The reality is: that in order to change ourselves, and save our world. We must become the democracy that we the people were intended to be. The foundation of that democracy was and is: that we the people should rule ourselves. Thereby controlling the power, by choosing what our lives and our nation should be with our vote.

The constant of human existence is: nearly everyone who has more/ wants more; and those who have “too much”/ want everything. So governments are always under attack; by those who lie, cheat, steal, kill, terrorize, or betray both the world they live in, and all life in general. Because behind closed doors, where reality is disguised as “they, the government”/ rather than our employees, and the job they were hired, and sworn, to do for us. The longer that lasts where the line between democracy and employee is crossed: the more corrupt a government and thereby its nation becomes.

THE SOLUTION IS: that all access to excess wealth must be blocked/ by limited capitalism. Limited capitalism means: we the people decide how much income any person/ every person is allowed to make within one year/ within any year. As well as how much property in any given area; any person and every person is allowed to own and thereby control. Which gives access to all the rest; that they may find for themselves an opportunity. By taking the power away from a few; as democracy intended.

The second course of action is: every courtroom throughout history, becomes corrupted when you close the door. Which means every courtroom that can be counted on for justice: is absolutely “open door/ lights on/ media enforced/ community controlled/ dependent upon justice being enforced as the same level of punishment for all. No examples/ no excessive anything: equal. These are public trials, and they cannot be anything less than public property; for whatever purpose the public deems necessary without the restrictions of permission, authority, or any other claim. We own the courtroom, and we the people provide the proceedings, and we own the result. We remove the judge by our vote/ we decide what the law actually is: by demanding full disclosure from the judiciary, as to why this decision exists/ and then voting on whether we agree. It will take a seventy percent affirmative vote, to change that interpretation/ unless it is a democracy issue; which only requires 51% acceptance of change.

To enforce the law for justice, requires that the people themselves shall in fact: be given the opportunity to view every court case/ both as it happens, and with current technology: at any point in the future for each and every case. NO exceptions. The public will then have access to every aspect of any judicial proceeding, so as to judge the judge, and remove anyone who cannot or will not measure up to what society expects their laws to be. Every lawyer shall be judged the same.

Every appellate case or cause and above: SHALL be provided with “prime time television” and other media outlets; so as to gain the most public participation possible. Whosoever participates as judge or lawyer in these cases shall be judged according to each individual case: by all parties involved/ with cause as to why this has been established. There are NO behind the door “judges chamber” exceptions/ ABSOLUTELY everything is open court, in front of the public: clear admission to society. You want a public trial, and there is no other (military included)/ then you get a public trial, and take the consequences as your price.

There is NO democracy, unless the courtroom and its enforcement is publicly controlled. Every traitor, thief, liar, cheat, terrorist, and curse of human existence wants control over the courtroom; and the vast majority of those deliberately try to get that control in one form or another. It is a sewer pit of failure/ OR, it is the greatest gift, as justice enforced; that society can give to itself. Corruption insures a battleground to gain justice/ and a shit hole of insanity, if you will not or do not, fight for your nation or world.

The enforcement of justice, by controlling the courtroom and its laws through democracy: is NOT as it has been in the past. Where “the golden rule is/ whosoever has the gold makes the rules”. Rather today the foundation of democracy as is redress of grievances (first amendment law): as is intended to be “power to the people themselves”. Can be recognized as our legal relief from the strangle hold that corruption, and terrorism has. The law is: YOU SWORE to us, if we give you this job/ that you will obey the constitution as written, with honest purpose and dignity based upon the intent of that document to define and identify what our society should be. When in doubt, our right as a democracy is to vote upon whether or not we the people NEED to identify “what has been going wrong”/ and create our own solutions: by taking our employees to court, and demanding to know the truth. As best we can. NO EXCEPTIONS, you gave an oath, and you will not plead the fifth amendment or any other excuse; you will answer truthfully/ or you will be imprisoned until you do. Our nation, our right to know, our right to decide: what is or is not an acceptable description of your oath to us. Your direction, for or against our lives.

The enforcement of justice requires policing/ and every police officer and other member of this “purpose for justice”; shall have a “bill of rights”; by which they will enforce and obey the law. Every citizen shall also have a bill of rights, by which each shall be taught what they can or cannot expect, from this society. Every police officer shall be confined to using non lethal methods of containment: unless forced by reality to use more. That will include such things as: the first four bullets to come from a gun will be “rubber, with a chemical marking agent to identify the suspect”. Current guns can fire four rounds in less than three seconds: IT IS NOT a handicap. As the rounds themselves, can be quite punishing all on their own. Let any officer who believes it is not enough/ stand in front of those bullets and be shot four times; so as to understand. The rest of the bullets are lethal. The policing officer MUST also be outfitted with a suitable shielding plate they can hide behind: so as not to fear greatly. As this single device can protect them from great harm in most cases; therefore they need NOT fear greatly, and will do better. People who are angry and not fundamentally at serious fault: should be required to have their day in court, instead of being forced to submit. If they fail to arrive and explain that anger then they can be forced to submit. The reality of policing is: handcuffs are NOT necessary in most cases/ they simply turn the public against policing; and that increases the threat to every police officer.

THE REALITY: every law is, the description of what we must do/ even if we do not desire to do it. Therefore, if we don’t make those laws for ourselves, we give the right to let people rule our lives as they want us to behave: that fails every time. Every law we do not make for ourselves, gives the fools, failures, tyrants, traitors, thieves, liars, terrorists, bastards, whores, and diseased filth of human existence the opportunity to make the law as they want it to be. WHICH MEANS: WE MUST MAKE THE LAWS, WHICH GOVERN OUR LIVES; FOR OURSELVES. Only then are we a true democracy, by our vote. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but MY VOTE ON THE LAW, that will then govern my life and yours. This is elemental democracy, and it cannot simply be discarded or democracy does not survive: “the sewer sludge, dribbling from the mound of manure” takes over. As it has done in America this day. Or we would not be surrounded by endless threats of extinction as is true of our reality.

