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Letter to men #2

I am less overrun, therefore I will try to make this one: what the other should have been. Diligence requires, “that I am plain man, with no illusions or perversions”; simple as that/ other than the spiritual realities I cannot avoid. It’s complicated, because you cannot understand; suffice it to say, although the spiritual world is separated into three distinct environments with regard to humanity {male/ female/ as one}. The critical truth is male and female are separate and cannot be invaded by the other; which brings me, to me. Unless humanity learns here and now to cooperate “as one”; extinction will come quickly now! I am, joined to female; as their liaison; even though it was never my intent.

The critical element here is: some understanding must be given, so that peace between the genders can exist/ while other information must be withheld, so that common and constant equations between the sexes is not overrun. Or more simply, the dedicated task is to create a level playing field so that neither male nor female can be considered as anything but equal to the other.

TO BE EQUAL: requires the respect to acknowledge, the value of a life is greater than the value of a gender; which grants to all of humanity an expression of freedom that is greater than your judgment, or its measurement. The right to be free, is elemental to life itself. That is an open statement acknowledging: your decisions, are free to be your decisions/ unless they endanger other lives, which does include sustaining and protecting all life on earth.

That said: it is the right of creation itself, to insist those who make choices consistent with the realities and designs of nature itself, giving assistance to environment, rather than its destruction SHALL EARN MORE; in the elemental search for eternity. To respect the design, to acknowledge with a purity of purpose within that design. To live according to the clear and distinct values set before us, as what life would be, “if our CREATOR” was here;  grant for life beyond this place, boundaries will exist.

So the question is, for the sake of time itself [what does change to stop this race to extinction, really mean]? What must be changed in the life of men, and how they relate with women to form a relationship of value, not theft/ power/ or cheating?

This begins with a look at value itself: or more specifically, what can man do to create value for a woman? There are five fundamentals:  to be expansive, granting to each one the same value as another: which does mean, equal and true rights to form their own decision. 2) To be respectful, granting to a specific individual by acceptance, without measurements; the right of equality with me or you/ same; same. 3) To accept, the dignity of gender, as the truth: I am NOT “just like you”; and you may not treat me in any manner that is less than you would deem respectful of yourself. 4) To identify, the grace we share “as different human worlds set apart” for our own happiness; because we are, the essence of joy to each other.  5) To create, time set apart as passion will enhance; because life is too precious to spend in worthless pursuits; as are the belief of “trophies and toys”/ the cost of lust. Rather than the ecstasy of knowing, “we both literally feel ALIVE”; because we each care, for each other.

The value of a relationship is both simple and complex: you can achieve a relationship with “simple joys”/ or even sex. But you cannot sustain a relationship with less than respect, and a reality of shared expressions, cared for experiences, deliberate helping, critical time, accepted with desire, honest purposes, and the discovery “this is our journey as one”.

Of the disciplines established (you must participate, for a healthy relationship); the most simple and most complex is: a shared journey, to the same destination. While it is easy to begin that journey, with love; as love is the same destiny intended; it is not a simple destination. Therefore it is the hardest to achieve. To understand the balance point of what order will require, is to acknowledge: you have made a decision/ but it is still up to the other individual to make a similar decision with yours. You CANNOT ride the same passion as another/ instead, you must own your own. The difference is: even if we join as male and female by elemental life truths; that is not the same as journeying, along the same living path. We do not stand still, as life experienced through time/ time will not let that be. Which means the living shall in fact always disturb and displace “life and love”, by demanding your assistance just to survive. It is no game! Although love is free, and life is a gift to you; even though the body is a present of sorts from your ancestors/ living is not free, and a life respected, is a life that gives back something of value to your benefactor. Which is   GOD  !

We then come too: where does your own passion reside? If it is in the essence of love between a man and woman, then you will know joy; because survival is a secondary thing for you/ life is easy. If it is in the essence of life itself, rather than the desire for elemental happiness as a human being granted the freedom to decide: your right to be free allows, that this earth, and all its nature must come first. Only then does personal happiness override the living, to allow for the simple and plain expressions of love. Between these two descriptions are the desires that live or die or wish to be awakened, in you: as a valued human being searching for eternity. Anything less is NOT a passionate embrace of life or living/ but only exists as a measurement in your time; and its ending.

