It is consistent with my desire, to leave you no excuses; as to the relationship of knowledge presented IS IN FACT, sufficient to demand an accounting of what “university/ thereby humanity” has been doing. Particularly with regards to gambling, or risking all life on earth; by establishing their threats of extinction, for all.

In that regard, I do continue to search for the reality of problems that do clearly identify the crisis of human failure. Nothing is so wide spread; as the reality of overpopulation due to human sexuality. Consequently we look here as well as to university failures.

The demand for sex, is not functionally or fundamentally a display of love or affection. Most of the time it has nothing to do with respect. It is simply, either a lust (I WILL do whatever I want to my body, by using your body) OR, it is an isolation that exhibits the need for companionship is so deep; “I trade my body, for your warmth”. Added in: The night is too long, and too dark “for my soul”; I fear death searching for me/ or life forced to be alone, forever; so I spend my body, to give rest to the mind.

The desire for sexual love, between male and female; through the understanding of trust as is identified by respect: truly is, an entirely different thing. Noted is the reality: If not by the design of GOD, as proven by nature/ then by human decision, also; an entirely different thing. Freedom is not a blanket statement of right!

Regardless, the expression that is: “we are now too many people for this to continue”/ is without doubt true.

The hard facts of life, are now in focus.

  1. The earth is limited/ the water is limited/ the food is limited/ the resources is limited/ the impact on other life is limited, before they fail/ the environment is limited/ the reality of human patience, and tolerance is limited/ and the consequence of all these things is entirely understood. Even if you won’t admit to it/ YOU KNOW.
  2. You do understand: that your pet population requires sterilization/ or it overwhelms you; and then you have to kill those you don’t want. So you make massive amounts of your pets, sterile. Because you know, it is required. The same is now true regarding human populations: nobody gets an excuse, because everybody faces the same extinction. You can choose, but you cannot avoid this reality any more; without death to our world. That reality will include: NO food or help unless a real life percentage of the population is sterilized: only then will help come.
  3. You do understand: just keeping this population at its current level, which is too high for life to survive/ REQUIRES, “somebody has to die, before another one has room”. It is not a game, and you will cry for mercy (no help will come) if you fail to keep that law true. “medical extravaganza” is to be discarded; as nature decides.
  4. The value of life, is life/ not death. The consequence of that is you WILL accept the price of even fighting for survival: shall now be, that dead human bodies will be used for ocean food source. Because you have so badly damaged all the structural chains each ocean needs to survive. You literally have nothing else to feed them with. You literally will have a growing need even if the population count becomes stable: because all the babies of today, ARE going to grow/ thereby needing more. Not only in food, but all forms of resource.
  5. YOU WILL hold an accurate accounting for your water supplies/ establishing the truth, instead of lies. Discarding the university assertions of safe; and identifying what is or is not in the water/ as well as what will be coming to impact the water. “Holding court”, to clarify and establish: what you will do to intervene in keeping your water supplies available. No other option exists.
  6. You will identify all threats/ and search for true solutions among yourselves: so that you can survive. You will isolate yourselves from all the others: so that those who fail to do their duty/ can also reap their own rewards. NO immigration exists, without sterilization. NOT because they are not equal in importance with you; but because their society failed, and it is the minimum price of that failure. When that society has implemented and established by fact: they do comply with their duty, then the ban on those who are not sterilized from that place can be lifted.
  7. Religion is NOT AN EXCUSE! NO religion is exempt, and those who attempt the decision to enforce a religious right; shall find their religion removed from society/ outlawed in fact. CHANGE that decision, and do what duty requires of you to do. Because this is no game!

We then look at sex to identify what can be done, with regard to our universal human need: to survive our current situation.

The most fundamental of all that can be done: recognizes, that only women produce babies. A single man can produce “a million babies” with current fertilization methods! THE ANSWER IS NOT, in men. But that means, someone has to pay; and it shall NOT be only women! Men shall pay the women at a price to be determined; should women decide to participate after only ONE child. NO payment shall be received if there are two/ half the payment for one, shall be given if no child is conceived. Pick your mate carefully! The failure to abide by no more than two children per woman: is a criminal offense. Because you are, callously producing the cause for war/ starvation/ cannibalism/ poverty/ and more. Without concern for any but yourself. Making certain, that all necessary forms of contraception and social acceptance for that fact has been fully supplied and in place.

The foundation of lust is want/ therefore reduce the want, and the lust slows down. The fundamental value of lust is: “I WANT” to see them naked/ I WANT, the chemicals that come with sex. The first is then simple and plain: in terms of young men, it is likely but must be proven so. That to be inundated with “endless pictures of naked female bodies/ without a face”: removes the fantasy. Thereby making the face, and as a consequence the individual woman: much more likely to be respected. (move the pictures around: so nobody can be identified). The second part of that is: young men want to play with their toy, and receive the chemicals that go with it/ so some discard all sense and reason: falling into the trap of abuse, use, violence, and betrayal. To remove that reality of passage from boy to male: it is likely, but not proven; that a machine to make the young men cry out “too much”. End of the fantasy; reality adjusted to establish women as more than the value of their sex. Those areas of the world, that require women to cover up completely: to create an excuse for the BAD behaviors of men. MUST search their soul: for WHY they curse, what is so fundamentally true as “woman is the temple, where a man will worship his GOD”. Why THEN, do you choose to defile that temple? CHOOSE BETTER.

