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THERE ARE: five elements, to the values and rights of a surviving humanity on this world, at this; point in time. Nothing less will keep you alive. There are two elements, which aid and assist reality.

  1. LET THE LAW RULE, not a leader.
  2. DEFINE AND CREATE THE LAW, by public vote and direct participation in creating that law; as simple and plain as it can be made. Governing all area’s of necessity in less than one hundred/ less than one page long/ laws that govern us all. So we can know them. So we can enforce them for ourselves!
  3. REMOVE ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and limit all military in every nation on earth. By enforcing THE LAWS WE THE PEOPLE MADE; to govern our leaders. With world policing (changing the entire force/ every twelve years or so). Made up of every nation/ and primarily based upon ships.
  4. REMOVE THE RICH, from this earth: by ENFORCING LIMITED CAPITALISM. The right of we the people, to decide by our own scheduled (every twelve year) vote: how much money or property any individual can earn or keep, in a one year period of time. We decide the maximum/ and we decide the minimum that everyone is tied too; by our vote. Which opens the door for all the rest to participate as equals.
  5. CONTROL THE CURRENCY, and let no leader or group of leaders or system or any other conglomeration of people make debts/ or decide how to spend money, for you. MAKE THE CURRENCY NUMBERS, be tied directly to the population count (so much per person, and that is all). To be a scheduled vote (every twelve years). LET THE TAX, be tied directly to the purpose: as is all fuel, car, tire, truck etc taxation: go directly and only to roads, and its infrastructure. So that we get what we pay for!
  6. THE POLITICIAN; is hired to investigate, and to create the necessary information: that allows for society to monitor and control themselves/ their world/ their environment/ their everything that is social by nature. Its called democracy!
  7. THE RELIGIONS OF THIS WORLD; are either valuable, or a threat to the sanctity and sanity of this earth. The religion of “university knows everything/ evolution is god”/ has proven to be the greatest threat to life, that has ever existed: and must be removed as a threat. The religions that have value, have value because they offer something that allows humanity to separate itself from want. Thereby removing the herd mentality, to describe value in other ways. WHAT HAS VALUE, must be gathered together; so that all can benefit. WHAT DOES NOT, must be gathered together, and removed; so that it does not fail life. The difference is: does LIFE, all life; come first! CRITICAL THEN: is the fact, you cannot destroy the future, or steal everything you can find; as is today. But as your religion demands, protect every child, and every life, and every future living thing.

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