lesson 2

lesson 2

Lesson 2:  It is perhaps of importance to identify the reality of eternal life does exist; and what you DO, OR DON’T DO has a price to pay, when it is your turn to enter that door.

That should not be necessary, because life is an importance all on its own, that needs no threat to establish caring and sharing through respect. But since a majority are more animal than human; the need to “shake you alive” is paramount to any part or process of change.

The core development of eternity is the expansion of truth. Those five elements exist to process the patterns and rhythms that do become time. Core means: this is the rise of energy. Development means: to organize and arrange. Eternity offers: an opportunity. While expansion means: we are here, as life. Truth then becomes: the value of the law.

The difference between time and eternity: time is the ability to measure, an action or reaction by its distance from the beginning. While eternity offers no ability to measure, because the actual beginning:  has no bearing on the present; and the present has no foreseeable end.

To measure means: I have assembled the realities of each action and reaction to balance their values against the purpose from which it was created. That task of “existence” then creates for itself, the distance that will be traveled because of their choices made.

Whereas eternity values truth, and then truth decides the course, and the reality of law, that will create an “unforeseeable end”. Each elemental rise of environment relies upon the composition of a choice. Which does mean thought exists. Each situation requires the balance of a decision not only to search for that future, but relies upon the love for life and environment that is a decision to continue without end.

Male searches/ female participates as “the temple” man requires, to accept the values of heart and soul. Each balances the other. Each represents an entirely different world, that can be “beyond the meaning of self”.

The critical elevation of human existence is: that an animal has only time/ while a human being (as GOD, created you to be); becomes alive in the invitation to join eternity itself.

So, the essential question becomes: HOW can we believe in even the possibilities of eternity for us, as a human being? It is a reality of failure that asks: because it is a truth of miracles so far beyond human capability; or a damn disgrace called evolution and others/ that OUR CREATOR is not even a question. The miracles exist, therefore so does GOD. We are not abandoned, so says the evidence of “biblical JESUS”; and by his testimony we, who choose love and respect, are invited.

While it is sufficient to end that discussion there. The reality of human corruption through the corrosion of a university brain is horrifying. You have destroyed the future of your world, your are destroying the world itself, nature, oceans, and everything that life could have been: primarily by the leadership of “the cult (you can’t question us), called university knows”.

We then add in, discarding the university: that life is not a question of mass, or more specifically: life is not born in the chemistry of mass. Life is born in the relationship that exists with energy, and its transportation by the laws which govern it: within thought. The process by which we recognize, “this is freedom, this is life, this is choice”. These are elements within the framework and structure of an energy environment not governed by time. To achieve that reality, there is no action or reaction with mass. The participation of life is, or begins, within energy itself.

You know that energy is merely transformed into something else through an action or reaction/ unless it dissipates and is lost simply by dissolving into its surroundings. Every life tied to that energy is then transformed into something else, or is dissipated into “nothing of value left”.

So the simple question is: do you believe in your laws of physics or not? Because the reality of our existence is not whether the body exists: it exists for a time even in death; but life is not there! Life is within the reality of what can be confined as thought, and that recognition of thought can be considered to exist, within a partnership of energy and the experience to express your freedom, your life, and your choice. Even so, death will mean you are trapped in that experience, until the elevation of thought transports you into the spiritual realm of truth, by its many facets of law. From there, what is not true about you will be stripped away; and whatever is left then becomes “YOU”.

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    […] As to the increasing change in my own body, and the reality I have NO control over that. I can only believe it has something to do with serious or severe needs in women that must be addressed by men. For the purpose of changing men. As such I suspect, it is not about me but men. It is a reality that will determine if this world shall or shall not survive; because unless the crisis of disrespect between men and women is resolved/ you will go extinct. So to some extent, this is the same job as the first/ just a different format.

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