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It is, fundamental to our time; that the disgrace of being human (we want, to be god) has come to its fruition: extinction, by our own choices. The reality of choosing to believe in the stories of liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves; as is the cult of university. The evidence is certain: surrounded by threats of such extreme realities, each of which can make us extinct/ the foundation of our truth becomes literally: “only GOD” can save us now. A reality that only very rarely comes to our aid: as the freedom of choice exhibits itself, as the fate of our consequences. Yet this is the end of HIS, entire Creation of life on earth: so anything is possible.

Humanity is of course too arrogant to believe anything it chooses not to believe; and is betrayed by endless propaganda to that very purpose: with media and more. But the evidence of massive real life scenarios; aided and abetted into the potential of extinction by those who “hid it well”/ as opposed to giving life its chance: are true to the consequence of extinction itself.

I am told “never bring that up” it offends people, so they run away: often claiming “I ain’t going to listen to that”. While I remind them: it is the evidence talking, not me/ and the evidence does not care what you do or do not want. It is simply what it is. Failing to identify that fact, would be cause to blame me; and I won’t allow for that. So here we stand on the abyss; because instead of the smaller tragedies that other generations have faced. Those limited catastrophes, have been moderated: to create life ending trouble, with few real solutions. Because you won’t want any of them: as would be an instant reduction in all fossil fuels burned by over fifty percent/ no air conditioning/ and “a hundred more”. YOU cannot even question the people/ not even murmur a complaint: against your university gods; demanding what happens if a nuclear fire does not extinguish itself. That is your choice, and its fate truly is: our world becomes a sun. Same release of energy/ same result. You are dull, lifeless, and witless: just as all “religious zealots are”: shouting we want, what we want/ to HELL, with truth or evidence, we know what we want, or don’t want. Simple as that.

So let’s end the discussion: you are who you are/ just as I am, who I am. It would have ended for me, already years back: if not for the “spiritual woman” who joined my life. While you ridicule that, I remind you: that the information here is no joke, and you know that to be true. Yet “not a word”/ or a life speaks up for this world or its children; stands up to be identified; or stands out to say: we must not be wrong! Our whole world is at stake, with more than enough evidence to prove it is so: still no reply.

You, are a cult; the vast majority worshiping at the feet of “university knows”. The very people who orchestrated, and produced: HELL for you.

But let’s review: in my life and time, every single opportunity to organize more, to create a greater response, has been taken away; through a wide variety of people, and causes. My response is: “still not time” for this purpose to arise. I could be wrong; and your purpose will never match, or entangle with mine. “world lost”/ not my fault; even if you believe “you could have done better”. IF you had helped me: all things would be different/ but none did to any extent necessary. So without fundamental support “life, and the opportunity to survive, dies”. Yet all are certain, they need not fear: because media and the universities are going to save them/ just like your weapons of mass destruction. Even though in less than a day, your entire world can be lost forever to them as well. All dependent upon a literal handful of men, and a few enemies who just don’t care. Oh well; like your zombies “the universities ate your brain”. Nothing I can do.

So, I ask of the spiritual woman who invaded my life; now starting the fourteenth year ago. The spiritual woman who has increased control dramatically in the last few months; even though I complain. WHAT can I do? Her answer is: “it is no longer my choice”. So I wait, and hope for a little longer. Believing there is no purpose beyond July 9, 2019. But recognizing, she is going to decide rather than me, apparently for the rest of my life. It is simply the price for understanding: male had no possibilities left to help this world/ as war would have accomplished nothing. I had to ask female for her help/ and since no female on earth had an interest: the spiritual world does. I am grateful for her participation; although the price is far greater than anticipated. NOT because “I would choose to be anything but male”/ but because, life or death for this entire creation is worth everything time has to offer; other than ANY potential for eternity.

Unlike you, I do RESPECT the reality of every gift I have received/ every miracle of life and living I have known/ every benefit of time and love and courage and everything: GOD gave to us all. If you received less, the reality is: nothing was intended to be perfect. What we each get to be or do or have, is our reality. Freedom of choice does cause that.

I am tired of you (the vast majority, who utterly refuse to care)/ the spiritual woman in me, remains strong and undeterred. I, on the other hand, am reduced to hope. A reality unsupported by what you do. At this point, an entire world of human existence must rise at once: because there is no time for anything less. “a one in a billion” chance at best. Even so, I will hope until it is clear: all evidence of hope is gone. You of course will blindly continue to do, what it is you choose to do: which has always been in our lifetime, to believe in university, and let them destroy your everything; as you have done.

I was ashamed of you, but no more: that is your choice. The cost of it will astonish you, but by then, it is too late.

Just so its clear:

  1. in an instant, the reality of a nuclear fire ends all life on earth
  2. within a short amount of time; as would be consistent with a worldwide pandemic/ you will know. “the clock” cannot be turned back, and everything good about life has been murdered by those who mutilate and defile DNA; which is the base reality of nature itself.
  3. The ocean life can be lost: take a look at what you do/ no food for you either.
  4. The atmosphere will become detached: as is true of all other planets with an atmosphere, pushing at roughly 700 mph.
  5. Oxygen concentrations are critical/ and you are causing that to disappear.
  6. Everything dependent upon the chains of life are in jeopardy of failure; such as is everything that depends upon insects (birds/ reptiles/ amphibians/ fish/ and more). All gone.
  7. No more drinking water for humans either; attacked on all fronts/ and in far more jeopardy than you believe could be true.
  8. Habitat extinction, causes species extinction.
  9. Human overpopulation is the end of life on earth; because we eat life to survive/ and that life needs its place just like you.
  10. Weapons of mass destruction will be used soon; as massive human unrest becomes overwhelming.
  11. Overheating the globe changes environment, and humanity will war. More resources used today, in just ten years, than in all of human history before. Not to worry a billion more human lives to feed every five years “is nothing”/ right? Etcetera, and more.
  12. You have no respect for life; as indoctrinated by “university cares about nothing but self”. That cult has you enslaved. That cult has you bowed down on your knees; and as believers (like all believers who simply want what they want), the curse is: the cult has removed truth from your soul.

Just so there can be no confusion: I once began to pray regarding the weather/ and was immediately “convinced” never to do that again; as it was “none of my business”. Media of course convinces you, that nothing matters except you remember the universities are your gods. Like all religions, and their priests, do.

Say, did I forget to mention: the first constant is people running away from reality/ but the second, for the last forty years is: “as they run away, they shout, NOT in my lifetime”. Thereby intentionally condemning their own children.

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