LETTERS; the descriptions intended to identify the critical needs between male and female behavior, and value.

We begin with the assertion which balances the equation that is human sexuality. That time is an alteration of eternity, NOT the other way around. Therefrom what exists as your decision to participate with the opposite sex, is indeed a reality that carries throughout the potential that is life. Nothing is more dramatic or real, than how you do or do not respect a person of the opposite sex, during intimacy that cannot simply be “undone”. Nothing is more measured for mercy, hell, or not:  than is what you do to someone else sexually. Because the fact is, it can change a lifetime, even an eternity with, or without GOD!

As to me, just like the previous job: it is not my responsibility to “gain an audience” with you. It is only my responsibility, to address the issues set in front of me, and accept the duty that is a fair and deliberate “representation of the facts, the work, and the realities involved”. My job has nothing to do with whatever you do or do not do accordingly; that is entirely your decision, not mine. The reality of spiritual oversight, is something you will not understand; so it is abandoned as a lesson. Even though I am NOT functionally prepared for this, it seems necessary to begin anyway. I expected, a simple clear discussion/ however that seems far less likely at this moment. More likely, as has been proven to me time and again: I have no say, and barely little input in whatever will come: it seems “Into the fire again”.

Descriptions, Rather like the situation a majority of women have been in, throughout history; are not the same as living the essence of what this is. More survival than decision, in too many cases. It is NOT a desire of mine, to understand; I am simply trapped.


LESSON ONE: we are certainly NOT alike as gender influences how we see the world, because of body and mind realities. The most descriptive way I can relay that information is by expressing “the dream or illusion or whatever you like to call it/ last night”. I was inside a “pink and red tube like structure, with soft eggs (no shell) along the sides/ as I went up a few of the eggs at the top where beginning to hatch some very strange creatures, but I only saw pink arms and legs.”  I guarantee no male has ever had that dream before.

I turned away, not wishing to see more; “I then found myself “out in the open”, with strange multicolored fabric tubes coming at me. The front, facing me was intact, but with long strands floating along behind, each of which would allow “women” to grab. Those tubes attached to me; and I became concerned.” Even though I am sixty five years old, toothless, half bald, not pretty, and less than perfect (few would want me): therefore feeling reasonably safe until this point. The dream or illusion or vision or whatever; kind of ruined that safety expectation. While the spiritual woman reminded me: you are the only one of your kind here, none can help you;  in this world of female.

And then, what has been female breasts attached to me and growing on the outside; are now very different as growing from the inside now, with body structures and more attached. They feel different.

So in review: the critical question is because woman must face the inner crisis of incubation. A reality that CANNOT be overstated as an invasion of body itself; even though they know a baby grows. The actual facts of everything that means; are literally beyond the definitions of men/ and they will never understand. They will never comprehend the elemental translation of sex, into what could come next: with each and every act.

As to the second event: the possibilities of what women feel like, when too many men are trying to attach themselves to “their parts”/ is neither friendly or kind. It ends with some degree of afraid, because if you cannot control the situation for yourself/ then you are subject to whatever those who can control the situation are going to do. Without friendship involved; the consequences can be grim. Without kindness present, lust erupts; which means “there is no me/ there is only the body of me, to be used”. That is evil, because it turns love into hate.

As to the increasing change in my own body, and the reality I have NO control over that. I can only believe it has something to do with serious or severe needs in women that must be addressed by men. For the purpose of changing men. As such I suspect, it is not about me but men. It is a reality that will determine if this world shall or shall not survive; because unless the crisis of disrespect between men and women is resolved/ you will go extinct. So to some extent, this is the same job as the first/ just a different format. I am not against it; simply because this is important too. I am NOT looking for sex, not asking for sex, now wanting or desiring to be overridden with sex, or any sexual fantasy or demand you might have: NONE of it. I am simply surviving in the situation I have entered, and doing the best I can: for the purposes and demands I now live in. whatever will be, is literally whatever will be; as I tell you true, I have no control. Just like the wives, and women of so many men throughout all of human history. The list of consequences that can occur because of that statement, do not escape me. The reality of life or death for a world does not escape me either. I have cast aside the possibilities, the potential realities; as they are too numerous to count. Whatever will be, will be. At any rate, we begin here.

I am feeling less overrun; so these lesson arise as a foundation for building upon lesson #2     lesson #3

lesson #4

the second introduction to me

The letter to men #1

There is a reality among women, that they must fear some men; the greater the fear, the less certain are possibilities of love. Even the slightest fear, gnaws at the heart; so that you don’t forget. Nothing illustrates that cause more, than a moment last year in my own life. Deciding to work outside without a shirt; backyard, not facing the road; painting a ramp. Tits barely sticking out an inch and a half or so on me; I turned slightly to the road, just as a truck was going by; and it slammed on the brakes, to come screeching to a halt. I then turned to show him my face with whiskers; and he sped away.

The reality of the story is simple: “some men are animals/ rather than human”. As clearly sex was all that this person conceived of; presenting the question: ARE YOU going to attack me for one tiny peek, and I ain’t even a woman? Obviously he expected a woman. Obviously this was NOT an invitation; just a momentary turn. So the observation is: some men are nuts; and worse. Is that YOU?

The critical test of women is: AM I SAFE? The critical desire of women is: CAN YOU BE TRUSTED? The critical NEED of women is for truth, and the validity of a purpose in men, that is beyond sex. To attain that, “You MUST grow up”. To sustain that, “you MUST accept, that a penis is not your toy”; it is a tool, used for the creation of desire, and the value of an intimacy that grows from the heart. Shared as one, by each. Sex is not a game. It is a description of how we value each other, NOT as a possession; but a true love defined by our care.

