The value of life, is to recognize all that was a gift to you! Because in the realities of truth, nothing was created by human, other than our own individual truth, by decision or consequence.

To that end, it has been my life’s work; to accept the duty, of respect; to identify with honesty, the relationships we share with all life; and to care about the disciplines, order, balance, freedoms, and thought that construct both our time, and our own potential for love. You fail that, because you desire to play games; you want everything you can possibly take strictly for yourselves; you accept anything that allows you not to recognize or respect the truth; our price of living is death. And you discard GOD because you don’t want that price to be true/ even though it is. Adding in: you can’t be selfish and care/ you can’t share and choose greed/ you can’t love and hate, beyond human/ you can’t respect, and refuse to protect with discipline, order, and balance. You can’t love your child, and let them be assassinated by your waste of every resource, or destruction of the planet, or massacre of biology with genetic mutilation. Etc and more.

That of course is a primary difference between us/ as one life to another, the essence of our own individual desire.

Reality states: “you don’t want to wait and see, with regards to our own extinction from this planet, or all its life”! You want to avoid the reality of a choice, so that you can complain you were forced to do what had to be done. As is “I didn’t want to do it/ you made me do it”/ therefore I have a right to complain, and change back whatever I want. That is my decision: NOT to change!

But alas: your decision is extinction, because once the point of no return has pasted: this time, humanity will not escape. All dead! Nothing proves that better, than the ignition of a nuclear fire, just like on the sun. That fact, identifies the truth: that your god is the university/ and you do expect them to save you: even though, nearly every single threat of our extinction is a direct result of their purpose and desire to remove “our CREATOR” from this world. To play god themselves; and you the masses, have in fact joined them in that effort. Demanding: we don’t have to pay, the price of life! So you let them play god/ and you get their reward: the end of life on earth, as they promise to do with destruction, through all forms of chaos. As the evidence does in fact prove true.

Another primary cause of difference between our lives: you would rather assassinate the children and all life on earth/ even the planet itself, the future, the solar system; than accept, we do all have to die. Shouting “one more minute for me/ LET ALL, THE REST BE DAMNED”/ one more minute, one more day: for me. As is the most selfish truth, any life can form.

Your passion is greed [I want theirs too]. Your passion is want [lie, who gives a damn: its MINE now]. Your passion is lust [let them die, facing death by disease; because I won’t care]. Your passion is fantasy [reality demands truth, and I HATE that], I want what I want. Your passion is failure [lets’ do this/ because we can]. Your passion is betrayal [nobody matters but me]. Your passion is terrorism [if I can’t have what I want/ then you can’t have what you want]. Your passion is hate [without love, you die too].

My passion is love, the disciplines of a heart released to share existence through the expressions of caring; as we were meant to be by our CREATOR. The value assigned with respect, for the greatest gift of life itself; which is the potential for an eternity lived through love {as is the substance of JESUS, as written in the bible}. That love identifies with life, a path designed by forgiveness; where truth exists. That love seeks the desire to be with GOD, as is the elemental journey into soul. That love constructs a spiritual world, that lives at the edge of our own/ beyond the border of time. That love searches with thought, the foundations of our universe, to prove the passage from here to eternity can exist, even for those who are true to life itself.

As for our world here in time, the values which have sustained us all/ the nature which has given us everything we desire to live for/ the purposes of planet, resources, chains of life, and everything that has proven to be sacred (life will not survive without this________). Has been put to shame, by your own personal lack of caring. Your choice to hate life, because of the consequences humanity has brought to this earth. Rather than protect life, and discipline yourselves to a life with truth as your design and desire. So we stand on the very edge of the abyss; which assures extinction cannot be negotiated. Once the last piece of sand holding you alive falls/ the end is certain.

Because that is what the mass of humanity did choose to do. Simple as that.

You will of course then cry out to your real GOD/ who will then say, “go cry to your universities”/ the god you chose. The life you lived with the lies of humanity is over. As is true of this entire universe: every decision, has both truth, and consequences. It is the law!

The only real question that will soon be left, is: will you be allowed to die as equals, “in the HELL you created for yourselves” with a nuclear fire. OR, will you be allowed to individually crucify yourselves, as the body called human loses its face and form, to genetic malformations/ disease runs rampant/ food and water literally end, because of your wars/ every part and piece of your existence falls into constant chaos/ and complete insanity takes control over this entire planet until it is desolate, and destroyed.

But hey: “your universities” are so smart/ they know what they are doing; you just have to believe in every lie they say. And NEVER question anything/ ever! Because they are gods: of HELL. Alas, too late now.

I would add of my own free will: that the courts “did not hold me out/ as it was not my life, nor my future, nor at 65 years old, not even my world”. They held you out. They chose to insure your death, by refusing reality, denying evidence, and pretending “only the universities” can be god. Which means NOBODY can question them/ they are exempt. While media transmits and constantly uses gossip to cover over every sign of investigation/ proving by the resemblance of news: “you can’t blame me”. Even though with a world at stake from failure, it is your job to establish that cost of being wrong. Even though, the university is simply a cover, hiding the individual people who construct those fantasies. While “university” has provided some answers that changed human existence. The fundamental summary of their work, by the evidence of threat, that will end in extinction is: WE WERE, better off without their influence! Not because knowledge has to be bad. Rather humanity chooses only the easy way, and NEVER looks to the consequences of what they are going to do; until it is too late to change that tragedy. Which is unfortunate, because some things had value; as is evidenced by my own life, as was saved at an early age; by antibiotics.