By examining relationships simply, rather than the complex skills required for discipline. We come to the constant of human behavior that is: I want sex/ I will manipulate for sex/ I want to control sex for me/ I want to lust (your body is mine to use, any way I choose_)/ and I own you, which allows for I judge you (pride), and measured beneath a value to me; creates room for destruction and other types of violence (power). This form of behavior based upon the elements of time; which remind each one that an ending comes for you too. Grants “MY LIFE” is the only thing that truly matters. Simple as that. Sexual male aggression comes from: “I WANT more/ or, I WANT less”! It is a simple behavior, formed by that. I want more means, there is something pleasurable here that I wish to embrace again. I want less means: there is something I lost here, and I am angry; or even worse, about that.

There are seven basic elements to male aggressive sexual behaviors:

  1. I want more, even if you don’t agree to give it to me; is an absolute selfish decision to take what I want; regardless of you. It shows no respect/ and it betrays any description of friendship that may or may not have established the beginning of this failure.
  2. I want more, because the chemical addiction I have surrendered too; is my excuse/ which again if forced means; no true respect exists.
  3. I want more, because I want more; which brings temptations/ flattery/ excuses/ lies/ betrayal; the cause of prostitution and other forms of selfishness “to light”.
  4. I want less, because I didn’t get enough: and now I am angry with life and you.
  5. I want less, because I got too much sex, and it revealed my own failures as a man.
  6. I want less, because I got used and abused, and am now suffering from incalculable slavery; as the debts which were created become real life truth.
  7. I want less, because I lost control to a woman; and perversion is creeping inside, as these try to get control back.

In contrast to these are the men who share their expressions of a valued life, with women who do experience them as a contributor to their happiness. It takes freedom to achieve this goal, and that means equality has erupted. Even so, where there is a goal, there is a game; and the game means one or both are considered to be trophies. Trophies lose their luster quickly; just as soon as the competition to claim it disappears. Sharing the decisions, shares the journey. Accepting reality must decide rather than you’re want or mine; creates a destiny when it is true for both.

To construct a caring experience DOES mean:  this is more than a measurement to me/ to us! Or more simply, caring is about life, and life is about the essence of why we breathe. That core of existence is the beauty life can be. Beautiful means: unlike a scenic view, which can be “breathtaking” for a time/ it will be forgotten, because time moves on. Beautiful in contrast to that is a description that lives within the memories apart from time, to grace the existence of our experience, as an expression which will never be moved apart. It is mine, and it is yours: forever.

To deliberately help each other, reminds each one, that I have chosen to be with you/ I have chosen, to support and maintain our lives together/ I have chosen to participate as equals/ I have chosen to believe we will be friends forever/ I have chosen, to let you see me as I am/ I have chosen, to belong within the same world, by the same descriptions, by the same design, to form my home with you as we are together. Simple and plain, we are joined as one.

Critical time reinforces my life is given to you, as one experience with two expressions to define our human home. Without time shared, it is impossible to build a home for two, or more, with joy. You can only build a home for one; the place you go/ the place you separate from the world/ the place you are alone. Critical time is, the passionate embrace of a moment that holds no other, but us; again and again and again.

Accepted with desire confronts “I or you”; with three realities of choice. Acceptance means: without reservation or confusion, I made my choice. Desire means: there is nothing more important in this world, to me;  than this choice I have made, to give my whole life too. Confronted means: once you have made those choices, the rest is determined when living finds the possibilities that are different. The realities that are not the same. And the questions which will determine if order remains in your life, as living is thrown into the balance of what you wished and hoped for, but now may refuse. Responsibility arises or descends from these moments on.

The honesty of every purpose comes from the truth of what we do truly accept as the evidence upon which we made these monumental choices, for our own individual life. Without evidence and its discipline of knowledge, there can be no understanding. Without understanding, there can be no essential wisdom: and thereby will be confronted with failure or its fantasy of lies. Only when we are true, in and of itself; to the core values of life: love, respect, happiness, and hope! Are we able to fully accept a forever choice. Therefore the essence of our truth with life is, or must be:   “life is a mystery, a quest beyond self to discover what is true”. Respect is an ascension beyond the limits of time, which adhere to eternity. Happiness is, the elevation of a love that fills life, because it is “alive in you”. Hope is, the destiny that can never be taken away; because you are the creator of your own desires.

Discovery develops the doors within which you can travel into the basic elements of truth. That journey is strictly limited to your own individual truth, because life or death/ terrors or failure/ happiness and hope; all sit behind these doors. What you choose, becomes your home.

Some will argue: what has all that to do with men? The answer is: stop being predator or prey, and align yourselves with the value men were intended to be; by your   CREATOR.

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