Letter to men #2

I am less overrun, therefore I will try to make this one: what the other should have been. Diligence requires, “that I am plain man, with no illusions or perversions”; simple as that/ other than the spiritual realities I cannot avoid. It’s complicated, because you cannot understand; suffice it to say, although the spiritual world is separated into three distinct environments with regard to humanity {male/ female/ as one}. The critical truth is male and female are separate and cannot be invaded by the other; which brings me, to me. Unless humanity learns here and now to cooperate “as one”; extinction will come quickly now! I am, joined to female; as their liaison; even though it was never my intent.

The critical element here is: some understanding must be given, so that peace between the genders can exist/ while other information must be withheld, so that common and constant equations between the sexes is not overrun. Or more simply, the dedicated task is to create a level playing field so that neither male nor female can be considered as anything but equal to the other.

TO BE EQUAL: requires the respect to acknowledge, the value of a life is greater than the value of a gender; which grants to all of humanity an expression of freedom that is greater than your judgment, or its measurement. The right to be free, is elemental to life itself. That is an open statement acknowledging: your decisions, are free to be your decisions/ unless they endanger other lives, which does include sustaining and protecting all life on earth.

That said: it is the right of creation itself, to insist those who make choices consistent with the realities and designs of nature itself, giving assistance to environment, rather than its destruction SHALL EARN MORE; in the elemental search for eternity. To respect the design, to acknowledge with a purity of purpose within that design. To live according to the clear and distinct values set before us, as what life would be, “if our CREATOR” was here;  grant for life beyond this place, boundaries will exist.

So the question is, for the sake of time itself [what does change to stop this race to extinction, really mean]? What must be changed in the life of men, and how they relate with women to form a relationship of value, not theft/ power/ or cheating?

This begins with a look at value itself: or more specifically, what can man do to create value for a woman? There are five fundamentals:  to be expansive, granting to each one the same value as another: which does mean, equal and true rights to form their own decision. 2) To be respectful, granting to a specific individual by acceptance, without measurements; the right of equality with me or you/ same; same. 3) To accept, the dignity of gender, as the truth: I am NOT “just like you”; and you may not treat me in any manner that is less than you would deem respectful of yourself. 4) To identify, the grace we share “as different human worlds set apart” for our own happiness; because we are, the essence of joy to each other.  5) To create, time set apart as passion will enhance; because life is too precious to spend in worthless pursuits; as are the belief of “trophies and toys”/ the cost of lust. Rather than the ecstasy of knowing, “we both literally feel ALIVE”; because we each care, for each other.

The value of a relationship is both simple and complex: you can achieve a relationship with “simple joys”/ or even sex. But you cannot sustain a relationship with less than respect, and a reality of shared expressions, cared for experiences, deliberate helping, critical time, accepted with desire, honest purposes, and the discovery “this is our journey as one”.

Of the disciplines established (you must participate, for a healthy relationship); the most simple and most complex is: a shared journey, to the same destination. While it is easy to begin that journey, with love; as love is the same destiny intended; it is not a simple destination. Therefore it is the hardest to achieve. To understand the balance point of what order will require, is to acknowledge: you have made a decision/ but it is still up to the other individual to make a similar decision with yours. You CANNOT ride the same passion as another/ instead, you must own your own. The difference is: even if we join as male and female by elemental life truths; that is not the same as journeying, along the same living path. We do not stand still, as life experienced through time/ time will not let that be. Which means the living shall in fact always disturb and displace “life and love”, by demanding your assistance just to survive. It is no game! Although love is free, and life is a gift to you; even though the body is a present of sorts from your ancestors/ living is not free, and a life respected, is a life that gives back something of value to your benefactor. Which is   GOD  !

We then come too: where does your own passion reside? If it is in the essence of love between a man and woman, then you will know joy; because survival is a secondary thing for you/ life is easy. If it is in the essence of life itself, rather than the desire for elemental happiness as a human being granted the freedom to decide: your right to be free allows, that this earth, and all its nature must come first. Only then does personal happiness override the living, to allow for the simple and plain expressions of love. Between these two descriptions are the desires that live or die or wish to be awakened, in you: as a valued human being searching for eternity. Anything less is NOT a passionate embrace of life or living/ but only exists as a measurement in your time; and its ending.

By examining relationships simply, rather than the complex skills required for discipline. We come to the constant of human behavior that is: I want sex/ I will manipulate for sex/ I want to control sex for me/ I want to lust (your body is mine to use, any way I choose_)/ and I own you, which allows for I judge you (pride), and measured beneath a value to me; creates room for destruction and other types of violence (power). This form of behavior based upon the elements of time; which remind each one that an ending comes for you too. Grants “MY LIFE” is the only thing that truly matters. Simple as that. Sexual male aggression comes from: “I WANT more/ or, I WANT less”! It is a simple behavior, formed by that. I want more means, there is something pleasurable here that I wish to embrace again. I want less means: there is something I lost here, and I am angry; or even worse, about that.

There are seven basic elements to male aggressive sexual behaviors:

  1. I want more, even if you don’t agree to give it to me; is an absolute selfish decision to take what I want; regardless of you. It shows no respect/ and it betrays any description of friendship that may or may not have established the beginning of this failure.
  2. I want more, because the chemical addiction I have surrendered too; is my excuse/ which again if forced means; no true respect exists.
  3. I want more, because I want more; which brings temptations/ flattery/ excuses/ lies/ betrayal; the cause of prostitution and other forms of selfishness “to light”.
  4. I want less, because I didn’t get enough: and now I am angry with life and you.
  5. I want less, because I got too much sex, and it revealed my own failures as a man.
  6. I want less, because I got used and abused, and am now suffering from incalculable slavery; as the debts which were created become real life truth.
  7. I want less, because I lost control to a woman; and perversion is creeping inside, as these try to get control back.

In contrast to these are the men who share their expressions of a valued life, with women who do experience them as a contributor to their happiness. It takes freedom to achieve this goal, and that means equality has erupted. Even so, where there is a goal, there is a game; and the game means one or both are considered to be trophies. Trophies lose their luster quickly; just as soon as the competition to claim it disappears. Sharing the decisions, shares the journey. Accepting reality must decide rather than you’re want or mine; creates a destiny when it is true for both.

