lesson 3



It is the elemental test of understanding, to identify and create the knowledge that is absolutely essential to the construction of what is then to become wisdom; in conjunction with true balance, as is the core of understanding.

It is elemental to the test of order, that nothing should be given to want (whatever I “think” should be true). Rather order is the essence of steps (established by understanding), that will either ascend or descend into the structure of a diligent mind/ or its chaos.

Discipline lives or dies in the framework of what desire transforms from the living, by its acceptance of value. Desire lives or dies, based upon your chosen path: to accept the separation of life and body, which then grants the potential of eternity. OR, to accept that life comes from body only, and thereby grants all its value to the body itself; which means death is an absolute, and nothing else will matter.

These three things hold “the elemental state of a human being”; as a decision/ not a measurement. While every life in time is a measurement of the distance in time you have traveled: that is only the body, and it does not relate to the question of life itself. LIFE identifies the freedom to make a decision, that will ultimately extend itself into the consequences for life or death.

We then begin with these simple explanations; to conceive of the additional steps which become the relationships of man and woman.

The first step beyond freedom for a decision is: WHAT should I, or should I not, do with this decision to be free? WHY, does it matter? WHO, will help me be happy or sad? WHERE does my own happiness reside? WHEN is freedom, not freedom enough, or even bad? HOW, can I conceive of what life was meant to be?

The first participation constructs the question to me: WHAT IS MY FREEDOM? Order says, the critical part establishes my passion to survive. Or more specifically, to balance the desire for life against its price; requires discipline to understand the basic premise: I have a right, even an obligation to be free. Therefore the essence or core, of my freedom is: to be “the truth” of me.

So, we step beyond our existence, and transform ourselves by survival: I will pay the price. But the question begins: WHY, is this important and valued by me? The answer elevates desire (everything that gives ALL life value, including me);  or descends into want (selfishness), pride (life is a game), and power (I can make you cry). What you choose here, assembles the life, by choice; that you live in time. This accomplishes behavior.

That selfish behavior establishes the relationships that are not intensive, but consist of “life within the crowd, or herd”. Pleasure then is the limit to your intensity/ while pain establishes superiority, either measuring for you or over others. I am more/ or less!

Desire identifies, the alternate of selfishness. Desire is not a behavior, but a decision to intensify the values of living, into a living heart, that understands the essence of all life, is the grace and truth that I am not alone. Even better the lives that live beyond simple want and its confederates; to share this world with me, because they care: are an elemental door to the expressions and experience that is love.

Love is the expression of happiness. Simple as that! It arises whenever “I feel alive”, as identified by truth: recognized by living within the miracles which surround us as our truth combined with they’re truth. Established when the passion of our intensity to feel alive with and within each other, has discarded all measurements: to understand, this love is the meaning of life.

But reality strikes here as well, to underscore the truth: that love can be born in one/ but not the other. That love can be faked, because a human actor can lie. Therefore we come to the definition of why is freedom both bad and good. To understand: the right to be free includes the right to choose against you; and even steal your heart.

That truth grants the understanding: ONLY   GOD   can become first in life; because nothing less protects the heart from its potential to die.

The critical question then is wisdom:  can you/ or can you not, understand that the miracles of life and planet are more than you will ever understand, either by concept or truth? Religion grants a discipline for those who are lost, thereby a time to heal; honest religion has value, presenting order with some balance/ belief does not. Because belief is your right to accept anything you want to be called true; even when clearly that is not so. The cause religion never rises beyond “the old words” is: every generation wants more, than they have earned.

Every miracle testifies to  GOD CREATED ALL LIFE HERE!  Simple as that, it is uncontestable; because it is proven true. Thought grants life by truth, it is NOT whatever you want life to be. Life is what it is, and nothing is more certain than life is a miracle constructed by thought, and elevated into existence by means so far beyond our knowledge base or understanding: we cannot offer “a single hair” to its construction. Humanity, can only destroy.

Put GOD FIRST,  and let the rest be decided by:  “I did do, the best I could do”. Accepting the reality, even though I love you, and you love me; our destinies here in time, are not the same. Therefore I must continue my journey alone, or with another. Love is not a right, love is an intensity of passion, that lifts our lives above selfishness: to gain the value called hope. Therefrom hope rises when we love, capturing each one in its grace; to give the value of our souls, as best we can share with each other, as one. Put GOD first, or this soul can be stolen.

As to hope itself. The difference between time and eternity is hope. That hope identifies I have found in love, a truth beyond self that surrenders freedom, to become “More than just me”. That essence of love, eliminates loneliness to prove, I AM, alive!


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