Some keys, to the discovery of disciplines and order/ balance as intended.

It is without doubt, that we learn most often, too late in life to make the changes, that should have been made: for all life to have been better, for each one. That means simply, that our lives are taken away by the fight to achieve “more”/ the competition to take it all/ and the intent to be winner, or seek revenge, or cry when confronted by loser. IF, we subtracted (the composite of) all those things from our time: we would have the ability to seek happiness and control peace with securities for all.

So the question is: in a world that can no longer stand the human disgrace and disrespect of constant marauding, rape, and ravaging of any and everything the majority can touch: either personally or as the army of man or woman. WHAT could we the world do, instead of living for greed, selfishness, lust, or hate?

The answer is: love and hate are opposites, and share absolutely nothing in common except this earth. Love builds everything that has value. Hate builds nothing unless it is for war, or slavery of others. The consequence of that is to separate them into their own appropriate areas of this earth/ and keep hate behind the barrier (take away their weapons/ and their means to leave); so they can attack us no more. Hate is identified as separate from anger: because anger has a cause that can be “fixed”/ while hate has an anger, that will not be changed. Liars can be identified by their own true want: that is a part of order. That ends war outside the boundary of hate.

The constant plague of man and woman is pride: I am the superior one here/ I am better than all or nearly all or “at least you” here. That makes me more! The truth is, it makes you more cursed; and unable to survive eternity. We can be equals, because the only real element of our lives is life itself; and not a single one, can claim that is his or her superiority. As to bodies; those are the decision of our ancestors; given the freedom to choose within natures reality. Only the disciplines and order that you apply as yourself; can balance a life for love. Since the only other real choice of life is hate/ it is your own failure, when you allow love to lose the fact they are equal. One direction (love) or the other (hate), is a fact of our existence.

It is want that brings “liar”, to us all/ even to yourself. As want indicates your decision is to take what is not offered to you by reality; confronting the rest, with your fantasies instead. Lies and fantasies, are for fools; as they never succeed in peace or security for anyone/ they take it away. Destroying love, and causing endless grief. “I don’t want” is the circle of insanity; that will not let you go/ until you have made your decision. Want ends balance/ want seeks to destroy discipline/ want removes order, because it seeks to steal, cheat, tempt, manipulate, or control as your chosen means to gain more than the rest. Causing distrust, and mayhem.

love lifts life with discipline, to the edge of Creation itself; to grant joy in the understanding of what can be “for me and you”. Love builds, by asking order to be our guide, and balance for life and living to request the knowledge called truth, to identify our path. Love seeks wisdom, to assemble our destiny; as we would ask for it to be. Not as we want/ but as true desire would accept. Hate interferes with all of that, causing failure among the majority/ causing heartache, to insure they cannot simply be discarded. Separation is the only answer for a valued life as love. The only reward necessary, for the war that hate would own.

We then ask: HOW, can life be so divided, when the vast majority will always want: both love and hate? They want happiness/ and they want life to be a game/ and they want revenge, anger, lies, gossip (the serpents tongue) and more; because these things require very little from a moment/ and are an immediate reward.

So then the real issue is: that people don’t wish to build for their future! They want, what they want, and they want it right now; so they can take advantage, or claim superiority over the others.

Since this is a reality since the beginning of human conduct on earth: the only real answer is to separate these as well. Which as history proves true, will cause “those who linger in hate” to assume they can and will just take what they want/ from those who did better; by war.

Reality then says: separation begins with the worst of the worst, being separated from the rest, in an area where they cannot easily escape. To fend for themselves/ no help will be given; but in exchange for video surveillance, they will be given some degree of assistance if necessary.

Once that is created: and the differences between love and hate become categorized as true. The realities of those who then see the products of hate more clearly; will do better. The cost of those still turning to hate will be: you shall join your true purpose in life, “same/ same; hate belongs with hate”. Without hate, there is no terrorism. Without hate, there is no true violence; etc.

As to the cost and consequence of “more for me”/ when that is changed to sharing the value of what we can do and what we can be “with friends”; is sufficient to make a better world. When you choose to be a friend/ there need not be enemies. If there is: a review of that person will decide if they are moved farther away from the value of true love/ or into hate instead. Sharing requires caring; if you don’t care/ then you shall be transported to where the tragedy of human behavior has already destroyed this earth. “good luck with that” is all you get.

The competition to have the best, is more about a trophy, than it is about life. The end of winner or loser; lets life be life, instead of a game. But without a game, humanity gets bored; and they fight instead. So says history! The only solidifying reality that changes that in history is: poverty. So the question is: do you desire to live in poverty as a world/ or do you desire to accept the limits and values of family, romance, friendship, searching for truth/ life/ hope/ and eternity? By sharing that purpose for your life, with this entire creation: which does mean you choose to care for this world? It is a desire that lifts, and separates! It is a reality that allows, for those who do more, to get more; as they in fact earn that decision from us all.

