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In keeping with the elements, that are intrinsic to this work; I will look at biblical Revelations 12, and 17: with regards to a spiritual woman.

The critical question is: with such expansive imagery, how can we be certain of any type or kind of interpretation? How can we be certain, this book has any value to the current reality of our time?

The foundation is simple: WE ARE MIRACLES OF LIFE, and that cannot be explained as less than a CREATOR. Without erecting images formed from delusion and fantasy. THOUGHT builds life, as is proven through the knowledge: NO man or woman did this, and there is nothing else but thought, and all the laws which come with it; that can. The only question as to value, then becomes; is this a real example of definitions equal too: GOD on earth.

One of the most expansive realities that prove it is, an example of  “GOD” on earth: comes through Daniel 12. As is the countdown to the end of life/ without true change. That countdown arises when the great abomination occurs. NOTHING in the history of this earth, now or ever: can equal the intent and purpose of university delusion that is, “trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here on this planet”. Wrong, is the end of everything; and even includes changing the solar system itself. NO greater abomination exists, and it is today. As to value: that prophecy exists to prove, “you have only one last chance” to save this earth. That alone proves, “a book” beyond the complete comprehension, of human. So, respect it!

As to the imagery of revelation; “it is, what it is, and we must as with all prophecy view it as a relationship to the time within which this prophet was living. As he was a man first, and men cannot relay any image, without some degree of intellectual communication. The words to use!

We begin with “heaven”: the human extension of what it must be like, when you’re whole environment is at peace, with friendship and grace/ and never is there fear. So, the writer “sees”:  a time of peace, with minimal fear. Which was slightly previous to this time, other than the fears media constantly tries to create. The great and wondrous sign is: we are to be given a last chance/ before everything is destroyed. As is now, by the evidence of my work a reality. Clothed with the sun means: the value of the work does have a clarity, that establishes an education beyond the rest. The moon under her feet: is a reference to the physical reality of something foreign to her world (she stands on man), yet seen since the beginning of our time (her turn to decide). She stands apart, but visible to the searching mind.

The crown of twelve stars is equal to the evidence of knowledge that is above the rest, an understanding that is complete enough, for this world.

Pregnant means: “a child (a miracle, proving the evidence of GOD; upon this earth in our time) is about to be born”/ it will be difficult, but it will be done. These are the people who will care enough to participate, and do their own best, to save this earth from extinction.

When that child is about to arrive: “an enormous red dragon” establishes that hate will step forward as well: as it is beginning to, right now. Seven heads means it is complete enough, to offer a very difficult fight. Ten horns establishes weapons that can be used are extensive. Seven crowns means, they have established some evidence of knowledge, and even understanding as well.

The tail represents what happens when this “leader” of our world passes by. “a third of the stars out of the sky and flung to earth” is a description detailing: the work of hate, is to remove the essence of miracles, in our lives proving GOD was here/ to create chaos instead.

“the dragon: equals hate, and dreams (fantasy), and failure” (as would be consistent with university today)/ intends to destroy this last attempt to save our world, by killing love itself (as is consistent, with violence). Hate knows it cannot touch the spiritual woman, so it waits for life to appear on this earth: at which point it does intend to fight with fervor. Because hate worships power, and the university controls all power on this planet, in this day.

The spiritual woman does present love as the miracle of life exhibiting GOD is here watching. The male child represents a fighter, as it is the will of man, to protect his world/ his life/ his child/ and his future. The iron scepter: establishes a metal, used only by the masses as their weapon/ their tool. The child snatched up to  GOD, and to HIS throne; underscores the foundation of this work/ this fight, is to be: it shall occur at levels of understanding/ rather than war.

The woman fled into the desert, to a place prepared: establishes “the delivery vessel” is not to be considered a part of this fight. She is separated, from the battles to come.

War in heaven, asserts: that although humanity remains at relative peace/ the potential for absolute chaos, and extinction; begins to take hold. Those who want what they want/ are confronted by those who insist, this world comes first: NO MORE gambling with life.

Michael and his angels, are the elements of truth and law, that establish both life and survival. The dragon represents the elements of death and destruction, that have overtaken the world. The world chooses to be “safe”/ and return to life first.

“the great dragon hurled down”: means, those who have been living as if they were gods, and playing with life and planet; as if it had no consequences. Are now confronted with their new reality/ and begin to lose their power, their pride, and they’re standing in society. A different world: as is evidenced by the imagery and words, of a loud voice in heaven.

But then begins the truth of what those who “have lived to curse us”/ have been doing. As is consistent with “biological weapons/ chemical weapons/ and even nuclear weapons”. And so much more! All of it, prepared with the certainty, that we would die. Which then demands, that those who demand life; must do their very best, to take all these weapons away/ deny the tools to make them/ and remove all doors, so the light of what they are truly doing can be easily and clearly seen.

“the dragon pursues the woman; who is the physical presence of that, female spirit on earth”. The woman escapes, “it would seem on a plane”. A desert depicts a place where little life can exist. A time, times, and a half time: are the same amount of days, that have been given in Daniel 12. They equal “first death, the law didn’t save us; 1290 days/ second death, mercy ends 1335 days/ hell begins 667.5 days”. Or totaled 3292 days of exile.

“then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river to overtake the woman”: water is the power to move our physical bodies, on earth. The common description of power in humanity, to make it move: is money. So those who have been rulers, now flood the earth with money to find “that woman”.