Humanity itself is not without guilt: as overpopulation is a decision/ that people utterly refuse.

Humanity itself is not without guilt: as overpopulation is a decision/ that people utterly refuse. IF, you search for why does humanity “only want skin-deep” understanding of any problem? The answer is: “pretty is safe”/ I can just so this or that WITHOUT confronting any real, or hidden problems; that are inside. Change the outside/ don’t change the inside, “it can be scary”! Fantasy is better/ reality bites? Unfortunately, the foundation of human existence is on the inside/ not the outside: which makes ‘pretty” all but irrelevant. It does shape a body with genetics; it does provide endless arrogance for some; but that is all. You cannot fix a life with pretty; but you can hide what is wrong, if “pretty is enough”. You can fix a life, when change does repair the inside: because you faced your own truth, and accepted the reality: truth is my guide. That begins discipline. Discipline creates order. Order identifies balance through the wisdom called understanding; which makes life a decision: your decision for you.

I will remind you, once again: that by biblical prophecy, “mercy runs out” on July 9, 2019; which is only a few weeks away. That countdown is from Daniel 12. The great abomination starts the countdown itself. There can be no greater abomination than humanity trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. Which means the prophecy is now active as of April 1, 2012: The first machine experiment, that could have ignited nuclear fire. It is a biblical prophecy, NOT mine; as I concede, the evidence suggests “forever lost” can occur at any time. What that means is: the evidence of complete failure and chaos is without doubt. The realities of our world, are threatened with extinction, by the truth of what we have done. The exact date, our opportunity to make a change is over/ then just makes it clear, if you wait and see: there will be NO mercy given, beyond this point in time. I remind religion as they tell me “GOD would never let that happen”. Biblical Noah’s flood already has happened; and the evidence for it is everywhere. PARTICULARLY in the fossil fuel record; which proves. Not only did life die, it was gathered together to be submerged in distinct locations: IN SUCH MASSIVE amounts, that do prove a world wide flood happened. We know that water can do this/ and we know, that nothing else can.

I abandon you, to your own ways: because you are afraid of your own shadow, terrified someone might ridicule you, for speaking your mind. Willing to let both life and planet die: because you fear, a challenge to what you believe is true. Shame on you. A coward without an anchor; as is, “everything I do, I do, the best I can (on this day, and at this time); understanding this: that I am not perfect/ but neither are you”. What is true shall always survive, even if none remember it; truth remains existent, as it was/ both good or bad. What is true, without doubt or question is “EVERY MIRACLE OF LIFE AND PLANET”/ as GOD built them to be! Because thought is required for complexity, and the whole earth is filled with realities of evidence that are beyond our capability to understand. Which does in fact mean: for this to exist, more knowledge and abilities than are within ourselves, had to intervene. Evolution contends “its caused by chaos/ without a brain”. Those who believe that, did in fact surrender their brain to the cult of “university knows”. Accepting, chaos which means to reduce anything complex: into its most simplified forms. How is that life? Answer, it is not! Even that, you refuse to contend with/ always running away to hide. To your shame; adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”.

You have. the internet/ email/ letter/ whatever group you are in/ religion/ schools/ unions/ broadcasting if you have the money/ and more; to convey the simple message. “we literally CANNOT let these people be WRONG”/ because, the end result of that is our own extinction. Our own HELL on earth, erupting to desolate, and destroy this entire earth. The evidence needs no other cause, no other proof: to insist that humanity itself must get involved and demand a trial to ascertain and define exactly what will happen: if or when their theories are wrong. The consequence of a nuclear fire being: once ignition begins, if it does not extinguish itself/ our planet becomes a sun! That alone is cause, to understand; you simply cannot be wrong to insist on a trial. As all human life should!

I have put in my lifetime, and all things associated with “a living you refuse”. I have done enough. I have produced the documents that provide its prediction: “the most powerful words ever written (because we can change the world)”/ even if not the most important, as was JESUS, by presenting eternity as our option. My heart is for life, and I could not turn from a dying world; even if you refuse to see it: the evidence that is proven to be real/ cannot be wrong. Prove it is not so! Is our world worth so little, that you cannot simply ask the question: what happens if you are wrong? To the damned, who claim to be your gods, simply because they have a diploma? They used to be your classmates, and reality suggests, “they weren’t so damn smart then”/ just like the rest. Even so, gambling this entire world, on one single nuclear fire ignition; which cannot be undone is beyond insane/ as is so much more! To their shame, and yours.

So much has been written, because you are lazy/ and need to be hand fed like an infant, basically every single day. “are you mad”? Good, go do something about it: prove me wrong!

Some will say, “he ain’t nobody/ so we don’t need to do nothing: the universities are god”. God being: we don’t have to do nothing/ we own everything/ nobody has a say but us/ do what we say or we make you cry/ make us happy, and we might even give you a prize.

