The constant curse of man is; “yes, we can”/ because the vast majority never learn more than: I want to be rich! When someone wins, soon the others will war; as their ability to compete ends, and the constant of slavery begins. The majority of Women learn to manipulate men; and with sex, begin to believe “that is all I need, to do, or be”. Using men to compete. While others endure the reality of being slaves to men. While others endure the competition, that I am being left behind.

The universities promise: we will make you better than you are, by giving options that will let you compete more. But alas: there are limits to how many “leaders rather than workers” any society can tolerate. Limits to how many who claim to be “the nobility”; can discard, disrespect, or destroy the rest. So the big rise in “university graduate”/ has given way to the reality of; we don’t need you anymore. But alas, the universities took over politics/ business/ industry/ education/ media/ religion/ banking/ agriculture/ medicine/ and more: NOT by earning it, but by gaining control over the currency. And counterfeiting 9 trillion dollars (along with all the new debt) of new American assets claimed, each and every year. Since they are the counterfeiters, they make the rules, and they decide who gets to spend the money; and make others rich. Building an army of insurgents against American life and democracy: with bribes/ promises that cannot be kept/ assassinating the future, and every child/ destroying environment/ mutilating nature/ and believing themselves to be “god (we can do anything we want/ without consequences to us)”.

Make no mistake, the rest of the world participates equally: as is proven by over 1 quadrillion dollars claimed; invested derivatives, a reality more of fiction than anything else. The universities: are “your god”/ and their kingdom is held together with bribes. Counterfeiters control your world of banking, politics, media, education, and everything else: because “it costs them nothing”. And people buy in: because only the children and the slaves have to pay. Until of course, truth overtakes them; and forces reality back into your lives. The consequence: people hate truth/ believing it is the cause of why they now must pay. A lie; that avoids the reality of why the problem came to exist. Or, “GOD” is punishing us/ even though these are the choices you did make, were the lies you accepted as your fate. But of course never blame the universities; for leading, “cause they are your gods”.

So that leads us to the consequences hidden with lies; that are destroying even the slightest possibility life or planet will survive. Unless otherwise specified: each of these start with “the universities have caused”

  1. our entire world to be at risk, by gambling a nuclear fire can be controlled. An energy source exactly like “powers, the sun”. A lie!
  2. The mutilation of nature itself, as is DNA, the building scaffolding or all creation: with absolute disrespect, and the intent to be gods and recreate life on earth. “their way”. The horror of it is unfathomable/ as to the terrors being released.
    1. The lack of a single resource, causes extinction. The entire DNA structure, is about creating and identifying those resources/ placing those resources in an extremely refined time table of process coordination, complete with specifically placed “one in a billion” other chemicals that do the timing; starting and stopping all processes; through an integrated memory system that cannot be recreated, or rebuilt, by man.
    2. Their horror or failure, divided by the crucifixion of fools in charge: are killing the base realities of all life on earth. They do want to cause life to self destruct: believing that then they will learn “like a bridge that self destructs from too much weight”. How to build life for themselves. Because they are proven to believe: life has no value, unless it is their own. They unleash pandemic/ and unimaginable terrors; which is the reality of men who played god throughout all generations.
    3. They promise “greater healthcare” through genetic manipulation. But they too risk our entire planet of life; discarding all reality to play games with everything. Their healthcare has resulted in a human population growth: that will soon become irreversible extinction for our world. This is a finite planet, and we are NOT leaving for any other planet. Not ever! Another lie. Changing chemicals for medicines: is why a large portion of medicine is needed/ why the lawsuits exist. Why slavery and extortion to the healthcare industry, are taking away your future.
  3. Without resources nobody lives. The USA did not become wealthy for any other reason than; there were still numerous untouched resources here/ when they used genocide to steal it. Today those resources are literally thrown away; because the curse of leaders is, “that they want power over you”.The Indian nations lost, because of an endless sea of immigrants.
  4. The lies regarding population growth are extreme: the UN reports one half of one percent growth (one more child per year per two hundred people). AN ABSOLUTE LIE. The common last century proven yearly rise is three percent/ as is proven by, just look around you!
  5. Soon there will be no drinking water: in America the people assigned and employed to tell you, about water loss. Will lose their job if they do. The people manipulating plants: are taking away all protection from the plants. Which means the entire species can now die. Which means the plants we use for food, are completely dependent upon artificial fertilizers. Potash being the most vulnerable: and was thought to be entirely used up, until the last find. It too, will soon be gone.
  6. The oceans are devastated, and without food/ causing all ocean life to become extinct soon: because you attack, but NEVER put anything back. Ten percent of the human population will soon starve to death; and there WILL be war. With billions, it will be war with weapons of mass destruction; and it will be HELL unleashed: because that is what you chose.
  7. The burning of fossil fuels is stripping this planet of oxygen concentrations required for life. PLUS the heat release in all forms, are causing global warming to reorganize the entire planet in ways you cannot survive. The loss of trees: means the atmosphere is becoming detached from the planet itself. And will accelerate to roughly 700 mph at the surface of earth.The weather across America is a strong indication of that atmosphere becoming detached: aided by the extreme amount of heat released by humanity. The previous northern cold acted as a governor to the wind/ along with creating food for the sea under the ice.
  8. Or more distinctly: university leadership, has been the most destructive reality of execution, that any generation has seen. Other than Noah’s flood (proven true by the fossil fuel evidence, which could exist by no other known way). Making you, the most selfish/ blind/ stupid/ disgraceful/ disrespectful/ hateful/ and greedy: humanity ever to walk this earth. Which does make “the universities” creator of “satan” on earth (destroyer of worlds).
  9. How could it be otherwise: when the sewer sludge of evolution, has led you to the absolute brink of complete extinction from this earth? Making you, this humanity which has proven itself “never to care”: a failure to life itself.  
  10.  The reality is: according to biblical prophecy, the point of no return is July 9, 2019. by Daniel 12, the great abomination is trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun! That started on April 1, 2012. (gambling with the whole planet/ with all life, and all future life; on a one time ignition of nuclear fire. WRONG is, earth becomes another sun). Therefore no intent is given to describe a situation wherein it is impossible at this moment for life to survive/ until that date is reached. It should however be noted, that the weather patterns this spring are refusing to allow the grain we depend upon to be planted: which gives cause to the idea. Perhaps the beginning of hell will start with the major loss of crops in this USA.