“but the earth helped the woman…by swallowing that river”. A reality as yet unseen: but it will be known as it arrives. Having failed to kill this woman; those who have lost their power over this earth/ begin to take revenge on those who have love. Conception grants: that if humanity changes with truth, demanding life and proving it shall be so. Then the prophecy extends over 13-20; to become a different world as depicted in Revelation 21-22.

Revelation 17

       Whether we live or die as a planet, comes down to YOUR decision: with regards to what can be proven true. IF YOU do not rise to the reality of threat against this world, and participate as is given to be: ending these threats, and removing their cause. Then revelation 13-16 will be the course you will take.

If you do participate, only partially:  in the demand of Revelation 12; which is to fight for your world with law, for the sanctity of life. Then we do pass over 13-16/ ending this world quickly. To begin again, where greater tribulation arises as a punishment for your failures. That is what the seven angels and seven bowls are about.

The punishment begins with “the great prostitute”, a prostitute is: someone who spends their body, allowing others to use and abuse her;  to survive. In this scenario; the great prostitute becomes the earth itself (as you have surely and completely used/ abused/ and treated this life source BADLY). “the many waters” indicates, the tragedy is everywhere!

“the kings committed adultery/ the inhabitants ..we’re intoxicated to the point of drunkenness (reality be damned)”. Adultery is: the decision not to care about the consequences. And the people chimed in, “we don’t care either”: do it!

We then get transported into the realities of truth: that have been discarded as if spoken in a desert. There “the physical presence of the spiritual woman in Revelation 12; is now sitting on (in control over) a scarlet beast (stands for violent arrogance, with the intent for revenge). That beast (the university leadership), is covered by their condemnation of life, and the woman;  in words and deeds and intent to destroy life by continuing to play god.

The woman, “dressed in purple and scarlet (a sign of royalty in that day)/ was glittering with gold and precious stones, pearls (holding in possession something considered to be; of true value. “she holds a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things, and the filth of her adulteries”. The golden cup is another sign of royalty, as it holds what the people will produce, and give to this woman. They give her, their hate, along with ridicule and disrespect. Demanding instead of the royalty she presents: that she must be “a mystery (she has no right to such an education)”. So decrees “Babylon the great”: which is clearly America. The people: Demanding instead of royalty, that she must be the mother of prostitutes, and of the abominations of this earth. The intent, to destroy all value from the woman.

We then come to the prophet who “witnessed this imagery”, and wrote it down. “I saw the woman drunk on the blood of the saints (she is not one of us). The blood of those who bore testimony to JESUS. This is a direct response: to her demand, that women shall now rule this earth/ because men failed us all; by bringing life itself, to the edge of extinction.

“astonished”: the world cannot believe, that what they worshiped, has been changed. That the woman remains in control, by the evidence of her knowledge, over the beast. That fact causes dismay in humanity, because they realize things are not as their leaders led them to believe.

“wisdom”:  the path beyond this time for life will be, “the rise and then fall of human intellect” (we can be gods). It fails as life faces its own destruction through the evidence of where we are now.

“horns”: the arrogant and power hungry will not surrender. They attempt to reclaim their power to control life on earth. They fail, because reality itself, will not let them succeed.

“the angel said”: the great prostitute represent the power of all nations on this earth; combined together. Those with extreme arrogance will not surrender and will hate the woman who began this reality of evidence, by its own truth over fantasy and delusions: shall rule this humanity.

“they will ….eat her flesh and burn her with fire”: indicating the extreme hatred they seek to prove their revenge. In this partial acceptance of a humanity that does not do enough for life and planet: the woman is violently attacked, to prove “hatred of GOD, and all things from GOD”.

“the woman” of that prediction Is found in:  “the great city that rules over the kings of this earth”. Or more specifically: it is a threat against those women who have tried to rule over men. The response is simple: overpopulation, and the cost of “university leads us all”; has now proven, we are all going to starve.

The 17th  prophecy then extends, in 18-20 as what comes next.


IT IS NOTED: that Revelations 1-11 have already been discarded/ the opportunity for change, has been given> as is the true purpose of Revelation 12.

Although it will return, and begin quickly:  if humanity does not do anything with regards to this singular “last chance to change, and keep this world alive”. As is depicted in Revelation 12/ a reality that includes “women shall, now rule this earth”.

Noah’s flood is proven true, by no less than the fossil fuels you burn: without doubt. The “dead life sources, which became fuel” could not have been physically gathered together, and buried by any other method. Fantasy is not allowed. That fact proves this world can die, even if you only believe whatever you want to believe.

As to the possibility of our earth erupting into another sun: by university experiments . I suggest you look into the stars, to understand what is called a binary solar system: is in all probability an earth like planet just like ours, with a humanity very similar to ours. That life failed, just like our realities of free will choice, have been doing. I strongly suspect: two suns within a solar system, is no less than a life planet that was ignited by those who believed, they could control the same fire as is on the sun: who then proved they could not. Exactly like is being done, and has been tried, with machines that could; since 4/1/2012. Two suns cannot retain the same space; as the gravity of both combined will pull each other together in one colossal collision. Thereby they didn’t exist together from “long ago”. The universities will accomplish their decision, to play god. By igniting this planet into a sun/ or they will be stopped. The stories university uses, to say “they know”; are built entirely on fantasy, as I did prove true.


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