It is fair and realistic, that the value of this work should include an understanding of the basic relationships, between life and body.

LIFE, confronts time with the existence of an enclosed environment shaped by the delicate dimensions of what thought can or cannot do. Therefrom thought examines life, and attests too the creation of possibilities governed by truth.

Body, exhibits want as an inviolate relationship between an action and a reaction: identifying what is, and what will come if that relationship is broken. Therefrom want governs existence, and creates pain or pleasure or the possibilities nature presents. Nature is the creation of body, by its governing existence in genetic DNA!

Given these parameters, the critical pairing of life with body, then translates and identifies: the value of existence, as declared by the mediator of thought; as are the definitions of, “being human”. We then see, the three envelopes of a passage, that illicit and controls behavior, fate, and destiny.

An envelope constructs the assertion, “that what is packaged here”/ will make its journey to the destiny described; by transportation of those and what is, or will be involved in that reality. The assertion being: we are packaged as a human being/ enveloped by body/ to identify, and create the journey, and values, most descriptive of our time. We are, as the creation of our own thought: “the delivery man or woman” who transports humanity, into the passage we have created.

Behavior assembles the values we have placed upon our lives and living among the others. By granting one of three distinctions: I will live in truth, love, and justice, being fair to all, by granting value through respect to each one/ or, I will live with lies, pretending to be what I am not, in order to steal, manipulate, control, tempt, or violate the realities governing others/ or, I will establish hate, thereby choosing to use violence for the purpose of proving my life has no value to me.

Fate is: the consequence of truth, as it identifies the creation of your purpose, and conforms to the reality of your desire: to establish the passage, that identifies where the envelope, which leads to the environment of your own creation should belong. Fate elevates law, to the destruction of what does not belong with truth.

Destiny: lives inside the elements of thought, as the distinction of what purity can do. Thereby purity determines the creation of a passage beyond the limits of what is body, to describe the values which give rise to eternity. Eternity is: the elevation of respect, by law; to encompass all that thought can be.

The critical test to existence is: “can thought be controlled or created, beyond the limits of an enclosed environment”? The answer is: wheresoever there is energy, there is an environment enclosed by that energy. Consequently the universe says, given space between the composite descriptions of time established: there are dimensional passages that flow “in the direction of life”.

Time measures a “point to point” existence of something.

Thought identifies the essence of purity, or it dies to the inception of failure. Because only truth can survive without loss.

Life, creates the environment that lives within the conception of love. Thereby becoming the body of our existence, by the value of that love, in transforming life to the grace and beauty that can become eternal. Eternal then means: to be without flaw/ thereby to be without consequence, by rising above the law to become the essence of soul.

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