    YOU DID of course make the decision: to play god, with both life and planet/ as all cults do.

    I suggest you pray; because reality begins to close the door on everything “life”. Fortunately for you, “the gods of university” don’t give a damn about any living thing/ but themselves: so who cares, “right”!

    Then of course the reality of threat “hell begins” includes that which is the current situation with USA with IRAN: and we get the same basic beginnings again of fools with: “war with Iraq; this will be simple”. Alas, it was not; nothing good about it. NOW, With proven to exist: all possibilities to use weapons of mass destruction. A reality that comes with: no missile is needed to deliver those weapons/ right to your door. Gee, what could go wrong? Not to worry media propaganda will fix it/ right. After all, none should be held responsible for what they do, or what they choose; its all free/ “because we can”. The claim: Life has no boundaries, balance, order, or disciplines “believe it is so”; according to the cowards, who profess that as “love”.

    But alas: love, respect, honor, courage, value, hope, and life itself in the real world: does have limits, realities, truth, and laws that keep life living. By balancing order, with discipline.

    All across this planet: people in universities are throwing pieces of DNA from one species into another species/ hoping something new will survive (I am god). Putting anything that survives for an instant out into all of creation itself; so as to infect the rest “with evolution”. Crucifying everything living they experiment with, by inserting the most horrific reality life can endure: the consequence of order destroyed/ balance ejected/ and disciplines changed, so that it cannot live as life by design intended. The purpose: THE BELIEVERS of evolution insist, WE MUST HAVE CHAOS, to play god! So, chaos is what you earned. Because after all: WHO, tells them NO? Certainly not the other religions, or public, or “anyone, but me (a tiny few)”! In all of human history, no generation deserves the chaos you created by choice; more than you. The “gods” you refuse to even question: NOT even, when they attack by igniting a nuclear (burns atom bonds/ everything is fuel) fire. Alas, the children are your descendants; so by default, they have earned your reward too.

    WHY shouldn’t, all life on earth be disemboweled from order, discipline, thought, balance, dignity, courage, hope, or life/ so long as it isn’t you? After all, your own children being built by mutilated DNA; should have “pretzel legs, eyes in their ass, snake for a head, organs without abilities, or anything else to make them happy, or keep them alive”. Cause let’s face it, “they ain’t you”/ and so you don’t care. Come on: changing the most intricate plans in the universe; by injecting chaos/ can’t have no damn consequences. Because after all, “the universities are god”.

    The “gods” you refuse to even question: NOT even, when they attack by promising to ignite a nuclear (burns atom bonds/ everything is fuel) fire; is “university”. Not to worry, the universities are filled with professors that have been studying “hitler” and all the other tyrants of the past”. So they can influence you, and lead you to their end goal/ just like every other society since the beginning of time. But of course, “just like them”: you, are just too damn smart to be taken in. After all, they were stupid; and believed anything they were told! NO, they didn’t go away, arrogance/ power/ and pride are enemies that search for hate. NO, they didn’t stop trying to influence you with words/ now they have images, and stories, and illusions, and religious indoctrination (evolution is god/ chaos is life) as well. “cause YOU, are so smart”/ after all, your gods, told you everything “you think”/ or believe is true.  And media insures “nobody gets out of line”. The sign of a true believer is: “no real evidence matters/ truth be damned/ I believe, whatever I want”.

    You choose to break the chains of life; such as destroying the base food group called insects/ thereby destroying all that depend upon them. You choose to poison the water, with chemicals that do make you sick. You choose to destroy the future, thereby condemning every child and life. You choose to make extinct: endless species, because you just don’t care. You choose to invade and change all form of habitat; even though it will make you starve, and more; too! You choose to keep weapons of mass destruction; because you want them/ believing they are your saviors: instead of HELL coming. All in all, the extreme failure of fools for all life on earth: is a believer in “university knows”! Go ahead, worship your brainless descent into oblivion; by the things you chose, and the people you follow. Alas, even a planeload of people can have a good time; just before they impact the mountain, and fall into extinction. Why shouldn’t you? So, the ignition of our earth as a sun; is in all probability the most merciful ending we can have. Because you chose to die, and take all life with you: after all, aren’t you gods too? Yes you are, destroying an entire creation of life on earth: does in fact, make you exactly that. “its called SATAN”. How proud you must be, congratulations “you win HADES (eternal terror)”. For forty years plus: you shouted and proved, as if a single voice:  “WE DON’T CARE”. Now, soon; neither will I!          


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