The critical question is: are you willing to die, for wants you can no longer have? The reality is simple: we are now over 8 billion people on earth/ each one fighting for all they can possess. Each searching to be “the superior one”/ or to prove I am equal. And the reality of that very simply is: we are now more than one person standing on every single agricultural acre of ground/ with an ocean filled with trash and trawlers, mauling life in the sea. We eat other living things; because as biology requires complex chemicals for us to survive. The chain of life feeding life; creates those chemicals which then allow us to live. “kill the one important ingredient”/ and all life, requiring that ingredient dies.

The essence of “university” is: to understand what we can do/ and the wisdom to know what we cannot nor should not do: so as to make our lives better. While universities have established an increase in what we can do; they have NOT controlled themselves whatsoever with the wisdom to NOT DO, what they should not, or cannot do. Playing gods (no limits or consequences for us) instead.

We do stand at the crossroads of our own extinction: it does not “take a genius” to see the future today. No food/ no water/ no resources/ no other life/ a planet lost/ a war “to literally end all war”; and more horrors than you can imagine. All because, the foundation of life itself is being betrayed.

That foundation is: this is a finite world, and we cannot live as if it was not. Or we kill ourselves, and our world. Because we are too many people on earth to accept any other description of truth. Within that truth then, are the rules of behavior that now exist.

  1. We CANNOT expand the human population anymore: and that means the current quarter of a billion new people/ over deaths. That arrive every year, demanding to be fed. CANNOT be born anymore. Population controlled is mandatory.
  2. We CANNOT destroy our resources/ gamble with our food supplies/ poison, or destroy our water supplies/ consume the oxygen beyond what this planet produces: or any other thing, that is fundamentally destroying the future of life on earth.
  3. We CANNOT continue to allow the universities to gamble with life or energy or anything that is not deliberately chosen: with full acceptance of the consequences/ that which cannot be undone. That means endless amounts of what they have done, MUST BE STOPPED/ and undone: as best as possible and wise to do.
  4. We CANNOT continue to create more heat than this planet can endure. Which means the air conditioners must be turned off. Endless driving must stop. Insulation of all housing etc; must multiply ten fold.
  5. We CANNOT continue to destroy forests and trees, as they link our atmosphere to this planet/ and once lost, the wind will become monstrous and extinction will follow.
  6. We CANNOT continue to destroy the oceans; respect MUST be established. The ocean life MUST be fed/ and that does mean, “with prepared, dead human bodies”. There is no more room for cemeteries: you need the resources/ you need the land for food growth.
  7. You CANNOT continue healthcare as it is; people do have to die, to make room for each child. That means: those who have encountered “extreme health crisis”/ will not be supported. YOU will decide where that line exists; and apply it to all (that means you too). The criminal extortion in healthcare stops as well.  You cannot “save them all”/ or the future will not exist.
  8. You WILL create world law and world policing against ALL leaders: by making them obey “our world accepted laws for their obedience”. Then you WILL remove all weapons of mass destruction; which includes more than just the worst your universities have built.
  9. You must learn how to think for yourselves/ and discard the herd your universities have formed you into. To do that, requires endless change in yourselves. If you are not willing to pay the price for a future/ then you have agreed to die, and become extinct. It is your choice to make; as a world.
  10. While you contemplate that, here are some other facts: the current middle generation has made its money by throwing all their debts to the children. While that fact will take care of itself/ it is coming, and cannot be repeated: therefore laws must be made/ realities established. Limited capitalism accepted.
  11. The reality of no more lumber for new housing/ rebuild what you have/ reuse and so on is required. No more mountains of garbage. No more poisoning the earth. No more driving endlessly to work or any other thing: which does mean “small community based businesses” located for walking/ justified community transportation/ and every other form of “going back in time” before extreme waste was common. The only new housing will be: “multifamily, high rise”.
  12. Reality can be summed up, very simply as only truth decides: no more lies/ no more fantasy/ no more make the children pay/ no more of anything that ultimately destroys the life or environment of a future for this living earth. It is that simple. And that will include reducing armies, limiting their weapons, and making decisions that are NOT like “university knows” religion. Instead reality decides, and one of the most significant realities is: we are equals/ university diploma is not superior. We are not the same, as universities claim/ we are different subspecies of the same base conception; and that fact aids our lives rather than hinders it. Equal/ but not same. Same means herd, and herd means you cannot think for yourselves, it ain’t allowed. Which is where universities get their power.
  13. As to the powerful, who will insist that you CANNOT take their control away or limit their income, or do anything to protect your own lives: because they control you entirely, with force if necessary. They will be proven wrong. The value of a vote is NOT “to vote for someone to vote for me”/ as is current. The value of a vote is: TO INDIVIDUALLY VOTE, ON THE LAWS THAT THEN DETERMINE OUR LIVES, OUR NATION, AND OUR WORLD. We can vote. We can enforce that vote: because we are “the military machine”. We can end propaganda, and protect ourselves: by controlling media. We can create new money, and limit what government is allowed to do: because we are the wealth: not a damn “paper bill or other”. We are the workers, and that makes us the wealth; along with resources and environment. The universities want to destroy that by making machines to replace you: end it/ as this has no value to life. Those who say “weapons of mass destruction will kill us” if we don’t surrender to their fate. It may be so/ but it is absolutely certain extinction is coming if you do not change this world. So, you have little or nothing to lose.

As to me, the foundation of my work is a message that change must come or life on earth will go extinct. That element of truth indicates the education I have, the realities of my life: have been established for “GODS’ WORK” on this earth. “it is a summary of facts; that leads to this conclusion”. NOT the assumption of superiority or other.

Based upon the evidence that is now easily attainable for yourselves. You can easily understand your threats. But, You CANNOT defeat truth. You can hide from it, letting the consequences build until extinction takes all life: as your leaders have done. Or you can change what you do, so as not to die; and take the future with you.

My job from this point further is: to help you understand the choices that must be made to enable this world to survive. If you don’t wish to learn/ or if you refuse to let your own truths of environment and reality make the decisions most appropriate to keeping this world alive. Then I have no further need to continue with this work: you are on your own. You are without leadership as is apparent from the threats which surround you. They failed life; choosing to play god, or simply worship money instead. A reality that brings extinction to your doorstep.

I DON’T owe you anything. But I will help sustain life on earth; IF YOU work for that purpose and cause.

I have been wrong before; but it seems to me more than enough work and reality has been given to you in clear and understandable ways. The cost of being wrong has been identified on at least the most important decision of every human life: gambling with this entire planet/ and so much more. The value of working for life cannot be undermined: we do face “eternal decisions” as they cannot be undone.

Given that reality, and the biblical predication which ends the opportunity to care; discarding mercy forever is at July 9, 2019. I DO finally believe I am done/ unless you make it clear: you will honestly participate in the clear and certain evaluation of all realities identified as a threat, to life, future, and world. I cannot save you/ nor will I try. The decision for life or death is yours.

I wish you well/ but you will not escape these threats; reality will prove that is so. UNLESS you choose to accept only truth, by the reality most certain to protect life, world, and future; will in fact lead the way. Make your decision, but there is NO going back; once the point of no return has past.

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Jim Osterbur

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