I will offer instead: as the old and new biblical testaments submit. Those who were major figures, “were nobodies”/ before their own time. All but JESUS; who was an entirely different figure, all to himself. None were greatly rich or successful in terms of man/ all were dedicated to the work they did. Their words for the majority, were more like “whispers in the wind”/ than not. Or more simply: I don’t have to be “your somebody” to deliver a message, that is plain and simply: investigate the evidence, for truth and consequences, regarding the future; and you will find the certainty that is extinction of all life on earth, by horrific means. Because that is what you chose/ what you were led to do as well, by the university cult of arrogance, greed, and utter disrespect for life. Change or die soon/ it is one or the other. I am not the difference in life or death for this world/ THE EVIDENCE IS, where your decision resides. I cannot influence your ability to think/ rather I can only caution you: if you fail to think, then you will be slaughtered, without the option to survive. I have delivered the message, and like prophets of old: that message cannot be spread without the people themselves being involved: by your own decision to protect life on earth; even your own.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ it would be presented with endless “pomp and ceremony, with miracles of power, and unmistakable servants of GOD”. But nothing in the bible suggests that would be so.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ I would be given an endless amount of money to use, or “be so extra special perfect” nobody could deny, “he has to be the messenger we want”. But nothing in the bible suggests that would be so/ after all, Jesus came to this earth as a baby.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ other religions would be able to grasp the importance of these words and make a true decision to participate. Because they would be convinced, by what they believed. But belief is about what you want/ not what is necessarily true.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ it would not exist, because GOD ain’t never going to let this Creation be destroyed. They know, that is true; just like all religious cannot be touched with any words, thoughts, or deeds/ because they have isolated themselves into a prison of what they want. And assert NOBODY can take that away, NOT even the truth.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ that I should bribe you, and would be able: to insure everybody found out this is important. But bribery lasts only until you get what you want, and then humanity turns back, to gather another trophy; discarding life itself for possessions and pride. Alas, it won’t work.

Some offer, that if this was really a message “from GOD, about the end of our world”/ that there should be a show of power so impressive, that nobody could doubt “this person is from GOD, and this message is true”. But reality knows, that is not what you would do. A display of power, only produces the intent to kill that power, take it away for yourselves, or control it with your own power as is “we will destroy you”. None of it leads to an understanding: without change in humans, this earth will die soon.

The end result of it all is: without your own individual comprehension of thought, values, truth and consequences; there is no salvation for this world. Because unless you grasp the cause and effect of why you must change what you do/ that change won’t last. Which means you return to your old ways immediately, because that is what you want to do. UNLESS you do truly understand, we cannot; because the earth, even life itself; will not survive if we do. To achieve that level of knowledge requires acceptance of the evidence. To accept that level of understanding: truth alone must decide/ not your want. And since want is all you have, an endless supply of/ it is extremely unlikely this world will not be lost forever. Your choice throughout all of history has been want/ not life, which is a very different intent. So then I have not sought to bribe you, or make you fear, or contend with you to any real degree; other than in court. Which is a fraud, as the law does not decide/ people in power do, for themselves and their power.

You have been told; you can see it with your own eyes, “that for instance, we will run out of oxygen to breathe”: just count the vehicles, and then consider your fires. All of it is real, and all of it requires a very different human decision than what exists. Simple as that! If you have a brain, you will do the best you can to make a difference in this last time for earth to receive mercy. But then as the universities claim in their religion evolution: “we built all life without a brain”/ and you are their cult. Too bad, life is more than you can believe.

It seems necessary to end with this: that as you suggest, I am no one special/ simply “I did the job, I was trained and selected to do”. As is consistent with any soldier that completes their assigned task. That does not take anything away from the task; it simply remembers: if not me, it would have been someone else.

As to all other things, the spiritual world participates with me in these days, in ways it does not participate with you. The spiritual woman inside (which did balance my life/ so that I could continue in this job) remains; and is powerful enough to take control for her own purposes. Never “evil”/ but never male, it is a quandary I have not been able to escape. Just the price, for what was my one single true desire: that this world of life must not be lost! Even so, it would seem that too was not sufficient. You are a cult, and it seems no matter the cost (not even a nuclear fire, to turn this earth into a sun) is enough. To your shame.

The quest to understand for life on earth; is over. You are on your own! The quest to understand: the cost of needing female to survive/ to balance the realities of man, which turn to war when all other things seem to have failed/ has NOT been discovered. My Life is going to be different (all indications are)/ I know not the ending of it. Still, I have accomplished my own need to fight for this world, for life; and I would NOT have it changed to any other way. It was, and it is: MY choice. I am ok with failure: I did do, the best I could: even if you believe you could have done better. That is you/ this is me, not perfect/ not great/ not your savior: “just a soldier (fighting for this world)/ doing his job.” Not a prophet/ not a religious man/ not “perverse”/ not your enemy, or your fool: the Best I did do, is reality!

I do wish you well. But wishing really doesn’t have anything to do with true reality. By the evidence you will soon be dead; as will we all.



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