a human interpretation: which would mean I get rich/ you get to be slave. It is an elemental assertion, the value of an individual life is directly proportional, to its ascension beyond the limits of time. That too, is not a human interpretation, as beyond the limits of time; HAS NO value within the measurement of time. Rather its value exists only in the participations which grow to be eternal.

Patterns assert a repetition that can be determined by their own specific truths. Patterns then identify, as truth: what can or cannot be trusted according to the laws that will or will not be obeyed (within the boundaries of value).

Presence structurally corrects for the element of trust, to identify respect as the critical definition. To conceive of, “where will these rhythms of our dimension together, go”? Or more distinctly, the essence of principle decisions, led by thought (our acceptance of a relationship with truth and law); are defined by the relationship we share: which determine whether our destinies can be joined. Because we care enough, to participate as one. If not, we will part; or live a life that is less, than life itself would allow.

YES, this is more than I ever intended to give you; but it is limited in scope/ and you are so close to the edge of extinction; the universities nor their followers have enough time left to curse you even more.

That said; in an effort to move the final legal case along; enough information was given to allow “the devil among you”; time and the places you chose: the opportunity to ignite atomic fire. But as always:  “the human herd, was only playing games”/ and trampled your possibilities to resurrect life itself.

Even so: if this is a message of “the son of man: whom JESUS described as himself”; I must achieve the level necessary in this message, established by “an education” to prove:  “he will tell you” the hidden things.

I am not Jesus/ I am a messenger; educated for the purpose of bringing you the final, last demand of your time, and your existence:  CHANGE OR YOU WILL, GO EXTINCT!

It’s just a job, to me. But it is also my respect and gratitude; for all the gifts life is, in my soul.


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Jim Osterbur

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