The ladder of man; the rise beyond animal.

The fundamental of all human existence, whether male or female is: that we begin our lives by recognizing an action or a reaction delivers a consequence. But that is the same as an animal experiences or expresses; with a very similar brain function.

The difference between animal and human is: that we can conceive of “truth and its consequences”, before we enter into the action or reaction to our own decision or any other. OR, as is the consistent reality of a university driven leadership: humanity can simply act or react, aligning with traps, manipulation, control, temptations, etc; as do animals.

So, the value of being human, rather than simply being life on earth: is that we do get to choose our decision within the terms of what life can be other than an animal. Those terms are in fact limited by the directional costs and rewards called: “love or hate”. Survival is at its core an animal reward, linked to the actions or reactions that we take.

We begin as infants or embryo’s if you prefer/ at the basic midpoint of life: neither love or hate is inherently yours. Both require your own decision/ and you cannot choose but one single direction for your life, because they exist in entirely different realms of choice. The ladder of life is then either: to rise; as love to build what has value to you, and us all, for the future of our destiny as one family of existence/ OR, to descend from life, into the maze of chaos that lingers around your throat, trying to squeeze the life out of you, by imprisonment (I allow; no one, enters here)/ or its cost as is violence and revenge/ the destruction of existence itself.

When we ask: why, are we not simply born into love? The answer is some are; making that decision, thereby direction very easy and acceptable. When we ask: why, are some born into hate? The answer is: that life is not limited to reproduction only among those who love. The consequence is: these, are more easily lost, into a world that has no love to experience or express for them. The reward for those who do choose and sustain love is eternally greater, than for those who found love without effort and true desire.

The steps men take; to rise or fall from the grace of love/ are simplified as these things we do.

  1. The decision to choose for love, therefrom choosing consistently against hate; is the first and primary method of rising above self, to assemble a path into the destiny called “I am ALIVE”. Alive requires the choice for love first, as the value in living, that you choose to search for.
  2. The decision to see and accept miracles of life and existence, are the work of GOD (someone/ something, far greater than a human decision or work). In miracles, we see love at work; because there is so much we do have, by grace; that we literally could not have, and yet survive. Not only are we given life/ we are given the essence to achieve happiness.
  3. The decision to participate in happiness (I am grateful to be alive), recognizes the value of another life to share with. The value accepted in that life, gives cause to care deliberately, and with honesty about their well being same as our own. That becomes a path between us, an opportunity to identify ourselves with love.
  4. Love signals both body and mind, that there is a spiritual connection with life, that cannot be found outside of love. That makes love the elemental discovery of both heart and soul. Heart being the home I grant in this world to others within me. While soul is the home GOD grants to me, beyond the limits of where love on earth shall go. A right, to express and experience, the essence of CREATION in me.

THIS CONCLUDES; “the upper tiers” of where we can go, as either male or female, in time.

  1. In the essence of our living; we must compete with all that confronts us for survival, hope, loss, discovery, disciplines, balance, and order. What we learn to survive and make life more sustainable through the choices we do make: then determines what our lives will become. Each of those 7 elements governing our behavior, have an impact on our existence.
  2. Survival illuminates the truth, that not only can we die/ we will die. The difference is: what can we become in that process of determining what our living is going to be? The choice is: to find our living in love, granting that our options are limited by environmental realities. OR, to find our living in hate, granting that lies, theft, betrayal, temptations, manipulation, control over others, and the rest that fundamentally triggers chaos. Human Chaos is a fate: you chose/ and this is your consequence.
  3. Hope is largely the difference, between “fighting for your life/ or fighting against your life and others”. Thereby hope figuratively constructs the disciplines that will be used to identify, what your purpose and desire is going to become. Hope is: the discovery, that all lives and living is not the same. Thereby if “this or that can be changed”/ my life will change as well. Hope begins the critical process of want/ or it ends want with the elemental desire, that is love. Want begets want, and since want can never be fully erased (always something else to want); it is an abyss. Desire is the beginning of truth, as it leads to laws which cannot be undone. Desire then creates the foundation upon which love survives.
  4. Loss, is the reality of our elemental truth: that we do not fully control our lives at any time/ and we are subject to removal from the planet at any time; for a wide variety of cause. Loss elevates purpose, as the primary function of our time. Thereby becoming the first of five fundamentals that give us identity. Without identity, eternity does not exist. The five elements are: I will or I won’t pay the price of my desire/ I will or I won’t accept the cost of life/ I will or I won’t, understand the law is elemental to my survival/ I will or I won’t, discipline myself with values that are defined by love/ I will or I won’t surrender to hate, even if I am faced with destruction.
  5. Discovery means: in my own search, I have found a path that is my own. Thereby the elemental journey beyond ourselves, into the realm of what can exist beyond the wall of time; isolates and identifies the need to individually search for that door. To discover within self, that the essence of life, is not “you”.
  6. Discipline means: I have accepted the honor and the honesty of finding a duty, to achieve something that is proof, I am more than just an animal. To understand, I build on knowledge, and I conceive with understanding, by the realities constructed in truth.
  7. Balance means: I have a life that must be constructed around survival. I have a love inside, that must be identified among the others. I have the essence of friendship within my heart, to be shared as I have cared. I have the desire for romance/ as I have the need for truth.
  8. Order erects the footings by which thought may then arise as our own contribution to the values of being a human being as designed. Thought is not an intellectual footprint/ but a grip on the distinctions of wisdom. To be wise, is to remember and assess the truth, that completes the relationship between all things involved in a decision that we are about to make. Thereby to be “unwise”/ is to reduce the realities of life; “into just one little thing”; and claim an expertise. Even though changing the relationship of that one little thing affects “ten thousand more”.

If you want to learn how to fall into a pit of vipers and failures: GO ELSEWHERE!

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