It is, fair honest and true, to assemble the definitions of military service; as a reality of human endeavor, that seeks both peace and war. As there have always been those whose hate, produce war/ and must be confronted by those who seek peace. Military service includes both; because liars learn to hide.

The value of their service, is entirely held within the description of peace or war/ a reality determined by the end result of their work. The consequence of leadership, identifies the curse (we support hate), or the duty that is “service to a higher cause than self.” Therefore the leader matters; and because liars hide themselves in the assertion “we must have power, to defend ourselves”. The reality of peace is: we must have law, so we need not be forced to defend ourselves; from all but a very few. Power hates law, unless it obeys them. Law creates peace and is the fabric of a nation, that lives or dies for the purposes of its true discipline to duty. Fail, and reality produces hate; allowing leaders power to control and decide.

In terms of their own work, every soldier is confronted with the truth: that I am here to take, or in support of those who take another life by violence. That is war, plain and simple. The alternative however is: if we do not stop those who seek to enslave, violate, harm, steal, or murder us, and our lives/ then we must endure “the power to make us all cry, as one”. So the few endure, and the rest support; and the value of the effort is given over to those in media and government to decide. The unfortunate truth of that is LIAR/ FAILURE/ FOOL/ AND DECEIT; as is proven today by every threat which surrounds us all, and threatens extinction even for our planet. Government is given to gossip and power/ while media is the basis of all gossip, and the means to hide what power has done. Becoming in fact “the snake (media)/ that is shoved down a clogged drain to pull out the curse of government”.

Trapped in the middle, with no place to hide: is a soldier/ at the whim or disgrace of leaders.

World war two held no such delusions of grandeur as is the leadership of today across this world. One side lost its grip as a society to control its leaders: due to poverty and unrest. While the other side had to decide if they were to be enslaved and devalued “as waste”; by that power. They said no, and it was war. The unfortunate result became massive manufacture & the rise of atomic weapons; which ended the balance of society with their military. Becoming the disgrace, and catastrophe; called weapons of mass destruction.

War breaches through the fantasies of humanity; and returns all to reality, and the essence of life which is “a gift” to be cherished. Unfortunately, humanity has a VERY short memory, and the children cannot learn from their elders; because they are certain, “that cannot happen to them”/ as is the university chant “we are too smart”. But of course, the constant truth of being wrong; about nearly everything; does not dissuade those who cry “I/ or we, are god”. As history proves with every war/ the rise of fantasy over reality/ and the failure of law, because greed (I want more) rules the planet of human existence.

Media and politics are suppose to “defend society”; but as power always does: it infiltrates, and dispossess reality with gossip and ridicule. Purposely keeping out the values of our duty to life (our need)/ by playing games with the ridicule of gossip; as most people consume with pleasure (my toy). After all: just feed their want, and people return to the carcass of what is being killed; for instance democracy/ justice/ equality/ fair play/ love/ discipline/ order/ balance/ nature/ law/ value/ dignity/ passion beyond hate/ romance/ and everything else not in collusion with power itself. As determined by those who scream: I WANT TO BE RICH/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; or get lost. When the vast majority of society live for want/ the few who are left that care about life, lose to the predator, who is literally killing the herd of human animals. Even though the herd has no clue; because they are constantly fed with: “the university is your savior/ never question that fact”. By media, the leaders of propaganda determined to make the power of us predators; over the herd of you; “by hiding in sheep’s clothing, so to speak”. As is not a word about truth, life, hope beyond the university, discipline or ANY FACT that even resembles news (what we need to know, as a society). As is the current flood of failure: when American buildup of military in the middle east/ comments about going to war/ and games being played with power across the planet. INSTEAD of that news which does matter: you get “lets impeach a president/ cause we lost the game”. Let’s gossip and declare “how stupid can we be”.

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