To construct a caring experience DOES mean:  this is more than a measurement to me/ to us! Or more simply, caring is about life, and life is about the essence of why we breathe. That core of existence is the beauty life can be. Beautiful means: unlike a scenic view, which can be “breathtaking” for a time/ it will be forgotten, because time moves on. Beautiful in contrast to that is a description that lives within the memories apart from time, to grace the existence of our experience, as an expression which will never be moved apart. It is mine, and it is yours: forever.

To deliberately help each other, reminds each one, that I have chosen to be with you/ I have chosen, to support and maintain our lives together/ I have chosen to participate as equals/ I have chosen to believe we will be friends forever/ I have chosen, to let you see me as I am/ I have chosen, to belong within the same world, by the same descriptions, by the same design, to form my home with you as we are together. Simple and plain, we are joined as one.

Critical time reinforces my life is given to you, as one experience with two expressions to define our human home. Without time shared, it is impossible to build a home for two, or more, with joy. You can only build a home for one; the place you go/ the place you separate from the world/ the place you are alone. Critical time is, the passionate embrace of a moment that holds no other, but us; again and again and again.

Accepted with desire confronts “I or you”; with three realities of choice. Acceptance means: without reservation or confusion, I made my choice. Desire means: there is nothing more important in this world, to me;  than this choice I have made, to give my whole life too. Confronted means: once you have made those choices, the rest is determined when living finds the possibilities that are different. The realities that are not the same. And the questions which will determine if order remains in your life, as living is thrown into the balance of what you wished and hoped for, but now may refuse. Responsibility arises or descends from these moments on.

The honesty of every purpose comes from the truth of what we do truly accept as the evidence upon which we made these monumental choices, for our own individual life. Without evidence and its discipline of knowledge, there can be no understanding. Without understanding, there can be no essential wisdom: and thereby will be confronted with failure or its fantasy of lies. Only when we are true, in and of itself; to the core values of life: love, respect, happiness, and hope! Are we able to fully accept a forever choice. Therefore the essence of our truth with life is, or must be:   “life is a mystery, a quest beyond self to discover what is true”. Respect is an ascension beyond the limits of time, which adhere to eternity. Happiness is, the elevation of a love that fills life, because it is “alive in you”. Hope is, the destiny that can never be taken away; because you are the creator of your own desires.

Discovery develops the doors within which you can travel into the basic elements of truth. That journey is strictly limited to your own individual truth, because life or death/ terrors or failure/ happiness and hope; all sit behind these doors. What you choose, becomes your home.

Some will argue: what has all that to do with men? The answer is: stop being predator or prey, and align yourselves with the value men were intended to be; by your   CREATOR.

Letter to women #1

I begin with the assertion: it is impossible for me to fully understand or appreciate the reality of being “a woman”/ therefore what has been learned, is an example of possibilities. What can be learned is: realities that affect us both in the same ways, given the same level of physical or mental awareness. It is equally true about women fully understanding men. My view is altered by realities without my control, some facts are attained by having “female breasts”/ there are also lessons I have endured. NEVER my plan or purpose; they just grew, life just is.  Tits are Called female; because I guarantee there is nothing male about them; other than attached to me/ they burrowed into my mind, and changed everything. Impossible to fully describe; more strange than any man expects or understands.

Nonetheless, I am given the job to do what I can/ so I will do that.

We begin with an assembly of the facts that are known to exist. Women and men desire each other, because we are “opposite sides of the same coin”, so to speak: inescapably joined. We cannot escape the truth: we are ultimately incomplete without the other sex honestly participating in our lives.

The critical factors are:

  • Women manipulate men, because they can. Because they want to know, what your reaction is going to be: as a prelude to life with you.
  • Women want men to want more; because that gives them power. Which means: NOT as vulnerable.
  • Women do tempt, because we MUST each be noticed (both male and female)/ or we will be left out: therefore temptations between the sexes are constant, legitimate, and real.
  • Women commonly believe the value of a man has three different sides: a trophy/ a laborer/ or a sex toy. Value is then set apart from love; and the difference is measured: when love is considered to be less than “property purposes”.
  • Women believe, that sex with me, HAS A PRICE/ it ain’t free! That price is a chain, or more distinctly the claim of ownership; as in you are now mine.
  • Women use drama (I thought my life, or this “gift to you” would mean more/ would be more: why are you not “my shining knight”__)? To encircle men.
  • Women want to know “something special” that you have hidden from the rest; because these tidbits of information, can be used or abused for control and revenge.
  • Women believe sex grants them immunity from work and other realities of life; so long as they are “pretty enough/ knowledgeable enough”, to find another.
  • Women lie to attain and control what they want/ using any method available. Because they want to believe “all is fair in love and war” from them/ even though they will find the same tactics bring them hate, when used by men.
  1. Women identify with the downtrodden, when their own plans fail. They explode with pride, when they gain their trophy. Even though trophy means: someone else lost.
  2. Women plot and plan and pursue men; in a very different way than men pursuing women/ but the objective is little different> we want sex/ we want a trophy/ we want life to be, what we want it to be, and that includes the benefits of participating with men.
  3. Women explain themselves as “a flower in bloom”. For some that is absolutely true. while for others, it is a plant with thorns. And yet for others, the desire that lets freedom breathe in happiness; is hidden from view. Even though it exists.


THE FUNDAMENTALS of dealing with men, are these.

