There is, one last element to this fight for our world. As has been proven to me “endless times”/ I CANNOT be “your savior/ your leader”; as that would put me in direct competition with “JESUS”;  if you are a believer in his life. I would never choose to do that. As a consequence, humanity believes: “IF HE really was a messenger”/ IF there REALLY WAS  EXTINCTION COMING. Then a leader/ savior would arise. HE IS NOT!

What I can tell you is: I am NOT your savior; PERIOD. I can tell you, every opportunity to present this to you; in a way that I cannot avoid “credit for the work/ even though it is extremely important”: has been thwarted. “not to be”.

What I would tell you is: I am a messenger, by the weight and reality of the evidence/ it is ultimately, “from our Creator”. Because I don’t accept: no attempt to stop the extinction of this “miracle of life called earth”/ would exist. As there are no other visible efforts being made: throughout the decades, I stand alone. It seems to me simply:  “I must deliver this message of change or die; even if it fails”. OUR WHOLE WORLD IS AT STAKE! A message, and its elements of proof; that formed through the spiritual education I have been given. The spiritual world is based entirely in truth/ NOT fantasy, as is a large portion of your universities. A REALITY of education, given only to those invited to share. Not because I am “something more”/ because I cared enough to ask, knock, and seek; through RESPECT.

I know not what else to tell you. The evidence is simple and plain, and even a grade school child can understand it. I am not your savior. I am not your enemy: extreme threats are. The problem is you are believers in “your university gods”; even though they have never been able to defeat a single reality I have presented. Or support a single claim I have demanded is not true. You still worship them as gods: to your shame. Media refuses to change their role as zealot: “only the universities matter”. The courts cannot accept “responsibility”; their hidden job is entirely to protect the power. Because you love “the games you play”, you won’t change; and want no more than to be “the winner”. Or if you must: the one to be feared, for losing. None of that makes sustained life possible, when the most you will attain with your game is extinction: because of the choices you or your gods have made. So you attack and belittle me instead: DISCARDING AN ENTIRE WORLD OF LIFE/ just to prove you can. Shame on you, truth has no enemies; only liars and their lies. Reality has no back door to sneak out of: once past the point of no return in any of the MANY extreme threats you face/ and extinction is mandatory. No second chances. This truly does appear to be the only one coming. Consequently it simply must be considered as “a message from GOD”. Because the threats are all very real, and proven true.

You  must, save yourselves/ as in fact: you are the enemies of life, child, and planet, who made all these threats possible, but one. It is that simple;  change or go extinct. Prove it is not so, is your life (this entire world) not worth that price? I HAVE PROVEN the threats, more than sufficiently to demand a trial must exist.

That failed, because humanity continues to believe, “the universities are god”. Simple as that. They will kill you completely, because a fantasy is just a lie; you chose to accept.

MAYBE, you could understand this tiny story from my “decades past” better. I sat down at a restaurant with a companion: the menu offered “lobster at $14.00/ or lobster thermador (a lobster salad) for $4.00”.

My companion asked is the lobster thermador; “lobster”? I assumed he was asking if there was lobster in it/ so I said yes. When he got his lobster salad; same as me: he was very upset and berated me for telling him it was a lobster when it wasn’t. I thought it was very obvious due to the price. But he spent the rest of the day fuming a bit, because he wanted a lobster/ but NOT the price. And of course it was all my fault.

The moral of the story is:  you want your life to be what you want it to be/ even though, THE CLEAR PRICE ON THE MENU of our lives; indicates, that will NOT be possible anymore. So you bitch and complain, and tell me its all my fault for misinformation. Even though the reality of what the menu offered was completely clear. He chose to believe, that he could have what he wanted for less than one third the price he knew to be true. BECAUSE HE WANTED IT! Belief is a terrible thing, it lets you accept, and even create lies. Want is even worse, because a game is created to avoid what is otherwise true. I on the other hand believed he had a grip on reality; but was wrong.

