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This is an altered state of the original job; to a realistic degree/ so, a new or different introduction is in order. Prior to further information given.

So that it is clear, the reality of my work to describe for you the necessities of what you should be aware of in your life; to make the best possible decisions for your future and our world; is simple and plain. Understand the evidence, identify the participants, construct the future based upon what the facts will show, conceive of truth, and identify the consequences that will or will not be participating as time goes by.

These things are all given probabilities of action or reaction based upon your own distinct decisions. I do not present leadership, as is: “listen to me/ follow me/ etc; because that allows you to blame me for any mistakes you make; even if they are clearly and distinctly not my fault. The cause of these things is simple: you hear only what you want to hear, even if that is less than ten percent of what you are told. You cannot hear what you don’t want to hear; even if that reality is chaos, and the predictability is ninety percent of what you are being told. Or more simply you are believers; and a believer never accepts the truth, unless it bears witness to what they want to hear, expect to attain or deny; or simply demands, regardless of the evidence. As is the basis of most religion, which does include university “knowledge”.  The consequence of all that is: I DON’T desire to lead your herd, in any way or form. Make your own decision, and live the consequences of your own choice.

In contrast to that is the basic reality of why I confront you at all: which is HUMANITY IS, destroying this planet/ gambling with all life/ mutilating nature on purpose/ and much more; which does include me as well as you. So, as an individual demanding of you to be individuals too: I do present information and evidence that allows you to change what you are doing; in a direct effort to let this world survive. The probability of extinction without change is 100%; and it will occur within a very short time for us all. Because the facts are clear. So, the vast majority of humanity simply runs away to hide; as they have been doing for over 4 decades: from the truth, the universities are more enemy than friend. Question them with reality!

What has that to do with gender issues?

The reality is: men and women do have a very big impact on each other’s lives. So the question is: when the need to establish change is evident, and without question a life or death reality of decision. The critical part would be: HOW do we change leadership/ because what has been; delivered us to the door of our own extinction. We must change, it is no game.

As to me; this seems a work that will never be done. I began thinking “could not possibly take more than ten years”/ see how wrong I can be. Just like, this counterfeiting of currency by hiding inflation cannot possibly extend into absolute fantasy numbers; but it did/ because humanity, does not want to pay their own price. As has become “liar/ traitor/ thief/ fool/ failure/ cheat/ killer/ whore”. The error was in: this was to be a world ending event, not simply a human constant as history would prove; because the universities tampered with the proof, propagated lies such as debts don’t matter, and led with the flashing lights of media, into the horrors of a fantasy world based upon lies, fools, toys, arrogance, and the failure of life itself.

As to me, with regard to the spiritual woman inside: when it became apparent male had no answer at all, to keep this world alive. I search for female truth; “just to ask a question, what would you do”? That became a changed life, it was never my intent/    never a quest or desire to be female in any concept or way. Simply a life without numerous choices I used to take for granted: because the female spirit also knows, this world will soon be extinct without change; and she is stronger than me. It’s complicated, and you won’t understand; so it will not be explained. Suffice it to say:  men are built by the realities of their own living environments, courage, and abilities/ while women are built within the realities of their personal environments, the values they hold within, and the framework of their fears. Do you see the difference?

This portion of the work to provide you with the information necessary to survive, as a world; is then the result of being forced to recognize: women have a right, to take control/ before this world is dead, and they have no say. This is, “the best men did do”/ and we are, at death’s door. So says the evidence. The reality to me is: somehow, I landed in the middle of what will be; changing men, because there is no other choice for life on earth. To illustrate how that happens to me: whenever “my tits” are active, which is whenever they want to be/ I have no say. The consequence of that is like male being squashed under a truck; “just can’t move” until it does. It’s complicated, but you get the point. The end result is simple: “life or death for our entire world, requires everyone to participate as best they can”; as needed. Even though this is not my choice, I do not despise the reality; the fight is over: even I must do the best I can for this world. Price is unimportant. Every child, every future life on this entire earth; that would exist; depends upon what we all do now.

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