It occurs to me, that we must identify, “what went wrong”/ that humanity sits on the abyss of extinction. If you cannot recognize that, you then cannot survive. As a consequence, the reality of your decision that encompasses the fate of your failed journey; would not be corrected. So we must try, to go beyond the barriers that belief has erected. While this is an all but completely futile reality; I refuse to surrender you completely, until the point of no return has pasted.

In recognition of that: Most assume belief has something to do with their religion; as it is integral to the process by which most religion arise. However belief is not intrinsically religious/ it is simply the demand: “what I want is, more than what I have”. More specifically, the decision to believe whatever it is you believe; relies upon your desire for “more”. If you do not have the desire for more, then you cannot be religious (I will get what I want, with this). Nor can you encompass a journey beyond the limits of human reality; to become entrapped by the fantasies and illusions of want, or conceive of the images required by need, or satisfied by extreme risk or gambling. I WANT MORE (not a true desire), is the emblem or flag of human failure.

The distinction of human animal/ rather than “being alive as human”. Is then dependent upon those three things: to desire (I have a right/ I deserve more, I was cheated); I want (I can; by plotting, planning, temptation, control, theft, cheating, and more against those who stand in my way); OR, rather than to accept this reality as my gift in time, I will decide the journey of life, is whatever I choose, instead of the reality I was born into.

Each of these is predicated on the assumption, that better is simply a choice to influence my own reality; that I can manipulate life and living, in a direction that is, pointed to me.

Here we need to assemble what is “true desire”/ rather than animal want. The difference is: the want of an animal relies upon pleasure or pain, or the gathering of more than I need, or even want for myself. Which in human terms, “makes me the powerful one, who deserves pride”: I win. Or if not, I own the right for revenge; you took more from me, than I intended to lose.

Human desire ascends past the limits of what time presents as pleasure or pain, to grant the purpose of hope (which lives in the expression, I love you). Making desire the single experience that ascends from humanity into the sacred passion, that is beyond self, as in “our destiny, as one”. The place we build with our lives, as the creation of our hope in the miracles we possess, and those we see with our time. Love is then the distinction of a miracle that goes beyond time, to encompass thought as the passage into love itself.

We then ask: “WHAT, is thought”, that it is a passage, and therefrom bears a reality, so extreme as is love?

The answer is: the removal of human behaviors! Therefrom the exodus from animal, into the creation of souls. That element of existence bound into, or constructed by, the reality of miracles on earth; as the evidence of a truth more important than this life.

We then ask: WHAT, is love”, that it is the destiny of all hope, the relationship of all experience or expression, that is created from living or life; as the evidence of JOY?

The answer is: love is, at its core existence, the value of everything we trust to give us hope in the eternity of life itself/ the respect for what does keep us alive, in the spirit of creation itself. Therefore, the essence of our experience and expression as a human being in love is the value we share, the hope “for everything beautiful” life represents, the essence of respect, and the destiny represented by miracles which are so delicately balanced in the treasury of nature and environment, that we do understand: more than we can conceive of, exists than this. Thereby we search, for the essence of truth, and live within the sacred relationship called soul: our decision to enter into Creation itself (let me see the light: a passage beyond self), and learn as best we can.

We examine belief, even religious belief: to understand why it fails the test of truth/ and distorts the realities of trust? Finding that when the human animal fears, it sinks back into the realities of time and place that it does experience as trust. The animal trusts, what it wants, as the blessing of a happy life: even when that is not true/ because fear controls the future; therefore they believe. The constant of all religion, as is the constant of university religion: is our book, cannot be wrong/ and you are “a horrible person” if you question anything. Because causing concern for value, makes fear rise. To quell fear: “we must believe even more”.

TRUTH IS the difference between belief and faith. What is true must always rule, the heart that lives for GOD; because what is true, cannot be proven wrong: therefore it survives. Belief however, can literally be whatever you want it to be/ and want is, the foundation for every lie, and every other rise in human behavior that is not survivable.

We ask then: HOW, do we know what is true?

The foundation answer is: let the evidence alone decide! The primary evidence of life on earth is: these miracles of existence, DID NOT arise by accident/ nor are they the compilation of endless adaption. Rather they rise from the dead earth, by the essence of knowledge, the creation of understanding, and the wisdom of thought that exceeds our own by so great a distance, “we will never know its whole truth”.


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