To: Mirika

from Jim Osterbur

dated 4/29/19

Since you are studying to be a obgyn doctor; it occurs to me that some veterinary medicine may in fact be of some interest to you. Although vet’s either don’t know or don’t use the method as near as I know.

The critical construction of this method is: when a cow is birthing, and its calf gets stuck. The proper method of dealing with that issue is to simply roll the cow over onto its other side. When doing that three distinct things happen to influence the process of what is not working well at the time. The cow (mother) looses its grip on controlling these muscles, which relaxes them. The turn allows for the uterus reshape itself. And the calf which has become trapped by its feet or whatever is wrong: has the opportunity to turn or reshape itself to better align with the “delivery hole”. Once in a great while it is necessary to return the cow back to the other side if the calf has not been able to free itself during the first turn. 90+ of the time the calf will simply fall out on the first turn.

All the same basic mechanisms that apply to birthing any mammal; apply to humans as well. The consequence of that is, it is likely to be a significant aid in most problem births; even the ones where the umbilical cord is wrong/ because it loosens and allows for the fetus movements that cannot otherwise be done: within the womb.

While this is not common human surgical procedure/ it is in no way, an actual medical procedure which makes it unaffected by laws governing that area of practice. As NO drugs are committed/ no cuts or other attempts at medical intervention occur/ and no substantial change is being done to the human being whatsoever. The mother simply experiences a rollover event; as can be done on her own or with your help. Getting permission prior to the event for this type of procedure would be advisable. So as to alleviate concerns.

The table on which the mother rests; would need to be outfitted accordingly for tilting/ or enlarged to accommodate rolling over. It would also need “stops on the side” so as to insure NO major, accidental problems occur.

Best wishes.

for simple general use: it is also instructive to understand these three things:

I had a gall bladder out, 3-4 years ago: a reality that turns out should not have happened, due to interference. It was due to chemical contamination: as a new style glue was being used for eight hours, which got on my hands and caused trouble with the pancreas. That fact changed several things in terms of body function; and while none of them are life threatening/ all of them, make me wish the gall bladder was still in place. Bear it in mind if confronted: because the chemical contamination dissolved itself/ the pancreas healed itself/ and the doctor simply wanted the money, “simple as that”; and made absolutely no effort to construct anything other than let me cut that out.

As to effects: an occasional “much higher degree of effort”/ has been noted in “going to the restroom”. Which results in a diligent effort to remember NEVER to sit on the toilet to relieve yourself/ without first waiting for the “blood valve” in your neck to close. That happens in about thirty seconds. It is opened when you walk/ closed when you sit, and are not working. IF YOU FAIL to do that, it became instantly apparent, that a much higher blood pressure from trapped blood in the brain can cause a stroke to occur. A blood vessel to burst in your brain. So pay attention, and never push hard to relieve yourself/ until your body adjusts, by shutting off that “working valve”.

In the same vein of reality: it was noted, that pushing too hard, with too much blood trapped in the brain will result in what can be described as a migraine headache. Which was easily sustainable, and not easy to disperse without carefully watching over all physical effort, to insure no excessive blood pressure was allowed to continue the migraine. Once things returned to normal, nothing has returned.

The net effect of this message is: that the human body under natures design “is effectively perfect”/ and must never be tampered with, unless it is absolutely necessary. Given that level of truth and reality: those who genetically mutilate/ or prescribe endless chemicals to intervene in that human body; are not helping life. The curse is: seemingly small things done today/ can turn into major complications and costs later on. EVEN if the university diploma says, “its all good”. Liar, traitor, thief, failure, terrorist, and fool; are all consistent with those who attack nature itself. That does not mean no “repair”/ or some intervention is necessary. But it does mean, with absolute respect, and no theory which gambles with all life on earth/ or even you. Basically, believe no one; particularly with a diploma and a greed intending to steal, extort, and discard your life regardless of the consequences to you. Let the evidence decide for yourself.

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Jim Osterbur

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