Human Life in society: will be divided into its respective areas/ because that is needed to identify those who fail to comply with the new standards of living that are required to keep this world alive. World law MUST BE CREATED/ by a world vote: to determine what is true, when faced with the fact that we must change or die. As is witnessed by all the threats we face as a world. Not a leader/ but a law to govern, the truth of what we will do, or not do. Along with the punishment for failure as chosen by ourselves. The correct assembly of people for this endeavor cannot be simply “as they are”/ but must seek, the correct number of participants, for the best outcome that we can be. Must share the resources of this earth, WITH CLEAR CERTAINTY, that the children shall not be lost, because of what we did or did not do. They have rights/ even if unborn. In other words you are going to be responsible for what you choose to do/ and those who do it best “as a nation or smaller group”, should be rewarded by the others.

NO MORE a tiny few get to rule everything. NO MORE a tiny few get to decide what education shall be, or control it. NO MORE, the endless criminal contamination of our reality, with their greed, selfishness, or other forms of hate. Simple as that.

World or national law or lesser law: begins with not less than fifty one percent of the vote/ by all citizens, which does include the children currently living (parents shall vote for their child, if too young). BUT, it does not construct a permanent law until not less than seventy percent of the people agree: this is our future. To achieve that, each law that is not permanent will be voted upon each year until it does become permanent. Once permanent it will be voted upon every twelfth year/ BUT NOT changed unless a higher percentage of the voters have agreed. More simply, it will not be pasted regardless of the vote until what was seventy percent approval/ becomes seventy one percent approval for instance. The law simply remains as it is/ if fewer than seventy percent agree.

The value of economic structure is: that we sustain ourselves with our work, each as best they can, with the resources that we all agree can be used. To facilitate the reality of independent work: money is used as a tool to identify who does more for the majority, or for life and planet. To establish fair play, “limited capitalism” determines the maximum and the minimum that any worker shall earn in a year/ that any individual may hold as personal property “in this area” of the state or nation. Corporations and all the rest, are entirely subject to public limits and justified controls: as established in law for all. The natural resources are subject to both national and state control: as a public vote in those jurisdictions: we own it/ not you own it, as is consistent with the realities of life and work.

The value of politics is very limited: and subject to the purpose of identifying what is or is not being done to enforce and keep the intent of our laws as defined by the people themselves/ from being harmed or discarded. Therefore politics shall be the investigation of truth in the governing of our lives as a democracy/ those elected, shall in fact do that very thing.

The courts are only valuable when they are justified: as a participant in constitutional purposes or desire. The three basic documents of this USA are useful in determining what those purposes and desires for society are: the constitution/ bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. A judge sits only when established by good behaviors, in keeping within the boundaries of our law. Failure is removal. They are elected ONLY, by the deliberate “judging of the courtroom participants: by all concerned parties” as in every case, and its outcome; shall be given a grade. The more critical construction is: you earn your right to become a judge/ and when you do that. You earn the right to actually judge the majority of cases: with public viewing of the process/ and public jurisdiction over the outcome. Democracy questions of law and guaranteed rights; shall only be constructed with a jury/ and cannot be simply turned away.

Policing is the answer to what it means: when someone will not respect the reality that we have rights too! That means policing MUST establish, our rights/ as well as their rights. The foundation of the work is force, in all manner of criminal activity/ or suspected criminal activities: to achieve justice and fair play. Society SHALL establish a “bill of rights” for both citizen and police. It is enacted as other laws described above.

Healthcare is the essence of fighting for life, and protecting body; when that is possible to do. But it is not saving you from the grave! Therefore what can be done realistically as a society, must be done. What cannot be done as a society, as is consistent with “let the children pay”; shall no longer be done. No more extortion: we control, by defining what will be our truth. We all must die/ and that ends the discussion. Social security is about taking a payment back for all that you did do for the nation/ and it is nothing else. Therefore a percentage of national income, is all you get: divided equally among all participants. If you failed the nation/ the nation fails you.

Education shall no longer be the religious cult indoctrination of “university knows/ university is god”. That is OVER. Instead life and living shall reign as the necessary instruction to insure the best life will be achieved by each member of this society; as best we can. That does not give the process over to any university diploma/ but seeks the members of society that do have something to contribute to their lives.

The value of agriculture: is unmistakable, which means truly sustainable and fair to all shall be established for the good of society/ the protection of the planet/ and the purposes which enlarge and distribute the greatest good for all.

The value of industry is subject to review: as the realities of environmental destruction are considered. The curse of the factory is subject to review: as the realities of expending resources, that simply “assassinate the future of every child” comes into view.

The value of the oceans, waterways, and more: SHALL NOT be damaged further/ and shall be cleaned up and restored as best we can. Among the many elements of restoration shall be: that instead of burial or burning the human body. Once dead, that body shall be used to provide food for sea life/ so that in turn the sea life which benefits shall feed us. WE ARE LITERALLY, too many people on earth/ for any other way! Get over it; reality decides/ not simply you. Because you, no longer exist here on earth/ only the body you left; which does need to be disposed of. Balance is required.

This is only the beginning: start or die.

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