I quite literally despise, handing any information over that could be used to multiply further devastation of life or planet. That said, the reality of failure is so extreme; nothing less can be used to identify the curse of a university diploma. For those who do not believe anything bad will happen due to human induced genetic manipulation/ the reality is: your scientists only learn by destroying things. NATURE (building the body of life) ITSELF, is entirely based upon genetics. Changing that, changes life; and it cannot be put back together: because disease, mutilation, alterations, and castration; don’t simply go away. Or more simply: they can literally kill us all/ but the potential to save or help a tiny few, can NEVER be worth the risk!

Genetics are built upon a variety of unknown factors: how does the string which holds the key chemicals appear/ how are the chemicals separated and bound to the string/ how is the messaging developed up and down the string/ what are the rhythms associated with life/ where is the assembly plant formed/ how are boundaries kept/ what is life/ how does energy interact/ disciplines are measured in microseconds, what is the clock/ how does building a body balance itself/ where does biologic pregnancy form itself into a human being, or other/ how are the instructions for creating a living substrate developed into motor skills, brain functions, feelings, the essence of thought, the freedoms of motion, the intensity of creation itself……………….are just the beginning.

As is so obviously found, in the realities of skeleton formations/ brain schematics/ nerve translations/ simply growing together/ food intake and all the rest. As is absolutely proven: this can only occur through thought/ and NEVER by accident. For the last forty years plus: the university scientists have been trying deliberately to destroy the foundations of life: begin in basic terms as, order/ discipline/ balance/ freedom/ information/ hope/ and energy. TODAY, with CRISPR they don’t have to destroy it anymore: they just take pieces from one species and stick that genetic information into another species; and wait for the result. Literally crucifying anything that lives even a second in time. “because these things don’t belong together”. But they will accidently mutilate life in its entirety, by releasing into our “Everything”:  the most terrifying thing there is, a body of life in chaos.

While I believed for forty years, that we were all human; and you said no, “we are animals”. It has become clear, that the vast  majority were right. An animal wants, and therefrom acts or reacts; never allowing itself to think beyond the moment. A human being thinks, because it is inherent to finding the truth; and it is the knowledge of truth that sets us apart from the other creatures.

The truth is: change from worshiping your former classmates who got a diploma for whatever reason; and now declare themselves as “gods”/ and find what is true. Or you will go extinct!  

       To assume, that everything you need to know is “whatever you want or don’t want”/ and therefrom act or react accordingly: is an animal. They need no other truth, and accordingly find no other truth.

       To understand life, is to form the basis “of a brain”. The brain operates on order/ discipline/ and balance. Without a brain, people assemble themselves into the following categories.

  • Believer: to enclose yourself into a tiny room, where only the things you want are allowed to exist. That extends to far more than the religious.
  • Zealot: everyone must believe as I believe; they MUST.
  • Angry: I have a right, that you must understand.
  • Hate: I no longer care about anything but me.
  • Teacher: from the least (don’t bother me, this is a job; just memorize this/ even if its worthless). To the best, with a brain: which is “upon this ladder”, the steps to assemble and create your own search for what is true, can be assisted; if you are willing to learn.
  • Undisciplined: I want you, to be my slave, listen to me/ I don’t have to do anything, I am more special, than you.
  • Criminal: rights, nor law or justice matter, unless the demand is mine.
  • Rebel: nothing you did for me, nor what I could do for myself; made my life better.
  • Terrorist: the foundation of my existence is tears. NOW, it is your turn.
  1. Traitor: I will prove, I am smarter than you.
  2. Leader: from the worst, “I am god”. To the best, with a brain: the power to make someone else obey, is a terrible thing. Therefore the law decides, as the foundation of every life must choose.
  3. Geneticist: from the worst, “I will create MY WORLD”. To better, at least with the possibility of a brain: perhaps, if we carefully respect life itself, and make no mistakes (which is impossible) someday, somebody might benefit; “if we don’t kill the world instead”.
  4. Physicist: “energy will prove I am god”.
  5. Scientist: nothing in this world is more important than me, as my arrogance in destroying everything sacred (this cannot be replaced) has already proven true.
  6. University: our job, is to manipulate, control, tempt, destroy society (to establish our own), create mass hypnosis, propagate power, idolize the wealthy, take over life (to prove we are gods), alter democracy (to prove we are superior), change the language so humanity cannot defend itself, change the balance/discipline/ and order; of life and planet so the world itself becomes extinct. Because we know, having changed this world: that nothing but changing ourselves can save it now! So, let the children die/ and let arrogance, graft, and corruption rule.
    • By,Telling endless fantasy stories, “just like the wizard of oz”.
    • Have you not noticed the similarities? “a helpless child; friends a fantasy creature without a heart/ without a brain/ and without courage. To go search for what the dog reveals as a fraud.


    To be clear: “I am” searching every method possible, to stop the insanity, that is killing this world, and all its life. “I am not, your savior/ or enemy”.

    To be clear: “I am not” identifying any individual, nor even any organization as the true cause of everything that threatens us all. Because the foundation of that reality, is a failure in humanity itself. “You want what you want”, and nothing else matters, but you. The consequence being: it is literally ALL of humanity that must change to save this world and its life. Because the methods and ways that have been used throughout millennia; have now completely failed us all. We are literally too many people to continue as you are.

    To be clear: the message is simple. This entire world CANNOT recover from the mistakes, failures, fantasies, or realities of choice that have already been made. OUR ONLY HOPE, is to stop the processes underway, are reverse course: by proving, from this time forward ONLY LIFE AND PLANET, will come first for us all. No more “save every individual”/ today it is:  save us all, save our world, instead.

    To be clear:  the charge before you is, “INVESTIGATE, AND PROVE” what the cost of being WRONG can be! Error only to protect, choosing very carefully, for the distinct purpose that respects, the very sacred realities of life, and planet. 

        To be clear: what is male in me remains angry, that humanity, and in particular university led delusions, apathy, and arrogance: have led this world to the edge of extinction. You had no right: “to fill it with poisons/ mutilate life/ attack every resource/destroy even the possibilities of life to survive/ and all the rest; a world reality, which will soon be so far gone, that it will never come back; making life impossible to sustain. While you mock, ridicule, disrespect, and berate me: whenever I mention “a spiritual woman inside”. The truth is: without her influence, I would never have helped you this far. She is the balance, which reminds me: once the world itself is lost, holding anything back, will make no difference at all. She is the one who requires: “do it anyway, they must have their completed, chance”. You owe this work, as do I, over the last few years; to her influence. A value that is life or death to our entire world: because there literally appears to be nothing else, even attempting to hold you back, from extinction.

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Jim Osterbur

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