Letter joined for both male and female.

In the compositions of our time, the reality most expressed is: I WANT, what I want/ and I DON’T WANT NOTHING, that I don’t want! End of story, simple as that; nothing else matters but pride, power, or lust: regardless of gender.

That fact isolates and dictates the relationships we all share, along with the constant competition of primarily “electronic, media, and greed temptations”. The end result is an abandonment of friendships, because they don’t fall into an immediate reward for me. All friendships have a price, some little/ some large; but there is a cost. Those who have been willing to be friends with me, know that my primary concern is the loss of this entire world of life; as an unavoidable reality. They hate it, they avoid it, and I let them; but they all know it. That fact has little to do with want, and revolves entirely around truth, and its consequences. The price for each friendship varies widely.

Nonetheless, the cost and consequence for gender relationships; as each seeks the compositions necessary to form a marriage: are equally saddened by the reality of want/ its lies/ its temptations, manipulations, and intent to control. You can’t want, other than survival without pride/ you can’t want survival, other than to be confronted with power. You cannot be addicted or lured into crime, or its consequences; without want. What you want determines who you are: because that want directs your life/ unless you discard it for reality by its own truth.

So the question is: WHY do people want? Want being different than desire in the following ways. To want, is to assemble plot or plan the purpose of attaining what you do not have; regardless of what reality will allow, by its own truths. To desire, is to accept the value of life and living can be enhanced, if truth and reality will grant by hope; and this decision turns out to be correct. No plotting, planning, tempting, etc is allowed in desire: only truth.

The foundation of nearly all human relationships today is built upon want. The consequence of that is an entire society that has been manipulated, controlled, tempted, and betrayed with lies, and all that power and pride can do. Which brings us to why society falters, and humanity turns to drugs and escape. As in, “THIS is not happy for me”/ even though I wanted what I wanted; I did NOT want, what truth and its reality brought along. Want lied, and the price for destroying friendships is much higher, than creating friendships with respect.

People want, because they believe in the lies/ they believe they have found a way to get what they want, without paying the real price. They accept, “nothing is more important than me”/ and they prove to each other, this is the case; because that, is what you chose. Belief is a very dangerous thing; as is so evident today by your belief in “university knows”. The constant over these last fifty years that I have observed with university is: they are 99% marketers, with almost nothing else to show for their work. Marketing means to: tempt, manipulate, control, betray, disease, destroy, fail life and planet, plot, plan, cheat, and whatever it takes to enslave the others, by making them do something for you/ that you would not have otherwise done. And humanity says:  “they can’t control,,,,,,me”; even though billions of dollars spent, absolutely proves they can.

So you have been led to this fractured existence, discarded by the side of the road as trash, and are bundled together in the slaughter house pin; awaiting the consequences of your extended truth; as worshipers of the university knows cult.

OH WELL, that is enough of that.


We begin again; “we” recognizes the journey that thought acknowledges in both you and me. We cannot attain a greater knowledge than self, unless we are willing to accept the price of letting thought lead us, to wherever truth shall go. It is not, for the weak, or afraid; which is why so few attain it.

So let us begin again, with the simple words:  every journey has a beginning, wherein you release control and allow truth itself, as is consistent with the evidence of your own heart; take control. It is not a surrender, it is joining the spiritual world, by its own laws.

Every journey has a destiny, wherein your hope outlines the reality of your decisions, which create the purpose and desire of your own soul. Therein hope identifies the reality of you, by your own truth, and it is that truth which will offer, and upon acceptance; open the doors into what you have accepted as your desire to learn. There is no journey that fails to teach. If you fail to learn/ the journey ends where you failed.

Between the beginning and the end of your journey, is the distance. In time that is conceived, and measured by your age, among other things. But beyond self, where only truth can survive, is the essence of eternity bordered by the laws which let it survive. There is no distance, because there is no time to measure with. That fact identifies the potential of every hope, because it is not truth that constructs hope, but desire. We now have three possibilities: the truth of eternity itself, as bound by law/ the identity of self, as bound by truth/ and the freedom of desire, that lives only in hope and its relationships with life.

We then examine the possibilities of eternity to explain: “a billion seeds for your own desires” await your own decision.

We examine the possibilities of self; and find that truth dictates the relationships you may form. The environments you may create.

We express the freedom of life as, your potential to live within peace and harmony; as truth and the essence of love in your own heart will create. This indicates clearly:   without peace and harmony, there is no eternity. As it will collapse with chaos/ thereby hate. The consequence of that is: there CAN be a second death/ because hate will be removed.

So the question becomes:  HOW does, being male and female affect this eternity? The answer is: each contributes to a more interesting environment, and distills a more complex dimension of possibilities.

The next question is: HOW CAN we be certain eternity exists at all? The answer is: “nothing exists without thought, because thought translates life into existence.” That functionally means: wherever the essence of thought can exist, so then can life itself.

So the question is: WHAT IS, thought? While the values of thought, and its core elements are fundamentally conceivable/ they are not for humanity to understand. Take a look at where you are: standing on the very edge of your own extinction/ because the university expanded a tiny bit of knowledge, and then declared themselves to be god/ by tearing down everything humanity had built, prior to this day. Take a look at your own selves:  accepting evolution as your creator, because the university told you to accept it; with asinine conceptions and endless lies. A reality that defines:  “to your shame”.

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Jim Osterbur

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