Or more simply you cannot save this world from the tragedies of your want, by not wanting to change. There is no cheap remedy for what you want. Neither can you simply believe because you want too and survive: truth decides or you die. Either pay the price to save this world, from yourselves or the door to HELL (we are in chaos, with no way out) will open; simple as that.

Every biblical prophecy about the end of time is coming true, and can now be identified.

You want what you want, and you don’t want nothing but what you want; period. History proves you have been getting away without the consequences for decades: so you believe that can still be true. It is not, as the exploding human population proves without a shadow of a doubt. Even so, you still believe the universities will save you. Regardless of the fact: they are the people who threaten you most. Trying to make you understand something more complicated than:  people are trying to ignite SUN FIRE here on earth. Is absolutely pointless! Because you know what fire is, and you know what the sun could do, and your university gods have told you:  4 MILLION TIMES more energy release than a fossil fuel. Yet they and you believe they can control it/ yet you cannot control a forest fire. You certainly cannot control 4,000,000 times bigger than that. Yet you still believe the universities are god; instead of plain people making guesses; like all people do. Yet you still allow those extreme experiments to exist; because you want to believe. Just like believing the mutilators who damage all of life by injecting chaos into DNA. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera:  are going to save you from disease. Instead of the consequence for what they do, as is releasing pandemics across this earth. You are: the generation of the curse, “men will believe they are gods”. Soon it will be proven true:  SATAN exists, it is you. With, your congregation of believers.

WHY? The answer is: because you can’t be a god/ savior/ superior/ winner/ hero/ etc; unless you do, what the others cannot do. Unless they NEED YOU. So they gamble with, or destroy everything; to make you cry, to make you believe they are your only hope. Only then can they describe themselves as more. Just like fans who say, “WE won”.

Yes, I am done. Yes, you are who you are. Yes, you will die, unless you change that fact: and accept truth must lead; LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, must come first.

In reality, one last detail may be required: as I cannot be detached from the work, or its purpose. While it was NEVER “my plan” in any conceivable way. The whole “spiritual woman thing”; clearly defines the consequence of my life as “NOT, what Jesus” would do. There is no attachment there/ as such I am completely separated from an assertion of “same, etc”. If you recall; “biblically” GOD is a jealous GOD, so it says, including JESUS” and they do not share that respect of building or saving life on earth. With anyone, including you.

While it is true, the whole spiritual woman living inside with me; has become extremely life altering. On the other side of that coin is: any possibility, even if you arose from your death bed;  claiming or identifying me as “second coming of JESUS”/ because of the message. That critically, no longer exists as even a possibility of any sort. I am a messenger/ and I am trapped between male and female; with female more in charge than me. It’s complicated, but it certainly is not “Jesus”.

What can be identified as “a second coming is: the opportunity to change, before life is taken away”. That was what JESUS brought the first time. That is what is being given today, for your own decision. That is what I was educated to relay as your message. A messenger is not “the teacher”. A messenger “can be, nearly anybody; without hate”; I have no clue, why me.

.  It may be: that whenever I found a reality in me, that was not correct, “I cleaned it out” and tried again “a few hundred times”. Not unlike exactly what you need to do for yourselves. Making me unavoidably aware of what you face; in small steps it’s just an annoyance (wrong again). Facing extinction, it is your life or death (truth or tragedy). Regardless, it is a job; “with respect and dignity; value to me”/ but still a job.

It is a job, because if not for the consequence of proven truths this earth is going to die, and all life go extinct: I would have preferred to do something else. You have chosen to let earth die/ I could not, until the spiritual woman came into my life; and changed that for me. Today, like women everywhere; I do understand, this decision will not be changed, or made by me. I can only offer reality by its truth; as best I can. The difference is: a war is useless! Want is pointless. Only the law can make a difference. Just so its clear, my life/ this earth, and all its miracles; are more than reward enough. I do so swear. My work, is my thank you, to GOD;   MY CREATOR!

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