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It is of some interest, to discuss the human elements; which are time/ space/ energy/ and mass. The purpose being to suggest, and prove: that a disciplined, orderly, balanced method of defining life DOES include the message:  “our world is on the edge of extinction”.

Time is a measured environment, it has length/ width/ and depth. Which are the elements of our human experience.

Space elevates the conception of environment past the limits of time, to include the passages that are equivalent to the beginning of thought.

Energy passes the test; that presents and enlarges the expressions called freedom/ the distinctions of force.

Mass is the anchor that limits destiny, because it exists only in time.

In the disciplines of these four directions, humanity lives and breathes and becomes a life.

The question is: WHAT is life itself?

The answer is, a reality dependent upon truth, by the essence of law; to survive.

The elevation of that life into thought, as is the translation of disciplines beyond simple directions: becomes far more complex.

To achieve thought: knowledge establishes order/ but understanding exhibits balance. The summary envelope, of where can this thought then travel, is dependent upon where truth will go. Making truth itself, the conception beyond self, that determines destiny. What is true can survive. What is not true will fail.

That brings us to this time, on this earth today. Where it takes no effort at all to find: fantasies/ failures/ liars/ thieves/ tragedies/ hate/ violence/ terrorists occupying universities, and elsewhere/ intentional mutilation/ utter ignorance and blind stupidity/ arrogance “beyond belief”. Etcetera, as are witnesses against you, and the leaders who brought you to this point of human history. Where what is not true, has become so extreme: even this entire solar system could be changed. “Because of science”; the newest form of “witch-doctor” on earth.

It is noted: that dreams are an expression of escape, from time into space. They are not elements of thought, as they are not based in the participation of knowledge. Instead, these are a combination of the other three directions given to human, and animal existence: time, “do you explain life as confined and controlled, therefrom lost/  energy, do you experience life as freedom, thereby happy; or in chains, which can then torture you/ & mass, do you express your existence through what your anchors are (love, anger/ hate/ survival/ religion: more); or less (prayers are my excuse/ money is my cause/ loneliness is my need); or more disorderly, as is the delusion of fantasy or fears (known or unknown, establishing I have no defense)?”

A nightmare is however, the intensity of entering within passages which can eliminate the basis of your humanity; creating the demand live or die. If you let fear own you/ you die, unless you awaken before that happens.

Both are relationships governing the need to escape, some elemental fact of life or living. That is determined by want (to act or react, with very little thought). Dreams and nightmares present definitions of what you want, as is consistent with your own perception in consequences to be born.

It is the elevations from time, energy, and mass, into the analogy of space (not consistent with acting or reacting apart from thought): the very opposite of trying to escape life, by living beyond boundaries. That confronts us all, with: “will you be human”/ and let thought transform your individual identity with truth? Truth presents a VERY different dimension, and a much more severe consequence; than does want.

Just so it’s clear: thought is not consistent with the term intellectual, as is the potential to make or conceive of traps (the foundation of predator). Thought is translated, between the boundary limits that define energy, from space. It is not “a playground”.

I will quantify that, with the personal testimony: being without an answer, that would present the opportunity for life to survive here. I searched for and found the parallel dimension of female spirituality: “just to ask that question, what would woman do”. Life unintentionally: changed dramatically, and it cannot be undone, by me. Truth is not fantasy or merciful/ it simply is, what It is. Although the spiritual world of women, is not unkind; it simply refuses to let me go. Believe it or not makes absolutely no difference: what is true, is true. Simple as that. The critical truth is, I am now so overrun/ I can never return to being the male I was; too much has been lost. Never my intent; none of it. That is however, elementally in favor of this world, as woman lives in a distinctly different state of mind. War answers with nothing but death. Women do not intentionally choose war. This earth CANNOT survive another major war, as would be the answer of men.

Just so it’s simple: male and female meet sexually in time, through chemicals. But they cannot meet spiritually (embodied by truth) unless boundaries are reduced, to enable the value of their heart “to pass through”. The “lock and key”; can then identify soul. Soul is the creation, “of everything wisdom can establish a universe, to be”. Which does include joy!

The religious version of spirit is prayer: wherein “you get” whatever you want, because you asked for it “from whatever you perceive to be, your own personal god”. It’s like shopping, and it’s all for free! Cause you know, “GOD” is your special slave, buddy, pal, comrade, or servant; and you don’t have to do nothing! “just give me what I want”. Just stop being GOD OVER THIS UNIVERSE; and make me a winner. How is that too much to ask? I deserve it. Some honestly respect the reality of what they are doing; but they are very few. Among these, are the many who believe in “a god they want”/ rather than a truth that exists.

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