Let those who “use acid, or fire, or weapons” against another human being: be HANGED in the public square, with all media present: with all the young men forced to march yelling so shall it be/ for any, and all!

Will in fact remove the constant curse of men and women trying to use each other, for what they want. The impacts on women are not known by me; and must be provided by another woman. It is however known: that women already have “tools”; to make the lack of male “less painful”.

Isolation is an entirely different matter; as it speaks to the reality of humanity that refuses to be friend with me. The consequence is simple: we have only so much time, patience, money, or love to give. The result of that is a choice that divides and separates whosoever I shall choose to give that much of myself too. Some are then left out; not so much because I would not be friend/ but because I simply don’t have “what I need” to participate with more people, than I do. The consequence is simple: if lonely you must look outside your area of “those I know”. The most simple and uncomplicated method is: to use “{political-like buttons}, to enlarge the search”. The current use of internet facilities is helpful/ as is everything you can do, by joining wherever you can. Remembering to be safe, but also remembering: “if not this one/ surely they have friends, know workers, etc”. It constantly takes roughly getting to know “a hundred people” before you find one that is consistent with your own need or desire. So don’t give up, accept the price and learn what you do need to know.

Failing to sleep at night is a common problem among all who do not physically work hard; so it would seem. The solution to that is divided into three things: what you don’t want, will drive you insane until you resolve that issue with acceptance, forgiveness, or a value that lets you be yourself. Hate merely trades the territory in your mind.

What you do want, will keep you awake to plot and plan and devise all methods of cheating or tempting or manipulating or whatever it is/ by creating lies. Removing that want, and accepting life as it is. Therefrom working with any truth that aligns with justice or fair play on your behalf; keeps the living from being vile.

There are also nightmares, as dreams are merely your own developments to working through what the living could not. Nightmares, are consistently attacking, and not related to the realities of living life. Consequently they are treated differently. I experienced an attack of nightmares for a week in my twenties; which would not go away. I then resolved to defend myself by staying awake: which led to the reality of intentionally waking after sleep was done (instead of dreaming). To search for the elements and relationships of life that I desired to learn. No nightmare returned to this date.

Death is the inevitable reality we cannot avoid: which means, it will do you no good to fight against it/ or even fear it. Consequently to learn as best you can, what is or is not true, regarding life itself and the existence of miracles. What is religion. What is GOD that we can understand (as does exist in JESUS). And what is self, so that the identity of what we learn can be implemented for our own existence; are all highly rewarding decisions that you can make. To discard your fears. Be alive in the miracle, that is you! Remembering, no man/ nor any part of this world: is able to grant life or body, or even an environment that works for the living.

The reality of loneliness can be grievous, and heartbreaking to those who endure it. There are only two solutions: give yourself to GOD (your creator, nothing less). Or discard all want, so that nothing can enter your mind to make you believe that you are a loser, and without the means to be different and accepted. Want does that/ discard it, and the lies, the feelings of need, even the rest; all go with it.

There is of course playtime for the young; wherein the realities of body, the differences in gender, the purposes that are plain and simple, the experiences of love blooming, the open candor of “More than expected”; and other elements of “fun, romance, and delight”; are included. But soon after it starts, the more distinct possibilities of sexual disease, realities of life neither are ready to deal with, and the cost of playing games with life itself all begin to add up. “if only we could be young and innocent forever; without a price added on”. But we cannot, not how life works!

We can however, learn that with respect comes discipline; and with discipline comes order; and with order the need to balance the realities of our living, with the essence of life and its needs all come to the decision. That marriage (not playtime) is, “a valuable place to be”. Marriage is: we have seen the future for our lives, as best we can; and learned to share the blessings, distribute the work between us, and care more for each other than all the rest. Because love is a miracle of your own heart, and its creation: the elevation of friendship, to a romance without end.

Sex creates the illusion of a game, “yes I can” is the trophy; along with chemicals. Love is the essence of all that can be trusted in you, thereby it is never a game, because trust is fragile, and life is important. When love and sex combine into the experience of a spiritual dimension, where GOD exists. The essence of that expression is, I have love, because of the love GOD gives to me. We have love, because the value of our relationship is the creation of soul. Soul means, life without loneliness; as is the intended gift of love. The value of caring for each other, becomes the path we share upon this journey to our home. “not a game”/ a reality proven by heart.

It should be added in, as a matter of conscience: that I was married at a “young age”/ due to factors, that will not be discussed. The end result of it was very simple: I could not be what see needed or desired me to be/ because my life was dedicated to this work that you see here. Only one or the other could be chosen, as we could not find “a middle ground”. The same is true of all couples, it is not necessarily a lack of love or desire, that separates you. But a reality of choice and conviction that will not allow both journey’s to be taken as one. Discipline makes a duty, and that duty is either kept, or discarded: dependent upon which is the greater purpose of your heart. Women demand: choose me, and manipulate the situation to make that choice happen. Or demand change, so that you will choose them; because they made you accept being “different” for them. But that is the basis of a lie, and both will become sad.

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