  • Boys have no concept of “finding a mate for life”/ they only have a toy, they wish to use.
  • Men do not exist (only boys), until they have conquered their toy; and understand the difference is, this is not a game. People get hurt: even for a lifetime/ and that can include you.
  • Men need freedom to be happy; you cannot own them, you cannot buy them, you cannot enslave them: just like they cannot do these things with you, and maintain your own happiness.
  • Men require the opportunity to make their own decisions, just like women. Particularly when faced with the potential called a lifetime; with you. Some need to be reminded of that; when sex clouds their mind.
  • Men need to “explore their own possibilities” in this world. If coupled to responsibilities that cannot allow for that risk: some will blame the woman, and tragedies result. Even if their fantasies are completely unfounded. Believers have no sense of reality; they become believers to avoid truth, and demand “Now I know”.
  • Love is the difference between I can trust this person/ or hate proves; they cannot be trusted under any circumstance. Because hate is a ruler/ and reality hides that fact; by acting, as best they can. When you see hate, know it is a warning: “leave this place”.
  • Respect designs the future. Without true respect there is no truth. Without truth, there are only lies; governed by what someone else wants from you.

In the elemental truth of it, finding a lifetime companion is hard; because want and pride interferes continually. Where there is power used against someone else/ it is a warning, power can be used against you too. If you want a junkyard dog to protect you from the others; then you are living with “that animal”. Think about it first.

Communication is the primary ingredient, other than sex: in determining the possibilities for your future. Finding out if you are compatible with sex, is fundamental before committing to a lifetime. Learning how to communicate beyond yourself, is elemental to sharing the time needed to create a relationship. Educate yourself on as many topics of conversation as you can; so that there can be “time spent”. Be free, but never righteous. Be a listener, but never a fool.

Remember this:  every single decision you make, requires your own acceptance. Unless you are forced/ you are an equal contributor to the facts that will arise. Don’t blame the other. DO, understand: every reality of life, made by your own decision; is something you will have to live with, for the rest of your life. Don’t blame the entire opposite gender: that is unworthy. People of each gender are “true to love and life and are valued”. Unfortunately, there is not enough of them to go around. Because hate causes hate, and revenge builds a dam, to hold that hate inside.

Begin again: it is the only way to achieve the truth, that is your own earned identity.

Letter joined for both male and female.

In the compositions of our time, the reality most expressed is: I WANT, what I want/ and I DON’T WANT NOTHING, that I don’t want! End of story, simple as that; nothing else matters but pride, power, or lust: regardless of gender.

That fact isolates and dictates the relationships we all share, along with the constant competition of primarily “electronic, media, and greed temptations”. The end result is an abandonment of friendships, because they don’t fall into an immediate reward for me. All friendships have a price, some little/ some large; but there is a cost. Those who have been willing to be friends with me, know that my primary concern is the loss of this entire world of life; as an unavoidable reality. They hate it, they avoid it, and I let them; but they all know it. That fact has little to do with want, and revolves entirely around truth, and its consequences. The price for each friendship varies widely.

Nonetheless, the cost and consequence for gender relationships; as each seeks the compositions necessary to form a marriage: are equally saddened by the reality of want/ its lies/ its temptations, manipulations, and intent to control. You can’t want, other than survival without pride/ you can’t want survival, other than to be confronted with power. You cannot be addicted or lured into crime, or its consequences; without want. What you want determines who you are: because that want directs your life/ unless you discard it for reality by its own truth.

So the question is: WHY do people want? Want being different than desire in the following ways. To want, is to assemble plot or plan the purpose of attaining what you do not have; regardless of what reality will allow, by its own truths. To desire, is to accept the value of life and living can be enhanced, if truth and reality will grant by hope; and this decision turns out to be correct. No plotting, planning, tempting, etc is allowed in desire: only truth.

The foundation of nearly all human relationships today is built upon want. The consequence of that is an entire society that has been manipulated, controlled, tempted, and betrayed with lies, and all that power and pride can do. Which brings us to why society falters, and humanity turns to drugs and escape. As in, “THIS is not happy for me”/ even though I wanted what I wanted; I did NOT want, what truth and its reality brought along. Want lied, and the price for destroying friendships is much higher, than creating friendships with respect.

People want, because they believe in the lies/ they believe they have found a way to get what they want, without paying the real price. They accept, “nothing is more important than me”/ and they prove to each other, this is the case; because that, is what you chose. Belief is a very dangerous thing; as is so evident today by your belief in “university knows”. The constant over these last fifty years that I have observed with university is: they are 99% marketers, with almost nothing else to show for their work. Marketing means to: tempt, manipulate, control, betray, disease, destroy, fail life and planet, plot, plan, cheat, and whatever it takes to enslave the others, by making them do something for you/ that you would not have otherwise done. And humanity says:  “they can’t control,,,,,,me”; even though billions of dollars spent, absolutely proves they can.

So you have been led to this fractured existence, discarded by the side of the road as trash, and are bundled together in the slaughter house pin; awaiting the consequences of your extended truth; as worshipers of the university knows cult.

OH WELL, that is enough of that.


We begin again; “we” recognizes the journey that thought acknowledges in both you and me. We cannot attain a greater knowledge than self, unless we are willing to accept the price of letting thought lead us, to wherever truth shall go. It is not, for the weak, or afraid; which is why so few attain it.

So let us begin again, with the simple words:  every journey has a beginning, wherein you release control and allow truth itself, as is consistent with the evidence of your own heart; take control. It is not a surrender, it is joining the spiritual world, by its own laws.

Every journey has a destiny, wherein your hope outlines the reality of your decisions, which create the purpose and desire of your own soul. Therein hope identifies the reality of you, by your own truth, and it is that truth which will offer, and upon acceptance; open the doors into what you have accepted as your desire to learn. There is no journey that fails to teach. If you fail to learn/ the journey ends where you failed.

Between the beginning and the end of your journey, is the distance. In time that is conceived, and measured by your age, among other things. But beyond self, where only truth can survive, is the essence of eternity bordered by the laws which let it survive. There is no distance, because there is no time to measure with. That fact identifies the potential of every hope, because it is not truth that constructs hope, but desire. We now have three possibilities: the truth of eternity itself, as bound by law/ the identity of self, as bound by truth/ and the freedom of desire, that lives only in hope and its relationships with life.

We then examine the possibilities of eternity to explain: “a billion seeds for your own desires” await your own decision.

