There are three distinct challenges to life and living.

  1. To determine value, by your own definitions in heart, as a participation among the rest.
  2. To identify truth, by the essence of your own identity, the courage you chose to live by. The individual decision that is you.
  3. To conceive of thought, and therefrom establish the boundaries of your soul.

Each of these, is confronted by loneliness; as the passage, that journeys beyond time, to discover the intensity of both your purpose and your own desire.

Intensity constructs the discipline, which then either leads to love or hate. Desire identifies purpose, and purpose becomes your home.

Given these elements of dimension, the critical construction is: your decision for love or hate. Everything else is dependent upon that one single choice. Because it determines the direction of your soul.

That asserts the one foundation reality, upon which life builds or dies: which is do you desire life itself, at all? If not, the abyss of suicide awaits. If so, either the essence of love or the realities of violence will come forth in you.

The decision of life (I value my existence), or this means, “nothing at all” to me. As is, I discard this reality, as my life not worth living! Is built upon the precipice of freedom: “I OWN, the duty to achieve something of value in me”. If value is accomplished, the ascent to greater things begin. If value fails, and hate is born; the descent into the curse, that will become revenge begins. But if value is discarded, as something beyond what I can do/ then failure will rise from the abyss (I want, consumes me), and catastrophe awaits. Lies assemble, living is futile, the control of others keeps you from dying: until that is done. The quest to become more will remain until you surrender.

In truth, the only group I am concerned with are those who achieve “life has a value called love, to me”. Hate is lost/ liars must erase their failures, one step at a time; to fight their way back (discipline/ order/ balance/ hope/ work/ courage/ value) into an existence that matters. Or be lost!

LOVE is, the singular development that leads to eternal life. Nothing less will sustain you, “In an endless world”. Will truth keeps us alive; the desire for life, requires love to express the experience our thoughts will allow. Freedom has no true value, until that love which participates in soul; can arise.

Love is a destiny, not a journey. The journey lives or dies in the values that you search for in a quest to let the living heart, conceive of everything a miracle of existence can be. The living heart recognizes, everything human is truly a gift, as is this world. To be grateful, respect is born in the understanding; this is, the evidence of love. The cradle of rebirth (I am alive/ rather than I exist), as passion arises to build a journey which conceives of thought.

Thought is, the environmental truth, upon which an assembly of law, identifies truth, through the existence of reality. Therefore reality leads, as truth walks along the path that cannot be broken: because it is built by law. The critical journey recognizes, that creation is born on the development of value. That value is then the keys to identifying spiritual awakening.

Spirit refines human life, into three distinct environments: male/ female/ and GOD. These are then: the workers who defend life: the workers who build life: and “the GOD, WHO IS LIFE”. Each is a destiny of its own; but they do participate as one.

Thought, spirit, and love combine to create an opportunity that exists beyond the limits of human time: for the purpose of a desire pure enough to withstand the dimension of life without boundaries. That dimension is life itself, and is not constrained by measurements. Therefore it exists within creation, as the developments which love can produce. It exists within creation as the definitions which law can produce. And it exists within creation as the decision which truth will produce in you. The critical question is then: what is true, in and as you are identified (for eternity)?

Every question of law: is a boundary. Every question of truth has a consequence. Every reality of you, is a decision which controls existence from that point on. There are NO “small decisions”; when everything is eternal.

These are summaries of “what middle school” would teach; in terms of life. Those who love can benefit, but make no mistake: if you are invited into the spiritual world, purity (as the values you exhibit) is your only defense.

I again warn you: the spiritual world is a dangerous place, suited only to those who achieve the truth of love, in their lives.

As has been stated for the last 13 or so years: I failed to find a solution among men, that would keep this earth alive/ everything male can or could do, would end in war. Failure!

As such, I searched for and found “the spiritual environment of female”; just to ask the question “what would woman do” to keep this earth alive? I have been joined to female ever since; that was, “a complete surprise”/ as I only desired to ask a question.

Alas, the essence of women is, very angry with men/ and the opportunity to prove why that exists, has been my life ever since. They DO have cause for complaint; providing evidence I cannot refuse. But not against me; teaching me, because of you. I have traded places” so to speak/ it is life, from a different view. Even so; the intent here is, that you should know: every question has a consequence as well.

Although every person who has love will enter the spiritual world; as death arrives. You should NOT ask to enter therein, UNLESS you are truly prepared with knowledge that is pure to the fact of who you are/ understanding that is sufficient of law, not to endanger yourself/ and with courage enough to withstand the assault of failure, if your need is: “to have what is impure REMOVED”. This is “for everything”/ do not fear, but NEVER be proud.

I suppose, there should be a bit more. That begins with time: the values of men are: “what can I get/ what can I take/ what will you give to me/ and when am I in charge”. These are NOT values for an eternity, and are merely measurements that establish your greed. The values of women are: “what can you give to me/ what will you take for me, at my command/ what must I endure from you/ and how much can I manipulate or control you to get what I want”. These too, are NOT values for an eternity, and are merely measurements that establish your greed.

Eternal value begins with truth, identifies love and hope by truth, establishes trust from truth, and lives within truth by love, as “the guiding light” of life itself. Accepts courage as a value to life, understands respect is the home we will live in, conceives of thought as environment without end, participates with wisdom so that all can achieve joy.

These are then a conception in discipline, of where spirit will find those who belong. It is only one conception of many!

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Jim Osterbur

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