The difference’s between male and female, are both less and more, than they seem.

The fundamentals are simple: we have parts the others don’t/ the pieces of our own behaviors, are different than theirs.

The more complex truths are however hidden from view; as these create the definitions of what we know to be true. Truth allows for greater manipulation, knowledge allows for even more critical controls, and understanding demonstrates either the value of love, or the tragedies of fear. The end result is: LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES cannot be trusted with anything more than the slightest elements of gender. Because like the universities: give them a grain of sand, and they will act like they own the entire beach; pretending to conceive of everything.

The functional reality of male is simple: we do believe, that I need not know anything about female/ as it is my job to “be male”; as best I can be. Consequently, the values and methods of female remain a mystery to most men. Particularly, because women HATE, to be studied even a tiny bit (DON’T you learn anything about me): although that is exactly what they do to men (teach me everything about you, so I can “understand how”).

But that is primarily necessary, for SELF-DEFENSE.

This writing does not seek to change, the way nature works between male and female. Rather this purpose is to underline some of the differences that do need to be addressed; in order to sustain peace and securities for all.

There are three main things, that every woman should know about men.

  1. The desire for woman is strong enough, to overcome many obstacles that may exist. Don’t sell yourself short; the primary thing is, “be a woman to me”. Which translated means: not a man. That does not mean you can’t work “like a man”/ it simply means, at the end of the day, “we want woman”.
  2. The value of a woman’s body is: “clearly NOT a man”. Therefore the more difference you display, the more sexually desirable you become. However, that does not simply mean “bigger tits or ass or attitude, etcetera”. I don’t need to be attacked, I do need to be appreciated, for who I am.
  3. The cost of manipulation is, I will soon not trust you anymore. The cost of lies is, I will soon not want you anymore. The cost of pride is, “nothing is more important than you”: which means, if push comes to shove, I will get thrown away. Respect is a two sided street, and you must do your share, to prove you care too.

There are three main things that every man should know about a woman.

  1. The foundation ingredient in whether you can be trusted NOT to take advantage of me: is honest respect. NO, I am not just a piece of meat/ treat me fair, be kind, ask me, don’t tell me.
  2. The elevation of peace and security is, to let me know, I will not be attacked: therefore I can be free and simply woman with you. The essence of freedom, becomes romance: “so what do you want to do”?
  3. The cost of making me fear, is I will begin to hate you/ or I will lose my own value as a human being; just as any caged animal will do. That defines slavery, and the end result is criminal.

The critical question as to body (be it male or female) is: that I shall NOT be owned or purchased by you. I need to be free, to express and experience not only myself, but your attempts to be free as well. Freedom is the key to happiness, and it will not be altered into submission. HOWEVER, if freedom discards the laws which keep us alive and within harmony/ that freedom is a lie, and will create fraud. The death of society, the tragedy of human relationships: comes down to whether or not we respect the boundaries of law, that keep us all alive. If your freedom risks only you/ then what you lose is yourself, or your own options for the future. If your freedom risks me: then I have a right, to say NO. if your freedom risks both of us; as is, we will both lose in this if you fail: then the value you seek, must be worth the cost of what you gamble.

Every child deserves a loving parent. Every child deserves both a loving “dad and mom”. Every child deserves a reality that is not caustic or disastrous: because this was not their choice/ it is yours, and it is mine. IF you fail to let me make my own decision as “a mother”/ then I will not easily cherish the child. I need to be ready! However IF woman fails to let me as “dad” make my own decision to participate {and spend the next twenty years of my life in support of you and our child}/ then I too, will not easily cherish the child. I need to be ready! Because it is not, “your choice alone”/ unless you are stealing the child; and even then rape, and ravaging: by demanding payment for the next twenty years of raising that child. Or rampaging against “the dad” for, not getting everything you wanted to get; for whatever reason, is criminal (you are not owed, unless justice, and fair play, is served). The disaster of separation, leaves every child, without true support. The disaster of staying within a relationship simply because of a child: is tragic within itself, as we each get only one life to live in time. Therefore it is extremely necessary: that our choice, to bring this child into this world, should be made only when life proves it is the correct thing to do. Pregnancy by accident, can be learned within two months of time/ this is not a game. Therefore whatever you or society or the male can honestly and safely do to establish “we have a choice”; must be done with care. Or the “now child”, inside earns a choice as well.

The constant disgrace and disaster of “university controlled media”/ and their intent to control, manipulate, change, direct, discard, propagate, fail, cheat, steal, overwhelm, invade, shit on, and in all ways distort and destroy the values and abilities of human populations to make their own choices. The clear and deliberate subversion and perversion is a sewer, in our lives. EACH PERSON HAS THE RIGHT: To live their own lives, by the freedom to choose their own ways. YOU have no right to make their choices, or lead them in your ways. As always, university is proven to be a curse to all life on earth. Literally one tiny thing appears with value, out of an ocean of vomit, treachery, fantasy, and failure ; by university design/ and they still declare themselves “god”.

Even so, the fool (we can all be fools, under the right conditions) is easily swayed/ when the attack is constant, and life holds “a tear”.

The question is then: how do we get back a society that lives according to the values of truth, that are the essence of male and female; without the damned, and the living dead; interfering in that work?

The fundamental is: STOP the insanity of want, the constant filth of parasites invading your existence/ and start living within the values of life and respect, that are consistent with what nature (true balance/ order/ and discipline, by thought, through the exhibition of love) would let let arise. The difference is: stop letting university controlled media tell you what “You think”. Stop being led to the curse of “sex is your trophy”. And stop yourself, from being sucked into pride; and always wanting the next trophy; by discarding what you did accomplish in the garbage (like the people, who are kind to you).

The list goes on, but it is not worth writing to me.

The essence of woman, to a man is: “that I need not fear around you/ that I shall be at peace with you, I find happiness in your freedom with me/ that you are my shelter in a storm”.

The essence of man to a woman is: “that I need not to fear around you/ that I shall be at peace with you/ that you are my shelter, and my freedom, and my hope there can be no storm for me”.

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