We examine the possibilities of self; and find that truth dictates the relationships you may form. The environments you may create.

We express the freedom of life as, your potential to live within peace and harmony; as truth and the essence of love in your own heart will create. This indicates clearly:   without peace and harmony, there is no eternity. As it will collapse with chaos/ thereby hate. The consequence of that is: there CAN be a second death/ because hate will be removed.

So the question becomes:  HOW does, being male and female affect this eternity? The answer is: each contributes to a more interesting environment, and distills a more complex dimension of possibilities.

The next question is: HOW CAN we be certain eternity exists at all? The answer is: “nothing exists without thought, because thought translates life into existence.” That functionally means: wherever the essence of thought can exist, so then can life itself.

So the question is: WHAT IS, thought? While the values of thought, and its core elements are fundamentally conceivable/ they are not for humanity to understand. Take a look at where you are: standing on the very edge of your own extinction/ because the university expanded a tiny bit of knowledge, and then declared themselves to be god/ by tearing down everything humanity had built, prior to this day. Take a look at your own selves:  accepting evolution as your creator, because the university told you to accept it; with asinine conceptions and endless lies. A reality that defines:  “to your shame”.

The letter of strife and heartache.

The cost of human relationships includes: the realities of failure, want, pride, power, selfishness, lust, insanity, and its alternate balance which is, love, forgiveness, courage, respect, value, dignity, and hope.

The realities that separate one from the other, are as simple as:  can you, or can you not step beyond self?

Everything about failure and its consequences is about self, and all that you choose to do in order to attain the most for self, that you possibly can.

Everything about love and its companion embrace; is about life, living in harmony, the peaceful security of equality through justice, and the values of what other lives will bring to my own existence, expression, and experience.

Therefrom we know, that the cost of nearly all strife (I am angry/ I am right) in human relationships is governed entirely by what is, or is not a selfish purpose, want, or design. Therefore they separate. We also know, that the cost of nearly all heartbreak (I am sad/ I am lonely), is a reality determined by the desires of one person which does not match the desires of another person/ therefore they separate.

Since both separate for different reasons, the reality looks the same/ but is not the same. Because the value of a life is determined by what you can or cannot do for ME; in strife. While the value of another life where love decides is, will you stay with me? The cost of either decision has an impact on your reality and theirs.

We look then at the most severe realities, as an example. Nothing is more selfish, than a man who rapes a woman. Rape is determined to be the violent act, which forces a woman to endure the insurgency of a crime against her own body. Only men can rape in this way, consequently this is by its own reality, they have the power; the potential curse of men on women. Its consequence is: that all men are found guilty by some degree of association; and are thereby not trusted with love, until the woman is reasonably sure.

Nothing is more selfish of women, than their own rape of men: which constructs an entirely different view of life; as is consistent with gender reality. Women use men for pregnancy purposes, she has the power; and then in America for instance, comes the demand for those limited moments in time: that the man must now pay for her child and her life to raise the child, for the next twenty years. All women are found guilty by some degree of association; and are thereby not trusted with love, until the man is reasonably sure, he can accept a child and its price. Somebody DOES have to pay. Only women can rape in this way.

Men and women do not sustain a separation from the other sex in most people; because the desire for sex/ the demand called loneliness/ and the consequences of survival all suggest, this is easier, and life is better: If I had a partner to love me honestly. So most try again, but with burdens (I fear this) that must be fixed; before they can honestly go on.

Fear is the essence of knowing, everything I DON’T want to happen to me/ can. I don’t want this, is the circle drive that creates insanity. You cannot get out of that circle unless you forgive the reality of what caused this to exist. To do that, requires you to accept the basic premise: being forewarned, I now have the opportunity to be prepared or vigilant. So the question becomes: with this new information, and its possibilities; can you return to being “you”?

Generally you cannot, because life itself has changed inside. What you can do instead is to adjust and adapt to the new experience that is, what I want has failed me, even though my desire was pure enough: because every want is a step in the direction called a lie. Therefore to fully express a new design, that will then become your new life: it is necessary to discard all lies, and surrender to the fact, that liars cannot be trusted with life. It is necessary to accept, that desire must not be allowed to believe whatever “we or I want to believe”/ because belief is not the evidence of truth, it is the essence of want; and want is a liar, the first step towards theft. The purity of truth further discovers, that hate in any form is a predecessor of what the future will bring/ and grants the certainty of a warning: use extreme care here.

Therefrom we learn, not only does a new life need to accept changing what led us to a tragedy of sorts/ but that we did participate in this tragedy of our own free will. Therefore the certainty of our own freedom, to simply do whatever we want to do: is under review, as a failed expression of desire.

Desire forms the backbone of our intimate lives, it lives where passion breaks forth to declare “this is/ you are, important to me”. Intimacy is the creation of moments that will identify the heart, in its own delicate ways.

To construct this form of experience aligns with the assembly of trust, and wherever trust exists, there can be love. Respect is a building block of trust, as is the reality of duty and its responsibility. So we ask:  if there is trust, love, respect, and responsibility; does that NOT mean there shall also be the mutual desire for a long term relationship as would be consistent with marriage? The answer is no. Because the reality of discipline enters into the equation of life versus survival and the question called eternity as well. Discipline states: in the creation of order from which discipline does arise/ there are steps, that must be attained in their own order of ascension to experience what comes from that new elevation of life.  Discipline does not allow for discarding steps, or turning back from the hope, that gives you its destiny.

Hope chains us, to the expression: I choose my most valued decisions of both life and living, are to be found here. You cannot break away from that hope, unless you literally break the chains that bind you to it. So the question is: what, why, where, when, who, and how did you choose to bind yourself to a destiny that did not include the decision, “I belong here too”?

While there are a wide variety of hopes, and endless expectations of destiny in a human being: until they become “just this one thing”/ there is no true chain, and can be modified endlessly, because duty failed.

When I chose my destiny

What included: this world, and its whole life creation, must survive.

