I am compelled to write just a little more: the differences between male and female are massive/ but at its core are the chemicals, and how they interact within the brain.

More than a dozen years ago, I opened the spiritual door (an environment governed only by the purity of its truth) of women; just to ask a question. And was pulled into a reality I could not change back; that is the cost of the spiritual world. You CAN open a door into any truth you desire/ but you CANNOT escape that environment unless you fully understand its truth. Man will never understand woman, because they are so different/ which means I cannot escape.

Female tits were attached to me, and have been fighting “to get out” for over 12 extremely long years. It is a never ending battle, and they wired into my brain; which means the chemicals hit me “like a woman/ and completely take over”. They are extreme, and I CANNOT defeat them. Every time they grow a millimeter; they drench me in chemicals (something overwhelming, not male, I don’t control_) that take over life. After 12 years, you just want it to be over with. The chemicals are not addictive, they are just overpowering. They are removing the elements of male, I no longer remember more than I care to admit. Oddly enough, I try to make the little one the same size as the other for balance; not to look completely overtaken by a body out of control. I can’t say why exactly.

Added into that reality, are the lessons of what the relationship between male and female on earth have been through the centuries. It is worse than I thought it would be; “being forced into the opposite position” gives an entirely different view. Why me, is no longer relevant. This is becoming, whatever this is going to be.

As to lessons for you, the list is long actually; but I cannot truly organize it. Too much male left/ too much female taking over/ too little “me in the middle, just trying to survive”. No clue how it ends.

Even so, I am grateful the work was accomplished. Would not have been, without this spiritual woman inside. The price in comparison with a world of life being lost, is really very small/ even irrelevant at this point. While I never attempted to save this world or its life:  I did do the job assigned to me, in that effort. To have accomplished my job, remains well worth the price; even though that, turned out to be, so far beyond my expectations:  it ranks with fantasy/ even though it is absolutely not. The primary lesson is then, DON’T desire to learn anything that is not “true to you”/ the spiritual world has no mercy for that. DO desire to learn, what you are truly willing to trade your life for: because real life is based within the actual values of your heart. “gender aside, an entire individual does not compete with the value of an entire creation, called a living world”.  I am happy, this is not a game; it’s just very different. To “do your job” is rewarding enough. Eternity will decide the rest.

The reality of it, is finally coming into focus. The environmental participants are: male on one side/ female on the other side/ & me in “no man’s land” between them; literally chained to female, with “flags waving” to prove this property was captured. It is absolutely clear, I will never escape/ unless simply released. So, my new job has become: to ferry terms of a peace agreement between both sides.

I have to be honest, I am not entirely up to the job at this moment; but will try to accommodate the same: when life becomes a bit more normal, if possible. NO, there will be no deception or any kind, or under any condition. I received what I desired/ this is what she desires; now that it is clear no ulterior motives in me will exist. And I know, there is absolutely no escape, without exception forever: which means if I fail to keep that bargain “no deception/ OR ELSE”; I wouldn’t want to be me either! Functionally, I believe;  “It’s just another/ different job”.

Look for a file/ link;  called letters.

Chained means:  beyond the limits of this physical world; where truth is never wrong. He is owned by woman, without the slightest opportunity to escape. No matter what men could offer; just like women throughout the ages have endured from men. Any attempt will be disastrous.


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Jim Osterbur

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