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Defining the materials which compile the fundamentals of human relationships.

The critical elements are of course humanity itself; because apart from the reality of nature gives us everything/ and when it does not there will be war/ chaos/ and “hell” to pay. The reality of human existence is at least 99% all, the consequence of, this is human caused.

The critical stages are simple: from a majority standpoint, “everything basically;  that creates what people expect from each other is determined by what happens to them from 0-12 years old. The foundation of what comes next is determined in the ages of 13-18 years old; because they are trying out their tools and abilities; usually their sex out, on the others as well as their environment. Manipulating/ tempting/ controlling/ lies/ cheating/ violence/ and the rest. We then come to the decision stages, which are: I am cheated/ why should I not cheat too. I am used and abused/ why should I not use and abuse too. I am  I am poor, others are rich/ why should I not be rich too; any way I can. I want sex/ why should I not have it: someone has to pay.

Critical to the development of a decision is: WHY? The reality of every decision is based entirely upon one of three distinct fundamental truths. Either you desire love/ want hate instead/ or believe you must or must not do this to survive! Arguments will arise insisting life is more complex; but it is not; as everything to do with living is about your decision for happiness which comes from love. Your decision for want, which turns into hate and its subcategories. Or your decision to survive, and the price you must pay, or believe you must pay to sustain that option called time. Trophies and games are merely the elements of want, that hide the fact, you are not as happy as you appear; and must seek comfort from something else.

Material developments extend beyond these limits to encompass the realities of your decision. All the attempts whether it is manipulation, pride, power, want, etcetera; are based upon the demand to alter someone’s decision not to do what you want/ and make them accept you are in command here. So the question presented, whether by male or female: is ultimately a demand to own your life for “this purpose”. Sex is often the targeted trophy. Sex is not “love-making”/ sex is simple biological chemical addiction, supported by using another body to attain your goal.

“Love making”: is to respect the value of this “opposite gender” human being, this creation of GOD beyond the conceptual understanding of any measurement time would allow. To transform ourselves into the miracles HE chose for us to be; by entering into the temple of woman HE created;  for male to reveal himself as love defined. Sharing life, caring with discipline, describing order, and accepting responsibilities for this choice. How   could you not, see the difference?

Decisions apart from sexual relationships, are determined by: where your heart lives, if it lives at all. The human heart/ NOT, the body heart; lives or dies based upon your desire for love. Love is the happiness derived from the true acceptance of a very simple claim: LIFE is better when shared with other lives, that do respect, care, and share with you. It is that simple. Therefrom the price we pay for that acceptance begins and ends with your ability to perceive and respond to the rhythms and realities of another life. The heart testifies to what you have to offer, even if no one responds in kind. Thereby the heart is, your purpose and your desire explained within the things you do for love, through honest respect.  Purpose examines reality to decide what you are willing to pay for this love. While desire identifies the destiny your own heart will hope exists. This is your elementary treasury of value.

We then turn to the decisions that are not about sex, love, or heart.

Reality explains that survival determines your time on earth, as a consequence:  “I AM the only one truly important here” arises. Therefore every decision built into this composition is about ME. Every life that is affected is used or abused or lifted into happiness; because I measured you and your desire, by your purpose and by mine. The alternate of that is, you did do the same thing to me. So we have a mutual base reality: I am for me/ and you are for you. The question then erupts: WHERE is the line, that says I cannot take more for me/ or if there is respect, give a little more to you? The answer is: where your heart lives or dies!

The real question is then: WHERE does a heart live/ and WHEN does a heart die?

The answer:  the heart lives where kindness is accepted as “my choice”. The heart dies when, the value of kindness and all its traits, that build the core of love, are thrown away; in favor of all that hate can bring instead.

Reality then explains the human decision as a behavior determined by what you have chosen to participate in your living with;  and why you have chosen it, to be your way. Every part and particle of behavior is determined by the same elemental value/ but the difference is: to what degree will you assign your behaviors to each or who among the others as responsible instead of you. Hate arises from the singular decision: THEY did this to me! Whether a big issue or small, that reality of invasion leads directly to: I DON’T WANT THIS. Which encircles you with the realities and relationships created by life among the rest, to provide all the things they taught you for laying blame on someone else. Love teaches forgiveness where it is consistent with repentance (I AM sorry). Whereas hate teaches you revenge, and how to get even; “because they don’t matter to me”.