Why included: as I search through the evidence of our reality, the truth of threats so severe that extinction is inevitable; becomes clear.

Where included: this is a battleground, and it cannot be lost without a true and substantial battle for our world.

When included:  nothing else can be done or included until that battle is won, or simply over.

Who included: the critical decisions of humanity itself, have done this thing under the direction of university leadership; as has proven to control now everything. They must all change.

HOW is the elemental challenge; given the journey that is required. The demand is to prove the university is wrong; and the people have become a herd following orders, because the wolves are close by. A wolf is a predator, that never lets its prey stop, until it can fight no more (they just keep coming). The end is then “safe” for the wolf.

When you are faced with a human predator, it is the law which must help you. Keep fighting for relief. The unfortunate reality of “describing weapons” is: anything that you can use/ so can your enemy. The one single truth regarding protection from a predator; looks to nature: and finds in a skunk. The ability to turn back those who are much larger, have “great weapons”, and prove to be determined for violence. Yet with the right stench, that predator is turned away/ marked for identification/ and able to be picked from the crowd very easily. But alas, for the last forty years; women and others were far too proud to accept that. The constant answer of women, “I DON’T want to stop them/ I want to kill them”. Even though, that almost never happens.

You are, who you are, a humanity driven by want. But the end result of what you and your leaders have done is:  every biblical prophecy of terror, is set to come true. to your shame.

Yes I know, I have gone off course again; with regard to the purpose of these letters/ but that is me. I am reminded, the need for me to change is not a game either; and I must return to more diligent matters, of a distinct value to women. Or it will not go well for me either.

A letter “to whom it may concern”.

It is my reality, that the last 8 hours or so, have been far less than desirable; a cost of being me. What is clear is, that you will never understand the “changed”, basic definition of my life which is; I must, now live in a way that woman would recognize as “self”. Even though, I cannot; other than to experience the same levels of “most realities with men”, as do they: by changing positions with woman. As described earlier: my job is to create information that would be valuable to women. I cannot do that as a woman, from her perspective; as that is impossible. I can only create information that would be consistent with a man; that is confronted by realities he can no longer control. “its complicated, and unpleasant”. As are these tits of mine, that have used up the word “wow”; and replaced it with “a thousand plus hours of pushing against my body to come out”. Seriously, if women endure one hundredth of this; they should receive true respect and a reward. Just for having female breasts.

So the question is: WHAT can I tell you about men, that would be valuable to women; preferably without doing damage to either. By not interfering in “nature’s way”. Since some know “many things about men”/ and some know nothing about men; I, will just add it all.