THE DECISION IS: unlike governments in the past; we are now so many people, that we have formed the reality of: they cannot be dismissed/ nor even killed (because kill a billion people/ and there are still over 7 billion people left on this planet). That fact overruns all other considerations. IF YOU control the law (we will make our own, throwing out all the rest)/ control the power (we will limit capitalism: to create fair competition for the rest)/ and fight only within the law, so as to enforce it on your leaders.

THE CRITICAL FACTOR will be: to control the currency for ourselves/ no more allowing government officials to make debts in our name. No more taxation without our clear and properly understood vote; to approve. NO more allowance for currency manufacture of fraud (hiding inflation) as is counterfeiting: by claiming asset accrual. A nine trillion dollar per year increase in fraud provided by the US government for decades now. While media enforces “no inflation here”; as liars do! INSTEAD a constitutional amendment must be made to limit all currency generation: to the population count. “so many dollars per citizen”/ and no more period. So that reality governs our way/ and not the claim “just let the children pay”. In that way, every citizen knows the reality of their pay; and may be content in the knowledge “NO MORE INFLATION” to steal my work, and destroy the securities intended for my life to come.

The value of the military cannot be underestimated: because there is no going back, when overrun. IS THAT NOT SO? The truth of that statement is also governing the reality of “university knows religion; as is we are gods who can do anything we want”. ONCE OVERRUN by their arrogance, and the pandemic disease of their failures/ there is no going back! The consequence of that is: EITHER WE PROTECT OURSELVES, FROM WHAT CAN OR WILL GO WRONG/ or we die and destroy our nation and world, because you refused to defend what we must have to survive. The universities have declared war on life and planet: choosing to make us extinct by their failures, foolishness, ignorance, and vile disgrace to every purpose that is not: life protected.

Change this immediately; or go extinct!

That brings us to the constant reality of university deception, fraud, terrorism, betrayal, and all things surging to displace our lives, and erect their own decisions as “god over us”. NOTHING is more deliberate, than the universities attempting to control every aspect of our lives. Fully one third of everything the universities do: is directly defined as, let us control, manipulate, change, enslave, capture, deceive, destroy, confuse, tempt, cheat, steal, lie, propagate, and create the maze for deluding people into believing we are their gods. The next third of everything the universities do: is directly intended to change everything about nature, life, planet, and government, into what they want those realities to be/ by manufacturing the critical failure of what we do depend upon so they can then assume and assert: “you got to obey us now: you have no hope”. The last third is devoted, with only a tiny amount allowed for freedom: to the destruction of everything you believe: so as to take control over religion, taking control over biology so they can play god, taking control over language and choices in society, mixing together every group so as to disassemble the values which make us independent. The values which make us individuals with different ideas. The language mixed so as to destroy the union of democracy (no we cannot understand you). The reality of identity as in only their book is god. The failure of their reality, and their ways as is hidden in counterfeiting currencies: which proves they cannot lead, and they do not care. The control over elections so as to complete their desire to play the tyrant: YOU MUST pay us whatever we ask/ BECAUSE WE control it all, and you have no say. Because WE MAKE THE RULES (that can be specifically applied to you)/ and can throw your life away; as every tyrant that ever lived. The propagation of endless rhetoric demanding ‘the university is god/ only the universities can think/ only the universities can decide” as is all bow down and worship the university diploma: as they move this world into extinction by playing god. In its every description of evil. There is little good about a university/ and enormous bad: as is depicted by true and critical threats of our own extinction/ our own sinking into the abyss of “we cannot survive anymore”: LIFE IS DEAD. Because our resources, our everything nature did provide has been mutilated or destroyed. By what the universities chose or led you to believe; as is let them play god with life, energy, resources, media, government, teaching, religion, and more. TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT YOUR REALITY; and find the truth. Prove it is not so. In response they will say, “we are great”: but healthcare without limits is a population explosion that will end all life on earth. Computers are the essence of extreme threat (would not exist without them), which makes them more enemy than friend. Space is a junkyard of thrown away money, that could have been used for life. Chemicals threaten every drop of water, and a great deal more. Pollution is beyond description. The war machine lacks respect for life or environment. Media is abhorrent with their covering up of everything that is necessary to know/ and the endless propagation of utter delusion as is evolution and more. This democracy has been overrun with traitors, by stealing our securities/ counterfeiting our money, so they can spend over 9 trillion dollars however they want/ and they do buy any toy, corrupt any official, and control every election as the few decide to do. It is an insurgency to destroy this planet: formed and created by “university knows in absolute arrogance and disrespect for life”. By using the United States of America as their weapon. A reality that identifies the few, not the majority: as is the constant of “generals in charge of the military”. Only a few decide the fate, of who lives and who dies/ because where you are in the battlefield does make a difference. The army of education/ the endless recipients collecting bribes; all know: either obey “the will of university gods”, [NEVER question your leader] or pay the price.

And the constant public citizen, religious or not; has repeatedly told me over, four decades plus: DON’T DO NOTHING, “I got more, so don’t mess that up”. Discarding both proof and fact: that by accepting these bribes, you sold your country, your future, your world, your nature, your child, even your eternity; for a few trinkets more. To your shame. We are literally now at the last juncture, before the weight and reality of what you chose to do: falls on your heads. The place where the point of no return exists; and there will be no mercy when you complain: I want to change my mind now!

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