We then come to the human world of money; a sewer of disgrace/ because it transforms society into a competition, to be the most/ by getting the most. Whatsoever that prize would be. It is not the money that is a sewer of disgrace/ it is the reality of letting people compete to be richer than they deserve. Which as a matter of course, is literally all but never; an income or property claim that is more than 3 times the average. Excess Wealth simply impoverishes the rest. Excess wealth simply builds armies to defeat the rest, and thereby control the world, by bringing violence as their solution [keep the poor from competing with me]. Humanity worships money: The power to make the others my slave/ and despises nature, as a competitor that makes you be a slave. As always the opposite is true: nature grants life to exist, nothing less is true. While money is constantly the disease that inflames and creates destruction “unlimited” until men stop for a short time. Limited capitalism corrects this defect in humanity, and arises through world law as a peaceful world.

Last of the major human failures is “someone else has to pay for my wanting sex”! This descends from the expectation of a chemical release that is denied. The consequence of that is, a demand for sex, even if you don’t agree. The elemental substructure of it is:  “I accept my body needs this to survive”/ so I do have every right to take what I need! That of course is untrue in every form or concept: but want is a liar, and pride is certain to be a winner, someone else has to lose. So the question of power is: how best can I make you cry/ without any price to me? Acceptance is different than belief. Acceptance requires that you adjust your life to the realities you have chosen to accept: even if it is a lie/ you CHOSE it. Therefore you must comply, or agree to stop this behavior. Those who refuse then choose to believe they have a right, which becomes an endless line of fantasy excuses; until the day hate and violence take over. Because the lies have died, and that means truth convicts you of being dead too. The common response is to blame in the case of men: “its all the fault of women”. Or in the case of women, “its all the fault of men”. If isolated down to individuals, for whatever reason or lie; that becomes a cause to kill, use, or abuse.

Last of the major diseases, of humanity is “the university diploma”; wherein all forms of lies and liars exist in their fantasy worlds, and form a ring around society itself to enclose them for slaughter. As has been done. The university is god, because men believe now we can control nature and make ourselves god. Therefore they worship, “to be god”. They have made themselves Satan; destroyers of this world/ a cursed generation. Because life, was not enough.

There are of course the cult worshipers that will be greatly offended by this claim against their religion “the university is god”/ as all religious believers do. Today as throughout the last four decades:  I simply offer the evidence as proof. They are trying to ignite sun fire on earth. They are deliberately mutilating nature with the want to bring chaos into life, because they believe in evolution. They are discarding every  life on the planet with resource depletion; as they are the leaders, and the media, and the courts, and everything else with  power in this nation and others; because they counterfeited the currency by hiding inflation, debts, and facts. Simple as that, the end result is HELL and the rest of absolute terror that is coming.

Other religions jump up and down demanding  “GOD will never let that happen”/ even though it is predicted in the bible and others. Even though the evidence is absolute, and without flaws. After all, if you can’t believe whatever you want to believe/ and lock out all the rest:  “what good is religion”? As to why should the earth end:  human disrespect for life and GOD is the answer. As to mercy, “should we not be saved”? the answer is: you are the cause/ therefore you are the solution; and if you will not change that fact; then the most merciful thing that can happen for this earth is simply “to end it quickly”. Nothing would be more quick and less painful to every child; than simply removing life with fire. It ends the catastrophe that is, “the university arrogance built itself to be;  Satan (we can be gods)”. Believe it or not, truth simply does not care: it will decide.

Yes, this has gotten a little off course; but that reality just means, without true change this is a worthless exercise that will not matter. Even so: it is “a woman’s right” to try and bring true change/ so I comply. Even though it is not a choice for me; it is not against the reality of my own desire: life must have every opportunity for change. What is male failed, because as the saying goes “it’s a man’s world”; and they have created boundaries and barriers and rules and realities specifically to keep the male dominated power/ in power. Not because they fear women/ but because they do believe women have NO possibility for change. They are wrong, in a world filled with people, and threats of extinction: the possibilities of changing the law, by democratic authority through a vote; looms large.

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