  • Until a boy finds himself, confronted by the fact: a penis is not a toy/ bad things can potentially happen, from not recognizing the chemicals of sex; will lead you into “complete selfishness”: if you do not recognize the consequences, and control them. That occurs when, you find yourself where you never intended to go. Thank GOD, for decisions (stop_); rather than simply failing. The reality of this is widely varying, but until the recognition occurs that a penis is not a toy, and the chemicals are not to be allowed control; he cannot be a man. Because a true man (as created) exists, as the representative of GOD on earth. Being an animal fails that value.
  • Girls want sex just as badly as boys; chemicals are chemicals, and they are addictive, until you control them. the difference is primarily, that boys are expecting to participate in this world, with freedom to try “everything they can, or desire too”. While girls are apparently demanding their participation is a freedom, to achieve the security of a male partner, so as to make life less scary, in the real world they face. The consequence of that is, girls chain boys with sex/ while boys live to compete with other boys for trophies. In this conflict, the reality of sex and its consequences comes due for all those who did not achieve that understanding before. Not a game.
  1. Young men who love their young woman; will be torn between that love, and their own freedom to choose and experience the future by their own design. As the reality of marrying someone, is to remove that freedom, and reestablish it, as our choice. But not even our choice, because we are just beginning this living of life; and must compete to achieve our own securities. Where risk is bordered by the consequence: “we simply cannot afford to be wrong”. Therefore the reality is, we cannot afford to be right either, and life becomes simple. While young women have their own trophies to accumulate: which does include babies for most.
  • Living the married life, depends upon all the lies that were used to get you both to this stage of decision. Trust determines the future, and the future determines how well you will be able to love each other. Without truth, there is no respect. Without respect there is no relationship. Without a relationship there is no love. Without love, all you have is an agreement for sex or possessions or trophies.
  • Every decision is a personal matter, it is not a joint account, whereby each may steal from the other because the value of your heart is unprotected. The heart, is yours alone/ while the soul can be shared. Each decision takes something from your life, and uses it for someone or something else to become a part of your life. That means: you must make that decision for yourself honestly/ or there will be blaming of the other person. A reality that will descend into the abyss of what I want/ or what I didn’t want. That separates individuals, by pride or power; into a battlefield experience. WAIT, for the truth to decide (shared)/ not selfishness, “I own it all”.
  1. There are the issues of finding a mate after high school, when the realities are far less desirable; unless you go to college, “where you can continue to play like a child”. If you are forced into reality, as are most/ then you must accept the responsibility to meet and greet “at least one hundred people on average”. Because finding a lifetime mate who is the “perfect match for you”; is no small endeavor. That is complicated: because sex enters in, and the reality of loneliness can change the decisions you will make.
  • Meeting and greeting people REQUIRES communication, and a realistic presentation of who you are, as body, heart, and mind. We are programmed to desire someone who is healthy in both body and mind. We are each one desiring of someone who can make us smile with the desires of their own heart. Therefore it is incredibly important, to be who you are, so as not to lie. It is incredibly important to present yourself as both healthy in body and mind; which does include cleanliness, realistic weight, and more. THEN COMES COMMUNICATION, which is earned by accepting of the fact, that to bond with each other, we must have something in common to talk about. We must allow each other to be heard, without judgment. We must find a destiny or a desire we can share, to continue the journey into another day. So you need to expand your world into whatever does interest you, so that you can share that information honestly. You need to recognize where (find people with an interest you can accept) and how to meet single people; which does include safely participating with others, even if it is just to meet their friends or family or coworkers. Because that is the price we pay.
  • In terms of sex; the reality is simply this: never do what is not acceptable to you. Never do what you do accept, and then complain “I didn’t do that”/ because it is not true. And truth decides your reality and your future. From the male perspective: sexual acts require “a bit of work”/ that is well worth the price. But a selfish man or boy will not pay it; because he just wants to play with his toy. So he will be quick, and uncaring; its called lust (I just want to use your body, you don’t matter much). Which means the woman if she stays is because you represent “what she can, or expects to buy with sex”. That is called shopping; which means you don’t matter much, I just want your possessions. Where there is love, there will be passionate (my heart sings for you), caring (my soul lives with your embrace), sharing (my joy, is your happiness), and grace: the disciplines of my heart are in rhythm with you.
  • Loneliness is a very different reality than sex, which is commonly used to cover loneliness up, and keep it hidden: so as to appear “healthy”. Loneliness is: “my heart is wounded/ my soul is cast aside to rebuild itself, with so little love left inside, that it cannot.” So we must ask: what is heart, and why does it fail when we need this most? We begin with loneliness itself: as the description most understood, by the darkening world surrounding us, without a visible escape (depression)/ without a visible friend to share this burden of “a future I cannot accept as my own”. The heart is: a world beyond self, where eternity lives, and life never measures or judges anyone. The home, where my future is inevitable. Soul is: the place where I am never alone, as all creation itself, worships this life we are given with me. To impart the values of a destiny, is to remind the miracle of life that is dying inside: never to judge, because that fact “removes the light, to see beyond yourself”.
  1. As time passes by, people do change into the identities they will inhabit forever; even if they make no commitment/ then that is their identity, even if it cannot survive. Some change much/ others change little: how that affects the people who have loved you or shared life with you, is entirely dependent upon them. Because when truth comes, it is true, and cannot be changed further. There are sexual realities which become included in long term relationships: some will grow to hate sex/ some to love sex/ others will want little, or be denied; and so on. Children, work, wants, pride, and other consequences of life, do change things as well. What you each, are willing to share defines your happiness. When you are each willing to care enough: to do what makes the other happy, creates a destiny.
  2. Fate is the decision, to just assume and thereby gamble instead of facing your own reality, and accepting the terms of what it will cost; to be what you desire to be. Since most fail at that: the constant of human existence is people lie; especially to themselves. Lying to yourself means you are not willing to accept the price that must be paid to be “what you believe you want to be”. Or simply don’t believe you can be what you truly want to be/ so fantasies arise. With these lies, drugs come; crime is exhibited; violence and hate arise; and behaviors that are intended to tear someone else down, are common or constant; even if you don’t personally voice them. Because “you want, what you want”/ and you don’t want this, whatever it is.
  3. In every understanding of freedom: even if you feel enslaved, there are choices you did make. The consequence of religion does appear, as the dignity we share in determining for ourselves: “WHAT will happen, when I die”? That is a foundation upon which our lives are built. So the sooner you make that decision, the sooner your true future will commence. If you build upon a lie/ that lie will collapse, and you will drown. If you build upon the evidence of truth/ then the potential to survive as the truth you chose will exist. But if your truth is in fact simply a disguise, that disguise will eat your future alive, and you will fail. Hate is a truth that exists only to describe the living as: “you stole my life”. That is a lie, but since hate only recognizes their own death; it does not matter to the hateful. Love is a truth, that lets each experience the expression, “I AM ALIVE”; and wonder about just how much more value life could be. Truth is a foundation of law, and the law decides what will become of us all: within GOD’S mercy.

Letter to women #2

The construction of time, can take some very strange turns. It has been proven to me, beyond any further need to question it: that I will not choose to balance the discussion of what is needed anymore/ that freedom is taken away. But will write only “from a woman’s point of view”. That is possible, because the majority of relationship and world issues that are the subject of this forum (you have the opportunity to discuss it); are not gender specific/ although men have made them so.

In construction, it is necessary to identify the parts and process of how and why these things must be assembled as they are. While this is not from a woman’s point of view; it is essential to undertaking to build for yourselves. Because there is no such thing as “I want/ or I can” without the critical knowledge and understanding of ways that allows for that construction to be done. That part is non-gender specific; but accepts no substitute other than, you must know what you are doing/ or it all falls apart. So, I believe this is then, realistically what women desire to know.

No you don’t get a free for all, smash and grab kind of opportunity men have used throughout history: to create war/ sustain war/ and enforce war. YOU must do better: Without knowledge, understanding, and wisdom you will simply fail.

There are seven primary elements required for survival/ and five more to sustain peace and harmony. If you learn them, you can change this world. NOT because you are women, but because your numbers are so extreme, and the capacity to become organized together is greater in women, than men.


  • You must protect this earth, and all its life, all its nature, and the future for every child. Simple as that, or there shall soon be “no tomorrow”. As all the evidence does prove true.
  • You must remove the potential for weapons of mass destruction; and dissolve all large armies so that peace can come.
  • You must control the resources of this planet, with law; or tomorrow will be HELL.
  • You must remove the threats against every fresh water supply, or the predicted apocalypse (blood as high as a horse’s bridle) will arrive. With no water, we have only three days to live (a gun, and a fire; in every hand). And its opposition: you CAN’T have ours, we won’t have enough.
  • You must respect the chains of life, that make nature possible, and create your own food supplies. That means you will make hard decisions, that you don’t want to make/ because you must; or all life dies.
  • You must stop university delusions about playing god in all conceivable ways. You will take their power, and their tools away, to make these decisions and kill the implementation of all their possible catastrophe’s as they do, to destroy life itself with chaos.
  • You must change the power of men, to the power of law, that is governed through we the people by our own personal vote on the law itself.


  • You must present justice to this world, with the balance of freedom through respect for each other as the means.
  • You must limit the power of money, by employing “limited capitalism”. Which simply means: by our vote, we will determine just how rich any & all persons or other can be.
  1. You must take control over government, by removing their ability to control the currency or create debts or create wars.
  2. You must establish harmony, by creating the elemental rise in friendship, that is associated with male and female participation and value.
  3. You must remove hate from among you; so that no cause for the consequences of their violence shall rise again.


I remind you of these things again; because there is no future beyond the resolution: we must save our world, and rebuild for life to survive. The spiritual woman in me agrees, or I would not be able to include it. I have already created substantial information on how to do that on these web sites. If you actually begin, for the sake of life on earth: then I can help you address and resolve every situation as it arises. Assuming I am still alive. You should note this; although I can be made to change my mind, controlled by the spiritual woman inside. That I do intend if there is not enough interest in keeping these sites open; to support the $200.00 a month they cost, through donation. Then I surrender it as a lost cause. November first is the closing date if you do not. if more than is needed should be donated: a group of women will be allowed to decide what to do with that money/ not me.

That being set aside, we begin within the framework that is human behaviors. Please bear in mind: that my own mind does not work in “from a woman’s point of view” without aligning the elements first, which then become that kind of possibility.

We must first deal with the major behavioral issues of our day.

  • Men believe they must be the rulers, because they are stronger and can enforce their rules by violence.
  1. IN CONTRAST TO THAT: Is the development of law, by democratic authority. Or more distinctly a ruler gets his power, over all the people; by making rules (this is about you__) or creating armies for war (we will kill you). The law removes the power of a few, and gives it through democratic vote to all the people. Thereby we the people rule over rulers, by making the law that governs them. By creating our own armies, to bring those rulers to a courtroom; and examine what is true. a rule is about controlling individuals, for the benefit of the rulers (make this simple). A law is about controlling all of society, for the benefit of every individual. That is the difference. The foundation for women then is:  if you control the words, and the vote/ that creates the law. Then you rule the nation or world.  It is not money that rules the world, but law; as the law, can in fact take that money away.
  2. The backlash is: those hungry for power, will rebel. So the question they present is: DID YOU MAKE JUSTICE FOR ALL, AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR THE MASSES/ the reason this nation or this world will fight for you? Because it is, for them as well!
  3. FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW! When you remove the power of violence/ you remove the force of evil. Evil is: the creation of fear/ the attack of a predator; that is man against man or woman. Without power OR VIOLENCE to force their own decision: man and woman become equals.



The elemental fact of life is: women face pregnancy, and childbirth/ men do not. but they do face the truth without support and value accepted: both woman and child will have difficulty just to survive.

  • OUR WORLD CRISIS includes: without human population control, throughout this world/ there is no future beyond HORRORS AND HELL. With cannibalism and all forms of terror coming.
  • Deliberate decisions must be made, or there is no tomorrow of value. Those decisions are entirely built: on a woman’s decision/ as all women decide what they can or will do. Accepting blame/ or accepting a reward/ or accepting a duty. Only women get to decide what is fair. You are however cautioned: do not use a vasectomy (fight for life/ not against male, or they abandon you), as it destroys the chemicals men use to desire sex with you. Ending that reality, by removing its most elemental force.
  • FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW: should there not be a deliberate reward from men to women: for making the correct (as we describe) sacrifice that is, my body cannot have children anymore? One such reward is: I shall not be forced outside the limits of childcare for the first six years, for my decision: one child only.


Sex is a game, not to be taken seriously/ it is merely a toy, that proves I am superior to you: because I can get the ones, the sex, I want.

  • There is unfortunately, a long list of realities that must be addressed to properly alter this failed assertion, and assemble the respect each gender needs to rebuild romance and grace in their decisions to participate with each other. I am not going to address it; you don’t have the time to fix it. Unless you save this earth first.
  • FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW: it is the competition that forms the aggressive behaviors. The reality of what I must do, in order to obtain the attention I require to find a mate for my life and future. Therefore this is not only a problem designed by men/ but a reality assembled by women as well. Women control the majority response of all good behaviors in men: thereby when women stop being their own competition/ and form better ways of searching for a man among themselves. This world will change.
  • The foundation for truly changing society, and the relationships between men and women: DO revolve around the opportunity for a fair and reasonable job, so as NOT to be dependent upon the other one. Democratic authority gives the opportunity for that to a vote. The powerful will laugh and jeer: you can’t. But the certainty of democratic authority is: if we share, we can. If we care, we will.

There is clearly no great purpose in going beyond this point, unless I am joined by truly honest women who are intent upon fighting for this world with law and democratic authority. So, I intend to stop here/ unless forced to continue, by the spiritual woman inside of me. I am NOT the question here, so I care very little about what you believe or don’t believe about me. Your question is:  will you let this earth die/ or not?

 Life or death for this world shall be decided by women: because they are “the biggest block of voters” that can organize themselves; thereby leading men with justice. To create a new world with laws that are “we the people”. Men cannot defeat themselves, and this is the best men did do: because this is what they choose. Women are different/ therefore whatever it is they will choose will be different; and different or changed is, “our only hope”. Believe it or not, that is the truth. 

It does need to be said: that I am not so simple, as to believe women are able to correct this world, just because they are different. They cannot, simple as that. I am however complex enough to understand:  by working together WITH RESPECT, instead of competing with each other; all of us as we the people hold a valid authority, by which we can conceive of and create a new world. The difference between making that happen, and letting this world collapse into extinction: is as simple as, the constant of human history, as has built these threats;  which is “a male dominated world”; must be changed! There is only one other choice. I am not the leader of male or female humanity/ I am merely the messenger, delivering the possibilities for a new, rather than dead, WORLD of life. My education, has little to do with “men” or women: it is built from life. Your education is built from men or women, who have led you to the true edge of our world, going extinct. Such is the simple minded reality of, “the university is god”. Find respect/ value truth/ or die. It is not complex, just  search the evidence!

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